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VA – Punks (Antología Wirtiana)

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front-2Hello my friends, today i bring you another anthology, another Wirti`s especial. This time it`s in a punk mood. Raw sounds are my favorites. So that is why. And I share this with a lot of people. Once I thought people like me were few. But internet show me were more than ever thought. So, I care for each one like we, friends, a garage punk lover`s. That`s why I bring this record today.

Here you are going to find a team of garage punkers mixed with street punkies. Good lyrics and heavy sounds. That`s the concept I offered you, brotha. So, here you have. Enjoy it.

VA – Manso y tranquilo (Tributo a Los Gatos Salvajes & a Los Gatos)

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Hello you losers, today i bring you an excellent album in the mood, i know, all of you, bitches like it. Yes brothers, today I`m sharing “Manso y tranquilo” an great disc tribute to Los Gatos Salvajes & Los Gatos.

tributolosgatosI really like, in general, tribute albums but this one like me a lot because have a common climax give it by the genre: all bands play garage music. So that fact give an homogeneous ambient.

In the same line of thoughts the bands invited are great. Here you are going to find Los Peyotes making an excellent and very similar cover of “Me tienes que besar”. You are going to find another great band and, the only don`t play garage music: Hablan por la Espalda making Rock de la mujer perdida, one of the greatest ems of Los Gatos. This one was hit in their time with Pappo in main guitar. Great bro. Here you are going to find, to, The Flaming Sideburns. For those don`t know whose this guys are, I tell you: they are a band from Finalndia with the particularity that their vocalist is argentinean. He mix Spanish with English. Here they make La balsa, one of the most troubled song of Los Gatos. They circumvent that fact with glorious, their version is beautiful. Here you are going to find, between another pieces of art and garage`s rage, an excellent version of Escúchame, alúmbrame. Prodigious song  covered in the same mood with The Tandooris, a super band from garage scene. Finally, only because this are the ones i`m remembering this time, you will find No fui hecho para esta tierra by the most savage band from our land: Motosierra.

So here I let you this one brothers. I hope you enjoy it. Here you have: Manso & Tranquilo.


Hasil Adkins – Santa Claus boogie/ Blue Christmas

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Portada AI am not in the mood of feel sad about this time of the year. I don`t feel glad either. It just sucks my dick. However, I find this beautiful simple of this great rock and roll looser how sound dirty and raw, I mind Hasil Adkins. I don`t know much about him. I just had listened some old recording and this simple today share with you.

There are two songs, one boogie and one blue. The sound is very dirty and raw, appropriated for this blog; but main thing is that both speaks about Christmas, so there are more appropriated for today. So this is my way to say fuck you Santa, fuck you everybody. Let gets stoned and runaway out.

I would love speak about the way market steal our life making us thing we need stuff. I would love to speak, too, about loneliness and how it so deep and blue this days in the year.  I think it would be great if I was spoken  about me and my pain.

But no, the words are stocked there, deep inside of my hearth. So I just have to go on, drink a little drop of poison, just one more, enough to not fail.

Here I let you Hasil Adkins, a great rock and roll looser. A friend of Wirtis.

Hermética – Víctimas el vaciamiento (1994)

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Today is a fucking day, i`m not in the mood for write a good text, for speak about all the great stuff that this album has. However is classical, and if you are from Argentina or you like heavy metal; you had been ear this. So I just introduce you: Hermética, Víctimas del vaciamiento.

ptimgI fucking angry because one sucker that I hired to upholster my armchair. That was three months ago.

