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Tabernarios (2005)

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Good afternoons my brothers, here i come again. This time to offer a great band from my Latin-American`s neighborhood. Yes!!!!   Causes there are from Chile, across the mountains man!!! Oh, how much happiness bring me the fact that there are good R`n`R around here.  And what a kind of R`n`R they play, man. Cause is very potent and dirty.  I don`t know very much about Chilean music, I only have heard their wonderfull stuff fron sixties – you know: Los Vidrios Quebrados, Los Sonnys, Los Sicodélicos, Agua Turbia, Los Jockers (what a fucking piece of dirty rock are this boys ¿No?) and Los Catedráticos, of course – and some bands from lately nineties, like Chancho en Piedra, Tronic or Mama Soul. Obviusly, y had heard and know Los Tres, Quilapayún, Los Jaivas and Florcita Motuda. But, finding Tabernarios I found to a whole world of new Chilean bandas who make a dirty, raw and savage R`n`R. Like we love!! Yes. In this group are Devil Presley, BBS Paranóicos and, of course, Tabernarios.

Personally I prefer Tabernarios because they sound more wild – at less for me – in their riffs and rhythms. Also the lead singer have a deep voice, that down deep in my hearth. Ouh, yes, broders, I like this kind of violence.  Well, strongly recommended this album. Specially for those who think that R`n`R is Los Piojos or shit like that. Here you have bróders, enjoy and shake your head around with Los Tabernarios.  And, if you fell a lot of curiosity, and you want more and more dirty R`n`R, visit their blog:

And, if youdon`t know if you will like – but, if you enjoy good R`n`R sure they going to like it – here you have one video:

Bye bróders, i`ll see you in the next post. Here you have: Tabernarios.


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