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Anarkía Tropical – Satán es mi cumbia

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Hello my fucking brothers, how has been your days since I left you? Ah? I supposed very good, cause your life aren`t rounding in Wirti`s post, right? So I know you didn`t miss me, that’s good.

Well, today I bring you a beautiful band from my land brother`s: Chile!!! Yes you fucking losers, clap your hand because today we have our very lovely friends from Chile. I don`t know if sometime I spoke about my way of think about them. But today i`m going to do it: I discovered Chilean music thanks to garage beat music and, when I was to spend my vacations (in the sun) with my very good friend el Pepe; we met a punch of very nice people and they made me hear Chancho en Piedra. That was the first approach to chilenian music. And wau!! What a style, what a way to rock I said to myself. After that I began to request in their music, especially in rock and roll. In that way I found a lot of great bands like Tabernarios, Los Peores de Chile, Fiskales Ad Hok, BBs Paranóicos, Tronic, Tumulto, Los Jaivas, Sol y LLuvia and a lot that I can`t remember right now. And love it since the first encounter. Looking in the web I found, too, a lot of blog from Chile. There they share a lot of music that I didn`t hear. So I downloaded and began to know about their music. And I find a lot of good people from there, people like me, who love art, who share selflessly music, just for spread.

And it was in one of that blog where I found this band: Anarkía Tropical, an excellent mix between cumbia and punk. And like it a lot, because they have a dirty attitude and punk feeling. So I decided to share with you, my friends. And here it is for you Anarkía Tropical, with their first record: Satan es mi cumbia. Download it and feel the chilenian rage, dance chilenian punk. Here I let you Anarkía Tropical, but not for many time because rapidshare love to close Wirti`s record. And it`s very complicated for me re upload music. So advantage fast this opportunity. Well brothers, today I’m tired and i`m going to see the bigger Les Luthiers, so I going to go. Here you have: Anarkía Tropical. Cumbia Punk baby!!!!



Los Vidrios Quebrados – Ficciones (1967)

Posted in 1967, Chile, Los Vidrios Quebrados, Rock, sicodelia on 25 octubre 2009 by wirtis
The Broken Glass!! Yes Sir! Only for you

The Broken Glass!! Yes Sir! Only for you

Hello, i`m back, again in the route. Now i bring for you Los Vidrios Quebrados or The Broken Glass if you prefer. Well, this albun is just fantastic. It`s the only stuff that this boys recorded, but it was enuff to give them a unique place in history of latin garage. Besides this album brings two bonus tracks: the singles that the band recorded before. Ok, enjoy this beautifull Lp. I see you later! The Broken Glass!!!


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