I have to say that i`m an educated man. Always polite and sympathetic because I`m glad about mi life. But, sometimes, I forget that another people is not like me. I forget that, outside, in real word, there are a lot of mother fuckers ready to steal your good mood or laugh in your face. Something like that is this sucker upholsterer. He took my many, he took my armchair and took the material I buy for upholster. It have passed three month since that. And the worst is that every time I went to see him, he told me: “When do you want your armchairs, Miguel” Next week I answer with my best face of trust in people. “Right on, baby – because this sucker say “baby” to guys – next week you will have it”. And so on. That kind of bullshit he told me every week I went to look in for my armchairs. So he break my balls, man. ¡Son of a bitch! Why you give me so hard time if I was gentle and kind and, the most important: I give you the money you ask me. So I feel very angry friends, because once more I learn that in this life that I ride there are a lot of shit like this sucker, ready to kick you in the ass and steel what you have won with sacrifice.

32093_hermeticaSince two last week, and when I understand that this guy is a shit, I began to go to his workshop every day. Since that this sucker seem to understand and began to work. However, he began, again, to drop the finish of his work from week to week. So, every time I went to his work shop, he said: “For Wednesday, sure baby”. So, there I go again on Wednesday. When I arrive he said: “hello baby, isn’t finish, for Saturday, for sure, baby”. So he breaks my balls again. Because: have you a lot of money or are you, mother fucker, a kept? Because I can`t do in my work what you do in yours for the simple fact that people would not pay me. So, what a fuck, I thought, this sucker is a lazy who don`t need to work.

The problem, my friends, is that he had disarmed my armchairs, so I can`t just bring again to home. So I went to his workshop I speak with him (because, I don`t know if I tell you but this guy don`t answer the phone, don`t call me to tell me if he has done something, don`t open his workshop on Monday and the worst is that he is always in “casanova” way, I mind: every time y go he is good looking, in beau mood. I don`t mind specially this fact if it wasn`t because is a thieve) and told him I going to go to police (don`t want to kick his ass because that kind of stuff became against us when we do it).

Anyway, I’m steel waiting his call, I’m steel waiting he give me my armchairs. I don`t know what I going to do if he don`t meet`s his part. I just want to kill him but I know that isn`t the way. So, I only can wait. And for wait I decided to do it with this classical album from argentinean metal. I hope you enjoy it, brother. I hope you can do what I can`t do because this sucker. Here I let you: Hermética – víctimas del vaciamiento.

Sumo – Raw & Live (2014)

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Front-1 copyHello my beloved friends. Here i come again. And I come with the very first anthology specially made for this blog. Because always I have done for another one, the famous and well know

However this time I decided publish something here. Not for give notoriously to this blog, no friends. The reason is that I need to speak and Sumo shows it like a way to make contact. So I took my old Sumo compilation – the one I made with the song rawest from the band – do it a front cover and bring here. Only for speak friends.

Because, from time to time, I think about you. I know life goes on, we both are in different places, in different moments. I accept reality. You know that.

But I can get out of my mind the “How it would have been” between you and me. Last day I saw you out there. You were laughing so happy that I feel eager to run to hug you. And realized I don`t dare to do it. Still dream with your voice but I know we are losing our “world” (for say it somehow) because we don’t share nothing. It`s sad.

Every time I see you I feel nervously because still i`m looking for your eyes, I still searching you. How I wish could hug you in my arms, how I wish could be me with you.

But it can`t be.

We are so far, so separated that we don`t know each other.

So, fuck off.

Life sucks everyday but not for that I will kill myself. Life took you far away from me and that’s it`s inevitable. Like the fact that someday, some morning or night perhaps we will find and we won`t recognize our self. So old or so different that our days seen a fiction.

Here let you this beautiful anthology. I know you like this band. And I know you never stop by that`s why I spoke freely. Here you have: SUMORaw & Live.


The Cramps – Flamejob (1994)

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Good night brothers. Today i bring you something classic, something you have to know if you are a really rock and roll fan. Yes, you sucker, today I bring you The Cramps ¿Have you listen this band, boy?

ImagenOk, I’ll tell you a little about The Cramps. The history began in 1972, in Sacramento (California) when Poison Ivy (Kristy Wallace) meets Lux Interior (Erick Purkhiser). They were two kids fascinated by obscure 50 noise rock and roll and free mind theory’s. So they found their selves in University, in “Art and shamanism” business.

