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Hablan por la Espalda – Macumba (2009)

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Hablan por la espaldaHello my brothers, here I’m again with more music, with more words and more pain. Yes because today I bring you one of this latin band that used to cry smiling. Have you hear someone of these groups, brother?? Maybe you do, if you like to looking in American continent, in south and middle part, far away from north American peace, far away from that shit. Ands close of this land where we learn to cry moving our bodies, smiling our pain.

It`s a fact that we people have to learn to crypt pain behind mask of smiling because we always have been submitted. Also quick rhythm configured genres like cumbia, guaracha y camdombe.  After came rock and roll and youngness rich music and everything began to be more crazy – I mind popularly way because art always have been crazy and tell you more, artist must be “crazy” people – and began to mix everything. Like youngness always does.

Well Hablan por la Espalda (Spoke from behind) is a perfect example of that mix: a punch of young kids rocking all over the place but playing their typical genre: camdombe. Yes sucker. Hablan por la Espalda plays camdombe but, in the same way of Chicha peruana; does with rock and roll instrumentation.

Good, a real good band is this. Have pass a long time since a brother from the web – like you or you – stop by and told me: Hey Wirtis, Bufón was a real good band but much better is this one! And send me this record.

I let the time goes, I spend a few years earing another stuff. Because i`m a human been, because was in other fly. But one day, one good day y remember this band and I was looking something powerful, so thought: maybe Miguel, give Hablan por la Espalda a chance and made it. Thanks god made it because is a great band with personality. They sound raw, they sound honestly and they sound latinos. So here I let you this beautifull disc for you: Hablan por la Espalda – Macumba.


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