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Terry Reid – Bang, Bang, you are Terry Reid (1968)

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Terry Reid - 68 - FrontHello my friends, today i bring you a real rock and roll loser, Terry Reid. Maybe you have already hear about him, maybe not. I don`t knows and I don`t care because I come here only for speak wherever I want. So today I bring you this guy who is contemporary to Jimmy Page and Ritchie Blackmoore.

And what about that, Miguel? Maybe you ask. And I answer you: Because Terry Reid was the musician to say “no” to Jimmy Page when he invited him to play in his new band: Led Zeppelin. The facts where that he was in a very good moment because have an important show with The Rolling Stones and Cream. So, why in the hell he will renounce to that for begin with a band, ah? So he declined.

That band become in Led Zeppelin.

Before that, Ritchie Blackmoore invited Reid to play in his band, Deep Purple. Terry Reid refused again. So he stay out of this two incredible band, but, however, he has builder a career. Good for him. Here I let you his first record, a real good piece of rock and roll. Terry Reid.

Jack White – Lazaretto (2014)

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jack-white-2014Hello my friends today i introduce you Jack White. Sure you know about him, but maybe happens like my and you still don`t know him. So here I bring you this guy that didn`t catch his mood until my friend, the Green Dag told me “Have you listen Jack White?” No, I answer. Well you have to hear him, is great. And you will love him because he have that revival shit you love, Miguel.

So I did it. And really like me this guy. I only have hear of him, his work with Wanda Jackson but anything else. So I began to looking for his albums and begin to search about his career. What a lot of shit are about famous guy, friend, I told you. I get tired and couldn`t read ALL the fucking stuff that Internet show.

So I decided to take a listen to his album. There are very good. At list the few I have listened until know. Really give me curiosity all the thing that this young boy have done. It`s incredible. I downloaded The White Stripes, The Dead Weather, The Raconteurs and his solitary album. He is a very interesting artist, really, a guy to have in mind. So here I let you, brothers, this peace of rock: Jack White.

VA – Mondo Zombi Boogaloo (2013)

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Hello my brothers, here i come again. Maybe is because I’m running away from real responsibilities, maybe because I don`t want to face the truth, I don`t know but I spending all my free time posting here ¿Have you notice, dear? I have it, so I put myself thinking very hard in it.

coverLong days pass doing this. Also I was ill brothers. Yes, illness took myself and launched me in hell. First with a pain full stomachache and after, when I was beginning to eat normally, a very strong flu took me. ¡A shit, Miguel, what fucking looser! I thought myself. And is not too much to say it, brothers, because I spend in diet a real yummy food and that was hard, very hard for me because I’m a glutton boy. I know, that`s way I get ill in first time but, what can I do? I can`t quick eating. However I can control myself and could spend whiteouts eat.

In order to get confused my mind I went to my pc looking something get me out of here, something give me a different point of view. And that`s when I found this record I offer toy you today.

One of the many good things in this album is that there were recorded by Los Straitjackets, The Fleshtones and Southern Culture on The Skids. Each band have pick up one song refer at Halloween topic. The special songs for me are all but is great the version of Monster Mash in Spanish played by tree bands. However this album is a trip for many genres because you have rock and roll, garage, western, Mexican, fuzz, rockabilly and plenty more rhythms.

There are in album too, a very good version of Ghostbuster (yes sucker, the main theme of movie), an excellent cover of The Deadly One (A great surf piece master here in this blog too, take a look around) a cover from main theme in Frankenstein and many, many more shit brothers. A great album is this one and an excellent piece of rock and roll. Ideal for get the fuck out all the illness that took my self yea, with that and cocaine all pain is going to disappear, I know. So here you have: VA – Mondo Zombie Boogaloo 

Electrisixties – Beatween melodies (2012)

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  Hello my brothers. Here i come again, this time for bring you a great album that have been shared until all we can have it. So, maybe are you Front - BEATWEEN MELODIESthinking; if things are in that way why the fuck are you sharing this disc again, Wirtis? And tell you brother: because maybe you still aren`t enjoys this beautiful gem. Or because I think music have to be always flowing in the web. Yes suckers, I’m always speaking same subject.

I hate to said it once more but I’m tired to see how music disappear day by day only for people`s selfish. Why, you fucking piece of shit, you don`t reupload and share music once you downloaded?? Ah? You are son of non human woman, I really meant it.