Early they were playing and sharing music. Poison Ivy began to play guitar and Lux Interior to sing. From the beginning they were different to any other band, because they sound dirty and raw, always imitating old band sounds. In fact, brother, you can even imagine garage revival or psycobilly without The Cramps. So important is their function in rock and roll history. Of course, in underground history, but that`s why The Cramps are here and never is going be here shit like Tan Biónica ¿Right?

Well, is not my intention to make a long declaration of knowledge here, no brother. My intention is explain   to you what is what I’m sharing and what is it part in music. This record, Flamejob is the first (and I’m not pretty sure but I thing is the only too) album made for a multinational company: Warner. Yes, so high they arrive but, like always, their sound was so nasty, so god dam dirty that company fired them. So they send Warner to hell and made their own studio. There, they recorded a few disc more.

In 2009 Lux Interior passes away at the age of 62. The rest is history. So here I let you this one, a very, very good album, full of raw and dirty music. Enjoy Flamejob by The Cramps. And enjoy Andre Willians too.


Andre Willians – Silk (1998)

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ANDRE WILLIAMS: el Bukowski negro

silky2Podría haber conocido a ANDRE WILLIAMS en alguno de esos bares donde el moho convive con la cerveza berreta y prostitutas más borrachas que uno. Quizá en una mesa bien alejada hubiese levantado un vaso, escupiendo su vino, el extra-ordinario Bukowski. Pero Charles ya lleva varios años en otra dimensión: de hecho siempre vivió en otra. Por eso, una noche, en un bar virtual con cerveza berreta real pero prostitutas también virtuales, conocí al viejo Williams. Me contó de su niñez en Alabama, junto a su madre en una vivienda sin terminar. Corta infancia que tuvo su fin a los 6 años, con la muerte de mamá y la adopción de sus tías hasta el mismo día que cumplió 16 y se fue en soledad a Michigan.

Inmediatamente se metió en el mundo más oscuro de la música. Llegó a Fortune Records tras conocer a sus dueños errantes y empezó a tratar de cantar en esos ocultos estudios, al fondo de la peluquería. Sí, sesionó para algunas bandas como los 5 DOLLARS. Cotización ideal para sus dotes de cantante. Pero su desenfado seguía seduciendo a la Fortune. Probaron cambiando el nombre: Andre Williams and the Don Juans, o simplemente Andre ‘Mr Rhythm’ Williams and his New Group. Paradójicamente, “Mr. Rhythm” no daba con el tempo. Entonces intentó algo más o menos novedoso: escupir los versos como su negra garganta los fuera vomitando. Lo divertía la idea de “cantar”, contra todas las limitaciones con que la vida, el mundo y la naturaleza lo habían recibido. Hasta que la Epic Records se interesó en su estilo y le compró una canción a la Fortune. “Habrá sido 1957”, me contaba Andre con su áspera vocecita apaleada por años vehementes, tragos infames, noches heladas, colillas del piso y besos multienfermos. Unos años después, sus amigos de la Fortune invirtieron las regalías y editaron una especie de “Grandes Exitos” de THE DON JUANS. Y con un cuarto de siglo ya sufrido, los gritos de Andre Williams empezaron a hacerse oír. Blues, R&B, big bop, soul… alma negra después de todo, pero con ingredientes que aún no se inventaban.

