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Orkesta Popular San Bomba – Sal de tu cuerpo (2013)

Posted in 2013, Argentina, Cumbia, Folk, Orkesta Popular San Bomba, Pop on 19 junio 2014 by wirtis

sanbomba_zpsd6396936Hello my wirtianos brothers. Today i bring you La Orkesta Popular San Bomba. It`s a great argentinean band that play cumbia. Yea, fucking cumbia is one of our best genres of music. Of course, and like every other genre, is good when it`s make it with love and drugs. Good drugs, obviously.

Well La Orkesta San Bomba is a very good group that sound latinamerican, you cant`n at first sight, judge where are they from. Of course you realize they are from our land, from our continent. However it`s difficult put them in one country because they looks like everywhere and that’s was one of the thing I like it from this guys.

But wasn`t that, no way boy, that the most important thing I like from this children. The thing most exciting, for me, was they great sound of the Orkesta.

So I decided bring to you, share it with you brother. So here it is in your friendly blog: La Orkesta Popular San Bomba.


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