I think that we have to share again music once why have it. If all of us do that only one time with the music (and the art in generally), music will always be for be download it. And all of us could have it everything. But no, some motherfuckers only download music and are always demanding: Hey Wirtis, I have looking this album for years… you would be so humanity if re upload it for me… and later, when you check statistics find no one have download it. There others that hate everything that show them how pathetic their life is. That kind of people pass only for give you none senses words. They are poor losers.  And there are others, the worst son of a bitch in world, that who passes by and took everything like a fucking cancer but aren`t able to say something about your work.

So is for all these reasons that I continue sharing music and is for the same reasons that I don`t reupload music once I share it. That’s your work because you have the disc thanks to me, so the best way that you can repay kindness is sharing again that disc. If all of us do it that just one, all discs would for everybody.

So today I’m sharing an excellent album that was share it a lot of time. But now I bring you once more, with another link, in other place because that the way to resist fascist web`s political. And that`s the way to show our finger to selfish people.

Here you have brothers: Electrisixties – Between melodys.

The Tempos – Speaking of… (1966)

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Hi there. Today: The Tempos, an oldie psy – garage from Sylacauga, Alabama. They weren’t to notorious Tempos Cryp Cover1in their time but, like some said; time bring it The Tempos again and they were revisited and well respect garage`s band. For me are one of the greatest because their sound is very raw and powerful.

 This is one of those discs that keep it reserved for specially situations. But that “specially moment” never come. So The Tempos have been sleeping in my Pc for long time. I meet then once winter I was hill (my nose has been broken for a punch of nazi punks: fuck off!) captive in my house. So the only thing I could do was write and listen music. So I put this band and listen them. Real great stuff I find. And like them so much that decided keep it for you. And here they are because this is a good moment. For nothing special my brothers, “specials moments” exist only in our heads. So I let you this piece of master piece from the best garage: sixtie garage`s. The Tempos. Dig it!  

Los Yetis con Jeans – Vol II (2012)

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300340_416113885114032_2054045261_nYes friend, here i bring you the second album from this excellent band and, in this way, i have up loaded all the stuff from this boy, Los Yetis con Jeans. So you can`t complains about Wirtis because I have brought you and shared new material and, with this post, is the first time that we can say: here are the complete recording of Los Yetis con Jeans. For me this disc rocks, brothers, I tell you without bullshits. So I very recommended down load and ear this stuff because this guys are the finest band of garage surf here in this fucking place. The highest point, for me, is the cover of Los Peligrosos Gorriones, more wild and psyco than original. But you are going to find excellent pieces of punk and raw punk too. So I don`t going to loose more time sell it this record, jut down load and here the power of Los Yetis con Jean. I see you in a few days because I going to travel to San Luis City. See you fucking loosers don`t miss me because i`m going to return very soon with more rock and roll. See you and here you have: Los Yetis con Jeans!!!





Los Dukes – Segundos afuera (Ep)

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segundos afuera2Hello you fucking losers, today I bring you a great band that I have keeping, in a very selfish way in my computer without share with you, I’m speaking about Los Dukes (the same thing I have done with Electrisixties, but don`t be afraid, Wirtis will fix his mistake and share with you brother: trust me). So with my hard in my hand I come to you, brothers, asking your forgive and trying to fix my mistake. That`s why today I give you this wonderful disc, full of punk garage in a savage way. Like I know you like it.

This is a very raw and savage album that`s gonna trip you to sixties time, when music blow head and people take LSD for make it. But don`t misunderstand me, this is not a psychedelic album, no way man, this is savage punk in is better form. And is in that way that I show you this record. Thinking that you maybe are needed heavy punk for your day.  Do as I say: down load this record and meet one of the band from the Argentinean under scene.  Here you have brother: Los Dukes. Any coincidence with Los Dukes from the sixties isn`t casual. Yes brother, dig it: Los Dukes!!!!




Os Haxixins – Under the stones (2010)

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Debaixo Das PedrasHello my wirtianos brothers. Here I come again for bring you the last album from the years, and of course, it have to be something wonderful, excellent and precious like a fucking nuggets and that`s exactly what I bring you: Os Haxixins! Yes you fucking looser clap your hands and kiss my dirty a smelly ass.

I`m sure that you all ready know this excellent and wonderful band: Os Haxixins, the most representative band of garage scene in Brazil. They are really greats because have a crazy sound (with fuzz and rage) mixed with psychedelic taste of farfisa, the result? You ask: one of the better garage revival band in this days.

