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Spektro`s – Obra maestra I (2012)

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Good night, my beloved friends. How are you been since last time I post? I hope, great.  I have spent a nice holydays in the sun. We live above the fucking sun of Mendoza, my tapa CDcity. Have I told you, boys that I live in a desert?  Sure I did. However, I`m grateful cause I have it. In the neoliberal Argentina that’s a lot.   But my holidays are finish today. And tomorrow I have to get back to work. And the fucking neoliberal government has prepared a lot to do. De hecho la carga horaria que le han puesto a la tarea supera ampliamente la que debo cumplir en los colegios donde profeso la literatura. Y la lengua. Un bajón total mis amigos. Figúrense qué triste que viene la mano por la tierra del buen Wirtis. Pero bueno, despertamos otra vez, después de la primavera popular, en la pesadilla liberal. Y todo parece indicar que la lógica libre mercantil va a continuar. La hegemonía mediática les ha permitido restaurar el discurso clasista que sustentan con la constante construcción de la clase empresarial como un factor determinante en la construcción de una economía sin inflación. Convencieron a la gente de que deben vivir mal, de que está bien que la clase media pague por todo y caro. Mientras, ellos, los ricos gobernantes están ganando fortunas. Despotriqué mucho por este tema. Y al final concluí que tienen razón, si es la clase media la culpable de todos los males, creo yo, entonces que pague.foto Spektro´s 2012

En la Argentina se está intentando imponer el mismo sistema que en Chile. Se aspira a una economía de base fuertemente liberal. Para ello es indispensable neutralizar los discursos y lógicas estructurales de corte populista porque tiende a invertir el recurso en políticas sociales inversas a las liberales. Así, mientras el populismo invierte en proponer instancias de formación libres y gratuitas, el liberalismo cierra esas posibilidades y en su lugar propicia que la formación sea privada.

Así estaos en la provincia del Sol. Today i bring you this beautiful piece of rock and roll: Spektro`s – Obra maestro I. A great album recorded by Pablo Spektro, frontman of WDK. It have a great songs in rock and roll mood. So. Here I let this, friends.


Las Diferencias – No termina más (2012)

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frontHello you fucking loosers, today i bring you this beautifull gem from my country Argentina, i mind Las Diferencias a great vintage rock and roll band. If you are in the mood of Invisible, Cream or La Banda del Paraiso, you will love this one.

Las Diferencias is a band from Buenos Aires, I know they are making a new album this days, this is their first one. It`s a great rock and roll vintage album.

Approached to seventy rock and roll revival friends and meet a great argentinean band.

In other order of thing I tell you, once more, that I won’t reupload albums: it`s very hard and nobody give me money for do this brothers, so, now is when. Here I let you this beautiful disc, enjoy! Las Diferencias.

Electrisixties – Beatween melodies (2012)

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  Hello my brothers. Here i come again, this time for bring you a great album that have been shared until all we can have it. So, maybe are you Front - BEATWEEN MELODIESthinking; if things are in that way why the fuck are you sharing this disc again, Wirtis? And tell you brother: because maybe you still aren`t enjoys this beautiful gem. Or because I think music have to be always flowing in the web. Yes suckers, I’m always speaking same subject.

I hate to said it once more but I’m tired to see how music disappear day by day only for people`s selfish. Why, you fucking piece of shit, you don`t reupload and share music once you downloaded?? Ah? You are son of non human woman, I really meant it.

I think that we have to share again music once why have it. If all of us do that only one time with the music (and the art in generally), music will always be for be download it. And all of us could have it everything. But no, some motherfuckers only download music and are always demanding: Hey Wirtis, I have looking this album for years… you would be so humanity if re upload it for me… and later, when you check statistics find no one have download it. There others that hate everything that show them how pathetic their life is. That kind of people pass only for give you none senses words. They are poor losers.  And there are others, the worst son of a bitch in world, that who passes by and took everything like a fucking cancer but aren`t able to say something about your work.

So is for all these reasons that I continue sharing music and is for the same reasons that I don`t reupload music once I share it. That’s your work because you have the disc thanks to me, so the best way that you can repay kindness is sharing again that disc. If all of us do it that just one, all discs would for everybody.

So today I’m sharing an excellent album that was share it a lot of time. But now I bring you once more, with another link, in other place because that the way to resist fascist web`s political. And that`s the way to show our finger to selfish people.

