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Samonikli (1963-69)

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Buenas noches hermanos. Hoy les traigo a Samonikli, banda yugoslava que bajé tiempo atrás de un excelente blog dedicado a rescatar el garaje yugoslavo. Porque aunque no lo creamos, allá también la rockeaban. Seguro ellos deben pensar lo mismo de nosotros. Hoy no voy a reseñar el disco. No. Voy a hablar de un friend who have a big trouble, cause he is in love with his sister in law, big trouble brothers. Real big. My friend have been married for eighteen years, He have a beautiful wife. He always thought that his sister in law was a good person, a little boring: too much study, too much things to get. On the other hand, his wife is good-looking girl, who always take care of him, always helpful. So he hasn`t real problems with her. But, my friend began to work with his sister in law and he has meet her better and he found out a little sexy girl – that’s his literal words – and, slowly, very slowly, began to look her in another way. Find out too, that she isn`t like he though, no, cause is a great worker, always thinking in others, making stuff for help everybody. So, she don`t care about “things” like my friend supposed. In this point his troubles starts, cause he can`t say anything about his feeling. Also his family in law is excellent, very good people who always are ready to give a hand or a hug. He told me: “Miguel, I can`t destroy all the things I have just for this, I can`t be so selfish” You`re right, bró, I said. Also his sister in law is married too, with a great guy who loves her gently. Maybe things can be more easy if his wife were a bitch who give a fuck for him, or if her husband was a bad guy who is unfaithfull to her. But no, things aren`t like movies cause everybody is good people. So, he can`t leave everything a follow his love. So, the only I cut do for my friend was invited him a beer and did so. We drink until we get drunks, very drunks. And he cries in my shoulder, and told me: “Why life is such a pain in the ass, Miguel” Don`t know bró, really don`t know. I took him to his home a left very sad. Later, when I was coming home, I thought: like my friend, my too are fall in love with my sister in law. But, my either can`t do anything, cause my family in law is great too. So, I cry, damming to heaven for show me what I can`t never will have. After, when my eyes were sores in tears, I decided continue with my life. Don`t want to be stop in pain, so, in order to feel myself better I choose this nice Ep from a great band: Samoikli. Yes friends, cause life is a continued pain, but we can choose how awful is that pain. Here it is, from the deepest sadness of Wirtis.

And here you can listen and see:

The Satans (1963 – 1965)

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Satan`s Front

Salvajes, descarnados y sucios. Así suenan The Satans.

The Satans, oscura y olvidada banda de Mc Ninaville, Oregon. Banda potente y rabiosa de R&B. No obstante, cuando pudieron grabar se despacharon con dos tralletazos de corte surf. The Satans apenas grabaron estos dos temas que les traigo, sólo eso y, como si la posteridad les negara cualquier posibilidad; sus canciones nunca se editaron. Ni siquiera se pasaron a un acetato o vinyl. No. Quedaron olvidadas, archivadas en el pequeño estudio de Salem donde Los Satans grabaron. Por suerte, unos años después – back in our days – el sello Estrus desenpolvó estas preciosas gemas salvajes y las editó para el regocijo de los muchachos garageros. Bien, mención aparte merece la tapa: a que es bonita ¿no? A mí me gusta mucho. Me encantan las tapas que mezclan la estética sesentera pero con elementos de diseño moderno, como las letras de fantasía. Bien mis amigos, me voy, pero los dejo con esta joya: The Satans!!!!


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