Anyway, I think the best garage revival bands are here in our continent. For example, here in Argentina we have Los Peyotes and Electrisixties (both in their own way of play garage and sixties sound), Los Explosivos in México, Confuzztible in Perú and many more, of obviously: We have the gut and the pain for make the best garage rock in this days. So here I bring you this great band formed in lately nineties (I supposed) in Brazil. At the shadow of “Favellas” and hot carioca`s girl dancing naked for the boys. Os Haxixins born in to this and in to an acid trip, one of the best, one of that trips that makes you pray for more. For me this band, and tell you this with intention to put a light on back ground words; is the one that better represent and recreate sixties psychedelic scene. The band recreates esthetic, music and spirit: the result is an excellent trip for the Latin-Americans sixties. Let me be clear: Os Haxixins sound exactly like sixties band, even in their own songs sound like that. And, for me, that’s their best characteristic. So my friends, listen this band, in a very high volume and in a good marijuana or acid (better, always) trip.

Here you have fuckers: Os Haxixins “Under the stones” and tonight, when your glass will up remember Wirtis and send him a good wish. Happy New Year suckers, see you round!

Carca – A un millón de años blues (1996)

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aunmillondeanosblues.1Hello you fuck losers! Here I come before Christmas with a little of rock and roll. Yes! I want to be in your dinner tonight. So I decided bring you some rock. This time I chose a great and dark album: A un millón de años blues from Carca. I don`t knows if you have listened this tall man, but, if you don`t I think this is a perfect album to start. Let me tell you about this boy. He appears in early nineties like frontman of Tía Newton a rock and roll band in the same line of the movement know it like “Nuevo rock argentino”. In this wave appear groups like Los Brujos, Peligrosos Gorriones, Los Visitantes, Martes Menta, Tintoreros and Babasónicos. Tía Newton haven´t such a succes like others band, so they break up their group. And Carca, the main mind in band decided continue alone, like soloist. He didn`t bad at all: publish three records (as I know) in a real good line and with different esthetic proposes. Here I bring you the second one, published in 1996. Here the musician makes a dark album, loaded with deep lyrics and heavy guitars.  For me is an excellent album that represent a moment of break in my country. Also this album can be compared with legendary “Biblia” from Vox Dei but in the opposite side because is a hell travel in the deepest of torture soul.

So, like you see brothers I bring you something dark at the end of the year. This has been a fucking bad year for me and my people. I`m glad to see it go and never come back. That`s why I bring you sad music, with plaintive lyrics and raw. Maybe, if my will let me i`ll bring you something more for the New Year night. But I don`t know. Today I let you this. I hope you enjoy and listen this beautiful gem from Argentina, country of inequalities and break it dreams. Enjoy brother, life is too short and you`ll be here forever. Listen and enjoy: CarcaA un millón de años blues.

By suckers, i see you in the other blog, in the other side one of these days.

The Staggers – No como tú (Simple)

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Hello you sucker! How are you been? I hope well. Here in Argentina today is holiday ouhh yea brothers! What happy I am. That is why I bring you another record, a beautiful piece of garage-punk like I know you like. This time is the Fabulous Stagger. Have you listened these boys? I hope you have it.  But if you haven`t ear it there are no problem because I bring you a little piece for you. And i`m speaking about a piece cause I only have up loaded this simple. Why? Maybe are you asking and I answer you: because my only target is to write some fucking words that free my soul and my head from the madness, from the totally madness that ride my life. Every day I woke up in a middle of the nightmare and go to bed down in hole, a deep one. Yes brothers, that`s Wirtis life. I`m going to make a picture of my life and maybe (i`m just saying “maybe”) you`ll understand me. Wirtis is a very lonely boy. I spend my day between work and home. Speaking with a lot of people but not truly speaking, cause our dialogue (my dialogue) is empty and full of rancor. So, no dialogue is possible with a guy like me. I wish (you know how I wish it Lord) be a normal people, a common one. I`ll love to share time with friends drinking tea and eating donnas but I can`t because my life is a compendium of failures and, through time myself trust have been falling and falling so deep that i`ll never going to recover. That`s why the only channel for show my feelings and my fears is making this blog. Yea brother now you have the true. These are the facts so accept.

It is garage punk one of the factor to keep me on my feet. That is way I share, time to time, some disc of dirty garage punk. And The Staggers are one of the best choice for show you in what pathway my pain walk. Ok brothers here you are going to find two excellent songs. For me the best it`s “No como tú” because I can understand the lyric and appreciated there poetry. Well you fucking suckers I let you with great rock and roll, yes, in the mood you love, with strong and raw fury. Here you have: The Staggers. Enjoy!



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