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Pescado Rabioso – Desatormentándonos (1972)

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Hello my brothers!! Here i come again, one more time, cause always find something to share with my buddies!! And, this time, I bring a classical one:  Desatormentándonos, the very first album of Pescado Rabioso (you can translate like: Mad Fish) One of the better bands of Luis Alberto Spinetta.  Sure you have heard about this guy, he is one of the best musicians here in Argentina, with his music, R`n`R reached a high level of poetry, raw and beauty. Luis Alberto Spinetta is still on the road; actually, he celebrated, last year, forty tears in music. And forty dignity years, because he always has been consequent with his view of art. I know, you have heard this same speech a thousand times, but are true.

Like, for my, a little bunch of musicians, Spinetta can show a great art and a good level of popularity. That’s very difficult in a country like Argentina, where market domains everything, where fuckers politicians and suckers polices said what you have to see, what you have to eat and what you have to ear. Yes, like that is my country.  And, is not like Wirtis is a traveler, no friends; but, by my deductions, thing are the same everywhere. Always money running our lifes, saying what have we choose. And, in that order, if you really think, you`ll find that you never have chose. Nothing. And the worst part is that they tell you: “if you want to be specially, unique, different buy, ear or eat this or that shit because you are one unrepeatable person” And you, a poor little boy like Wirtis, go out runnig to buy your personality. Sad, bro, very sad. But not everybody fall in their tricks, no. And some dare to fight this fucking system. With true art, genuine feelings. And some have the luck or talent (but, as Wirtis say: there are a lot of people with talent, I tell you more: every one of us has talent for something: but not everyone has the luck to show the world what are he doing. And, the vast majority of artist remains in the shadows, but not for by talent less) to access at the mainstream with a genuine and honestly proposal.

They are the least, but they exist. Spinetta is a example of that. Because, since he began, with Almendra, he has show a real art, that not fall in conventions like others who present their self like a committed artists and gave us a speech that supports inequalities, racism or that justify the one who have the power. For example, I can speak about musicians like Intoxicados, a police band who sing about robber and thieves who are in the streets surviving wit crime. Maybe, you are thinking: that’s not a police message. But, let me explain my point of view: they, in the deep of their message, are saying: come on, poor, always are gone be thieves, always are gone be in the street, steeling and killing people like you (yes, you who have the many to buy or pay my cachet) so, you have to denounce then. Fuck you Intoxicados, fuck you Pity; that what I think about them. Well, let take a break, let’s forget about police music and and speak about a real rock and roll band: Pescado Rabioso. They were Luis Alberto Spinetta in guitar and voices, Carlos Cutaia in keyboard (¡¡incredible, man!!), Bocón Frascino in bass (now a days, a forgotten and great musician who still are making dirty rock and roll with his band Engranaje) and Black Amaya in drums. They were active in seventys but their music still sound raw, savage and crazy, because they put their hard to make music and didn`t sale their art in order to make money and appear in TV. So, my friends, your (if never had listened Pescado Rabioso) are going to find a real Rock and roll band. They only make three   longplays and one simple. All of them are fantastic, going from the most savage R`n`R to psychedelic acid. Yes, as great as that are Pescado Rabioso.

Here I let you their first lon play and their simples. Take a good listen to La serpiente viaja por la sal, Dulce tres nocturno, postcrucifixión, Me gusta ese tajo and Hay un monstruo en la laguna because they are a example of the sound that a rock and roll band has to have.

Well, my galvanes, I let you this precious gem from the early seventies (´71 – ´73) and the promise that I’ll be back in the other blog with more R`n`R. Here you have: Pescado Rabioso!!!! And that god forgive us.

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