Here you have brothers: Electrisixties – Between melodys.

Kinder Videla Mengele – Wistu (2012)

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Tapa_del_discoHello my friends here I come again with more rock and roll. This time I come with Kinder Videla Menguele. This is a band in punk mood, like I know suckers; you love it. So I decided bring something for your taste a pleasure. Let talk about this band: Kinder Videla Menguele born here in my land: Mendoza City (¡Yes we are the fucking master of rock and roll!) we are punk`s territory. Maybe you can watch this if you doubt. Well like I was speaking off, Kinder Videle Menguele is one older – if not the most – from mendocinian punk scene. They have built their name in underground. ¡They are even older than Wirtis (fuck, they have been death by now)! But we don`t care all that things because here it is their legacy: their music. And is a good band of punk in old school way. We don`t going to find experimentation or another pussy thing like that brothers, here is only punk rock, played quickly and hard, like it has to be.

  I can`t let you this record whiteout give the appropriated thanks to you sexy and hot girl who forbidden me take you dirty pictures. I know you know I can`t forgive you since that afternoon when you let me kiss your tasty body and see, once more but much more beautiful than the first one (¡you used a black tail less that drive me crazy, a hell gift in you!) and touch you. Maybe I didn`t tell you nothing since that time but I remember every time when loneliness give me a hard time (and that is very common). The form of your bosom, the smell of your body, the fresh in your breath take me far from here. And you told me that want to spend another time with me, and that idea is in my head since that, but still can`t but I want it too, much more than you can imaginate. So I let you a kiss for everywhere because I want to have the obligation to do it the next time I spend with you. I hope it happens soon because if not I going crazy.

Here I let you this beautiful disc, brothers, a really hard one. I was looking it in the web for long time but can`t find it. So here you have, totally free for you: Kinder Videla Menguele.  


34 Puñaladas – De la bolsa al ruedo (2012)

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600x60034 Puñaladas (Stabbing) is an Argentinean band. They  play milongas, tangos and more stuff. Always framing in sad ambient. They are a four guitarist and frontman. At the very beginning couldn`t understand this band so easily. Sound me very strange guitars with voice. So 34 Puñaladas sleep for a while in my computer. But one day, one night went to see this boys. Cause they were playing here, in dirty Mendoza; so went Emma and I. The place was a very important cultural center from here in dusty Mendoza. So the place is great a piece master of architecture. And there are making a lot of cultural show at cheapest price of two tickets by preserves.   Ok, doesn`t matter all this shit, the thing is that we went and they showed an excellent play. With poetry and raw, very raw like I love music. So, when we went out we bought some disc and the dvd. This last stuff consists in a dvd and cd recorded live.  And this beautiful cd is what I bring to you, brothers. A great album that shows  the strong of 34 Puñaladas in scene. Also this is a cover`s album. They walk through their music`s preference doing excellent version. The best for me (maybe cause the original mean so much for me) is “Red rooster, black rooster”, originally by La Pequeña Orquesta Reincidentes. Well my fuckers, I going to leave now. I have fried my brain for a few hours writing this. So here you have, enjoy: 34 Puñaladas!!!

Mariana Päraway – Los peces (2012)

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tapa cd2 Hello friends. Today I come with something from my place: Mariana Paraguay, a beautiful girl that make music in intimate mood. I hear this young lady one afternoon, when I was in a middle of a LSD trip, running from the devil. I remember we were in my cousin`s car. He was with a friend (AKA el gordo, like he uses to name himself) in the front of the car. Some kind of heavy music was sounding and my cousin and his friend were eating candy at full hands. I was looking and smoking.  At the same time we were driven in La Florida snails, very fast (faster than 404 peugeot let us) and, when I was looking by the window I asked: – this street is one hand only ¿no? And el Gordo tell me, looking in front of; jaja! This has two yellow lines…! And both started to laugh of me. I felt things going wrong. Above they were eating more candy and faster, the picture remember me “Chihiro trip”, when Chihiro watch his parents become in pigs, eating without control and driven directly to tunnel entrance.  This were my LSD`s scene.  So I started to feel bad, I said: – man, I don`t feel very good, take me home – said to my cousin. We can`t, Miguel, we are in the middle of La Florida, in a hell trip man. And you are very far from home and, you know, I won`t ride you till there… – Answer my cousin. Jaja!! Laughs el Gordo and continue eating candy, with his hand full and his mouth open, showing green and yellow stuff. This is like a psychedelic trip (I that moment I thought in Bonzo and his yonky nouvelle. I don`t know why: I really don`t like that kind of apologetically stuff. Or maybe was this the reason why); but more nasty and real, extremely real. The fear took me and I went out from the car and started to run to the water, looking for redemption or peace, I really don`t know. The thing is I need to run away from that boys and their fantastic way to eat candies. The music was so high that drive me crazy. But suddently, my cousin, put something different, a sweet music, in folk indie mood. And, like peace really exist, I became quiet. One relaxing melody and a beautiful voice bring me, again, to sweet trip: What is this, cousin, I asked, when I stop my run away and came to car again. Mariana Paraguay, Miguel, do you like it? Yes, I said in cool mood. And from here the trip was good, so good with this girl`s music that I become a fan from her.

