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Allen Ginsberg First Blues- Rags, Ballads and Harmonium Songs (1981)

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Hello my friends, today i bring you a really shit, almost for me. And it`s not a joke, no way wey. This album, I have to say it, it`s have the unique value for me to be a document, not FW37560more. Maybe you have listen about this lovely guy, Allen Ginsberg. He was the poest mos famous of “beat generation”. I really don´t like the beat generation, they were too chetos de mierda for me, always put in face and taking pictures of the group. ¡Oh, came on boys! Be more raw. So didn`t like Allen Ginsberg.

This record it`s so boring men that I prefer spend my time watching some ugly love novel. However, my very good friend de green dog ask me this shit, he told me: “Hey, Miguel, why you haven`t share that record of Ginsberg, you know I like it, share it, boy, share it” And I love my friend so this it`s what I do: Put this ugly record here and make the very first awful critical about a record. So here it is friends: Allen Ginsberg.

Ah, cuates, maybe the mp3 it`s broken. Sorry about that, it`s the only I have. However you can find this in Internet, that’s where I found it.

VA – Blues Divas`1950

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blues-divas-1950sIn my darkest hour i left you this gem of music/ A fine compilation of created by genre/ I always love the way and mood women have to sing/Maybe is my prejudice mind making judgments/ but, let me tell you friend/ I always find more interesting women in music/Their history always began by a rebel act: choose something different, outside from the stereotype/

Here I let you a piece of real good shit/ It’s a great compilation/Enjoy my brother/ I`ll back next year/At list things change/  VA – Blues Divas 1950’s

Hasil Adkins – Santa Claus boogie/ Blue Christmas

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Portada AI am not in the mood of feel sad about this time of the year. I don`t feel glad either. It just sucks my dick. However, I find this beautiful simple of this great rock and roll looser how sound dirty and raw, I mind Hasil Adkins. I don`t know much about him. I just had listened some old recording and this simple today share with you.

There are two songs, one boogie and one blue. The sound is very dirty and raw, appropriated for this blog; but main thing is that both speaks about Christmas, so there are more appropriated for today. So this is my way to say fuck you Santa, fuck you everybody. Let gets stoned and runaway out.

I would love speak about the way market steal our life making us thing we need stuff. I would love to speak, too, about loneliness and how it so deep and blue this days in the year.  I think it would be great if I was spoken  about me and my pain.

But no, the words are stocked there, deep inside of my hearth. So I just have to go on, drink a little drop of poison, just one more, enough to not fail.

Here I let you Hasil Adkins, a great rock and roll looser. A friend of Wirtis.

Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa – Don`t explain. (2011)

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HartBonamassa_Dont_ExplainGood afternoom my brothers. Today i bring you a great piece of rock and roll: “Don`t explain” by Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa.

I don`t know if you knew about them. Me really don`t, until few days ago when a friend told me: Hey, Miguel, let play some rock and roll, would you? Let me explain one thing about me: I don`t feel confident about play with others, I don`t trust myself, you know so I felt scare. However that`s happened always since I remember. So I thought: “fuck, Miguel, you can`t be such a pussy shit like you was, come on, be a man”  And so do it. I said my friend: ok, girl, let roll.

So, we are practice once a week. Cool, real cool. So, was her who meet me Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa. With this album that is great. Here you are going to find a punch of excellent covers, in rock and roll mood. I strongly recommended for dirty mind like yours, my visitor friend. And, if you like rock and roll in their classical form – I mind drums, bass and guitar – here you`ll found a lot. But, at list for me, the most great thing in this record is Beth Hart voice. This woman sing like hell. My friend told me she is the Janis of this days. I agree with her. So friends let this piece of rock and roll: Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa – Don`t explain.

Electric Shit – Dowtown Blues (Ep)

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ImageHello my brothers, here i come again. ¡Twice in a day, wau Miguel, what in hells happen to you! I don`t know but I need to writte. I need it a lot, so here I`m again. With more music. This time with Electric Shit, a real shit band with a very raw and wild blues sound. The stuff I bring you today only is a single but is a piece of really rock brother. So you must to listen if you want to know about new forms in blues. Because blues is not only old stuff (I agree old stuff is really good, but, come on, you must to evolution brother) there are a lot of very good material in new blood. So take a time and listen this with your old woman brother. You are going to enjoy, I mind it. Well, I have to go now. A long night in loneliness is waiting for me. Here you have: Electric Shit – Downtown Blues. Enjoy, you sucker.


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