El estilo sedujo a la bendita Motown, le produjeron el simple “Rosa Lee” y conoció a artistas del sello que opacaban su capacidad interpretativa. Entonces se dedicó a escribir canciones, y a producir a estos artistas. Y le escribió a STEVIE WONDER, a los FIVE-DU TONES, a IKE & TINA TURNER. El nombre Andre y el apellido Williams empezaron a pesar en el soul y en el funk, pero lo de él, lo suyo, seguía siendo algo que no se conocía, que no se encasillaba y que recién años después se pudo definir más o menos como “blues punk”. Siguió escribiendo, produciendo, y hasta se animó a ser manager. ALVIN CASH, THE CONTOURS, EDWIN STARR, confiaron su éxito en el carismático estilo reventado de Andre. Se paseó por otros sellos, se dio el lujo, al fin un lujo, de grabar algunas canciones suyas, porque después de todo eran suyas, que hoy resultan memorables e imprescindibles. Tanto trascendió su olfato para el manejo oportuno en ambientes turbios, que hasta el mismísimo GEORGE CLINTON  le pidió canciones para los PARLIAMENT y los FUNKADELIC, sus épicas bandas que sentaron las bases del funk posmoderno. Entonces, el viejo “Sr. Ritmo” empezaba a cobrar vida verdadera: ahora sí respondía a su inocente apodo. Pero lo de Williams iba más allá de cualquier estilo musical que inventara, interpretara o ayudara a crear sin saberlo.

andre-williams-print-jacket_390 Ya se terminaban los 70 y la idea de seguir ensuciándose las manos con la industria de la música le parecía menos atractiva que la de ensuciarse las manos con la calle, con crack, con alcohol sin etiqueta y dinero mendigado, durmiendo bajo algún puente con mujeres desconocidas cuyas almas valían más que sus cuerpos y esas miserables monedas, pues tenían la suficiente pureza para lavar sus manos con la saliva del desinterés y contener su alma con el cariño de la entrega absoluta. Su cuerpo no importaba, era la única cosa material con la cual estar vivo era tangible.

Década y media en la indigencia y la inmoralidad podría destruir, precisamente, la moral a cualquiera. Pero en  1996 Andre se reencontró con viejos conocidos de ruta y se propuso grabar un disco. Y lo hizo, sí, con nuevas versiones de viejas canciones. Ni el público ni él se sintieron satisfechos. Es más: él ni siquiera se sentía atraído por “Mr. Rhythm”. Ni el disco ni él le gustaban. Entonces comprendió que volver a sus raíces no era volver a sus años de juventud, a lo que hizo o lo que podría haber hecho. Comprendió que volver a sus raíces era permanecer fiel a sí mismo: inventar, innovar, generar, gritar, alarmar, corroer, destruir, construir. Se armó una banda genial y sacó un discazo: “Silky”. Sedoso y provocativo desde la portada hasta el último surco. Un strip-tease violentísimo y por eso irresistible de su propia alma y de la de cada una de sus mujeres y sus anécdotas. El disco más indecente de la historia. El que todavía enfada a los críticos por no encontrarle un rótulo. ¿Y qué es un crítico sin poder etiquetar? La nada misma, como el propio Andre Williams pero sin saber perder.

A partir de allí siguió rodeado de bandas emblemáticas del ruido, la desprolijidad precisa y la sordidez. THE SADIES, THE DIRTBOMBS, THE DIPLOMATS OF SOLID SOUND, GREEN HORNET, MARSHALL BROS, THE NEW ORLEANS HELLHOUNDS y hasta JON SPENCER. Bandas de garage “de ahora”, digamos, con el Andre Williams “de siempre”, pero actualizado. Tanto que, gracias a su disco de 2000, se reinventó con un nuevo mote: “El Padrino Negro”.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMi amigo Andre está por cumplir 75 años, ahora en noviembre. Su último disco, “That’s All I Need”, no ha cumplido ni 1. Y lo sigue reflejando molesto, gracioso, aburrido, divertido, violento, suave, callejero, de salón. Intenso como Nick Cave, siniestro como Tom Waits, ruidoso como Sonic Youth, delirante como los dos Screamin’ (Jay Hawkins y Lord Sutch), engañoso y destructor como los Pixies, seductor como nadie y violador como ninguno.

