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Mariana Päraway – Los peces (2012)

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tapa cd2 Hello friends. Today I come with something from my place: Mariana Paraguay, a beautiful girl that make music in intimate mood. I hear this young lady one afternoon, when I was in a middle of a LSD trip, running from the devil. I remember we were in my cousin`s car. He was with a friend (AKA el gordo, like he uses to name himself) in the front of the car. Some kind of heavy music was sounding and my cousin and his friend were eating candy at full hands. I was looking and smoking.  At the same time we were driven in La Florida snails, very fast (faster than 404 peugeot let us) and, when I was looking by the window I asked: – this street is one hand only ¿no? And el Gordo tell me, looking in front of; jaja! This has two yellow lines…! And both started to laugh of me. I felt things going wrong. Above they were eating more candy and faster, the picture remember me “Chihiro trip”, when Chihiro watch his parents become in pigs, eating without control and driven directly to tunnel entrance.  This were my LSD`s scene.  So I started to feel bad, I said: – man, I don`t feel very good, take me home – said to my cousin. We can`t, Miguel, we are in the middle of La Florida, in a hell trip man. And you are very far from home and, you know, I won`t ride you till there… – Answer my cousin. Jaja!! Laughs el Gordo and continue eating candy, with his hand full and his mouth open, showing green and yellow stuff. This is like a psychedelic trip (I that moment I thought in Bonzo and his yonky nouvelle. I don`t know why: I really don`t like that kind of apologetically stuff. Or maybe was this the reason why); but more nasty and real, extremely real. The fear took me and I went out from the car and started to run to the water, looking for redemption or peace, I really don`t know. The thing is I need to run away from that boys and their fantastic way to eat candies. The music was so high that drive me crazy. But suddently, my cousin, put something different, a sweet music, in folk indie mood. And, like peace really exist, I became quiet. One relaxing melody and a beautiful voice bring me, again, to sweet trip: What is this, cousin, I asked, when I stop my run away and came to car again. Mariana Paraguay, Miguel, do you like it? Yes, I said in cool mood. And from here the trip was good, so good with this girl`s music that I become a fan from her.

400471_335809636514050_453312341_nSo I copy her disc and return to Mendoza listening again and again her music. Because there is a great thing in her music: the melodies are quiet, sweet and sympathies but her lyric is raw, punk and savage. So, that combinations – that makes me remember Lhasa de Sela and all the great women rockers- is perfect for me because show a real artistic conception about music, far from stupidities and dead meet that, in general, try to sale us the music market. So I decided to share with you, my friend, Mariana`s Paraguay music because I want you also have a good trip like I have it thanks to this girl. Down load it and listen it with your girl friend or with your palls, drinking wine after eating a god. And meet Mariana Paraguay, a real girl that is playing here in desert Mendoza now a day. I let you the second album, first one is great too (at list for me, but you know: I have strange preferences…) Here you have brother: Mariana Paraguay – Los peces. Enjoy and reproduce underground proposals because they are genuine.


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