400471_335809636514050_453312341_nSo I copy her disc and return to Mendoza listening again and again her music. Because there is a great thing in her music: the melodies are quiet, sweet and sympathies but her lyric is raw, punk and savage. So, that combinations – that makes me remember Lhasa de Sela and all the great women rockers- is perfect for me because show a real artistic conception about music, far from stupidities and dead meet that, in general, try to sale us the music market. So I decided to share with you, my friend, Mariana`s Paraguay music because I want you also have a good trip like I have it thanks to this girl. Down load it and listen it with your girl friend or with your palls, drinking wine after eating a god. And meet Mariana Paraguay, a real girl that is playing here in desert Mendoza now a day. I let you the second album, first one is great too (at list for me, but you know: I have strange preferences…) Here you have brother: Mariana Paraguay – Los peces. Enjoy and reproduce underground proposals because they are genuine.

Los Yetis con Jeans – Vol II (2012)

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300340_416113885114032_2054045261_nYes friend, here i bring you the second album from this excellent band and, in this way, i have up loaded all the stuff from this boy, Los Yetis con Jeans. So you can`t complains about Wirtis because I have brought you and shared new material and, with this post, is the first time that we can say: here are the complete recording of Los Yetis con Jeans. For me this disc rocks, brothers, I tell you without bullshits. So I very recommended down load and ear this stuff because this guys are the finest band of garage surf here in this fucking place. The highest point, for me, is the cover of Los Peligrosos Gorriones, more wild and psyco than original. But you are going to find excellent pieces of punk and raw punk too. So I don`t going to loose more time sell it this record, jut down load and here the power of Los Yetis con Jean. I see you in a few days because I going to travel to San Luis City. See you fucking loosers don`t miss me because i`m going to return very soon with more rock and roll. See you and here you have: Los Yetis con Jeans!!!





Orbis Tertius – Pulsador (2012)

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cover Good afternoons my friends here I come again with more rock and roll and savage things. Today I bring you a great band: Orbis Tertius. Once I share this band with you, so isn`t a new thing in the blog but is the latest album, named “Pulsador”, from this incredible band from here, my city: Mendoza. Well I have already introduce you this band so I`m going to speak about the album.  Here you are going to find good rock and roll in alternative mood. The album opens with “day of sun”, a great song with sweet ambient and beautiful melody. Following come “freak” a beautiful song that represent me, so I like it a lot that song. Later come a nice song, in lovely plan “Ode to your face”. Great songs for you sing in the ear of your old lady. “Cristo es un loop” is a new version of an old song that does appear in the first album. Great too. Especially the chorus part. Gone that arrive the main song of the album (I thing that because is named like the disc) “Pulsador”, a great song with a great guitar and excellent details. “Today is today” continue with sweet ambient and relax melodies. Then come the best song (for me) in album: “light boy”. The lyrics is excellent, the message is about fight and dream. A high point in “Pulsador”.  After arrive “A key”, beautiful song about hopes. Then another master piece: “The brothel street”, excellent song with great noises and better melody with a very good bass line. This song is sexy and hot, great for play in love nights. Then sound “Part of me” another beautiful song about love and to share life together. After that arrive “The penalty will go”. A great song with distortion and savage guitar. At the end arrive “Live”, a nicest ballad for close this excellent album. Very recommended this one friends. Not only because is real underground rock and roll but also because here you are going to find three excellent musicians, especially the voice work is perfect. I thing this guys be living another life if not born here. Well, here I let you this gem. Downloaded brothers and appreciate good music: Orbis Tertius – Pulsador.


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