Combinando mágica y perfectamente la energía de la juventud con la energía de SU juventud. Que es de otra dimensión, como la de Bukowski esa noche en ese bar. Que después de escupir su vino se rascó el sobaco y se fue con la prostituta más fea del lugar, manoseándola con descaro por el sendero de los perdedores. Si hubiese estado en esa mesa alejada, si hubiese vivido en esta dimensión.






VA – Mondo Zombi Boogaloo (2013)

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Hello my brothers, here i come again. Maybe is because I’m running away from real responsibilities, maybe because I don`t want to face the truth, I don`t know but I spending all my free time posting here ¿Have you notice, dear? I have it, so I put myself thinking very hard in it.

coverLong days pass doing this. Also I was ill brothers. Yes, illness took myself and launched me in hell. First with a pain full stomachache and after, when I was beginning to eat normally, a very strong flu took me. ¡A shit, Miguel, what fucking looser! I thought myself. And is not too much to say it, brothers, because I spend in diet a real yummy food and that was hard, very hard for me because I’m a glutton boy. I know, that`s way I get ill in first time but, what can I do? I can`t quick eating. However I can control myself and could spend whiteouts eat.

In order to get confused my mind I went to my pc looking something get me out of here, something give me a different point of view. And that`s when I found this record I offer toy you today.

One of the many good things in this album is that there were recorded by Los Straitjackets, The Fleshtones and Southern Culture on The Skids. Each band have pick up one song refer at Halloween topic. The special songs for me are all but is great the version of Monster Mash in Spanish played by tree bands. However this album is a trip for many genres because you have rock and roll, garage, western, Mexican, fuzz, rockabilly and plenty more rhythms.

There are in album too, a very good version of Ghostbuster (yes sucker, the main theme of movie), an excellent cover of The Deadly One (A great surf piece master here in this blog too, take a look around) a cover from main theme in Frankenstein and many, many more shit brothers. A great album is this one and an excellent piece of rock and roll. Ideal for get the fuck out all the illness that took my self yea, with that and cocaine all pain is going to disappear, I know. So here you have: VA – Mondo Zombie Boogaloo 

Electric Shit – Dowtown Blues (Ep)

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ImageHello my brothers, here i come again. ¡Twice in a day, wau Miguel, what in hells happen to you! I don`t know but I need to writte. I need it a lot, so here I`m again. With more music. This time with Electric Shit, a real shit band with a very raw and wild blues sound. The stuff I bring you today only is a single but is a piece of really rock brother. So you must to listen if you want to know about new forms in blues. Because blues is not only old stuff (I agree old stuff is really good, but, come on, you must to evolution brother) there are a lot of very good material in new blood. So take a time and listen this with your old woman brother. You are going to enjoy, I mind it. Well, I have to go now. A long night in loneliness is waiting for me. Here you have: Electric Shit – Downtown Blues. Enjoy, you sucker.

Barrance Whitfield & The Savages – Savage kings

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Hello my wirtianos brothers, here i come again. Once more, like always bring the best rock and roll and dirty sounds in the web.

SavageKings_coverToday I bring Barrance Withfield and the Savage. These boys began in late seventies like a funk and rock and roll band.

The history told that Barrance, one day after school when he was looking some dop and some girl to walk with him; came to a music store. Inside there was a very old man, a very ugly too. Once inside, Barrance  said: “hey man, where is the bar, show me to the bar” And the old man answer “you are far away from home boy, I’ll open an account here”  Barrance said “Allright, but give me your best whisky, bartender” The boy answer ”This is not a bar, you dick head, let me show you” And the bartender put some music, an old obscure band of R&B. Barrance get his mind out when ear such a dirty sound. “So savage, so heavy, truly heave” Said the Barrance.

After that he bougt a lot of disc in that market and run to show his band mates. The boys heard what Barrance brought and feel like him.  Soon they find their own sound and began to play louder and raw. Here you have my brother, a very good one: Barrance Witfield and The Savages.


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