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Iron Maiden – The Sound House Tapes (1979)

Posted in 1979, Heavy Metal, Iron Maiden, Punk, Rock, UK on 22 julio 2010 by wirtis
The Sound House Tapes

The Sound House Tapes

Good nights my friends!! Here i come again, one more time to bring this classical band, the legendary Sound house tapes! Ouh yea! This was the very first Ep that the iron Lady record.  This is the begining. Ok. I`m not sure if you enjoy heavy metal, but, i know you are starving of new stuff, so here it is one of the best record of Iron Maiden. It`s dificulty said that, because Iron Maiden have so many records, so many good stuff. So, i choose in accordance to mi taste. So i love Dianno`s age. I know, everybody love Bruce. I like him to, but Di Anno have the beautiful of the loosers, and, you know my cuate, we love that in garagelatino. Ok. But is not only tht, no. I like Di Anno because he came from the punk, from the dirty streets of London. And he have taht punk attitude. Never Iron Maiden again can sound like in the 70s. But here, in this first Ep, they are still looking for their sound, so here you are going to find a more punk and raw version of Iron Maiden. Of course, in accordance toi my point of view, the special touch, the punk attitude is merit of Di Anno. Now a days Di Anno is a looser who live with a through Iron Maiden. I think it`s very sad to be in that situation. Ok, anyway, i don`t worry because i`m alway will be a fucking loosers, like my old woman used to say when we where in bed, making dirty love.

Another thing very important to say is that 1979, was a great year, one of the most important in mother`s words. Why?? You ask my friend, why? Because thatr year Wirtis born, Wirtis saw the light for first time taht year. Yes. The world found me that year. Ok, maybe, now; you are thinking:Wirtis, go to hell and kiss my lovely ass!! No, no my friend, don`tget angry with my. I just repeat what my motherr used to say about me.  Well mis chamacos, i hate to say it but i have to leave you. I have to go, because the dinner is on the table and Emma waits for me. With his beautiful and horny body. So, What can i do? I have to go because i love her. Ok. Bye.

Paul Di Anno ¿Y si vuelve a la Doncella? ¿Sí?

Well mis amigos, here i let you The Iron Maiden The Sounhd House Tapes: A trip to raw!!

Ok. Here you have: Iron Maiden!!!!


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