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Los Shains – El ritmo de Los Shains (1965)

Posted in 1965, Garage, Los Shains, Perú, Rock, Surf on 13 noviembre 2009 by wirtis
The Shains, yea!

Dirty surf, hot stuff fron Perú

Hello, i`m bring to you one of the finest band in latin garage ever! The Shains. They were a peruvian band, they play a dirty and wild surf garage beat. A few years ago, tented with the good reputation that they have for their work in sixties, they rejoin and play like the old days. They rule! Ok i let you in peace because my english is a mess… y bueno, es así.So man, if you can escuse my english, eve more: if you can understand my words, oh man, you are the boss, you deserve this gem. So, here you have:

Los Shains!!!


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