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Janis Joplin – This is Janis (1965)

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Janis Joplin (1961)

Janis Joplin (1961)

Here i come, again, i bring to you my old y sadly friend a legend, a real queen of R&B, R`n`R and any shit you can imagine. Yes, this girl was unique. Why? You ask, my curious buddy. And i tell you, because Janis was the first pretty and sexie siren to turn a real R`n`R star. She climb there and stay with arguments, man. Ok. I have to be serious, because people can think i`m joking with you, and, nathing, i tell you, nathing more far from me. But i have to practice my english. But, the problem is that never i`m sure about my words, less about my syntax.  Well, like i was telling, Janis Joplin is a great musician, one of the classicals. Maybe you already had listened everything she record. But to day, right now, right here i bring you the very first recording of Janis, even before The Holding Company. This recordings from Jani`s prehistory. Well, i found here a great album, i have spend many time without listen the great Janis, because i tought already had listen everything. And, suddendly, like a god trick was; i found this beauty gem. I tell you this album real kick ass, have raw R`n`R, blues – dirty, sad, classical blues: i now you like it! – and feeling, mainly feeling. So, i let you with this one, i hope you dowload and enjoy it. Ok, here, for you and me, for everybody who love R`n`R, the great, the unique: Janis Joplin!!! Yes sir!!!


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