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Raimundos – Cantigas de garagem (2014)

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Raimundos Cantigas de garagemHello brothers. Here i am, once more because I always do. Strangers paths have walking lately, brothers. Darkness becomes more and more real. I am afraid about my world. People, outside, is fucking mad, they see red death in front their eyes, they see it killing their world but they just don`t care. It`s creepy to see how break are people`s minds. Multinational rules the world, it so clear and so unhappy to understand it bro. But if you face it, you will – at list in that way was for me –  and you will embrace the art, because, the art is the only thing to keep me alive. And wirte this words, like Bukowski said, it`s keep me away from madness. So here I am once more, today I bring you a great, a beautiful brazilian band: Raimundos. This album has the property of benn recorded alive in a studio. The recording it`s on the red. So here I let you this, my brothers. Enjoy it because I don`t know when I will back. Raimundos.

Deep Purple – Made in Japan (1972)

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Hello my fucking looser and lovely friends. Here I come again, once more. Like always Wirtis does and always will. I promise that, sucker.

deep_purple-made_in_japan_frontToday I bring you a classical you, for sure, must to know: Deep Purple – Made in Japan from 1972. You already meet me, bró, I like to share, from time to time, some classical in my blog. However, this time is specially because this record is dedicated for a friend of mine: the big Roberto Pawell or Diego M, however you want to call him is the same, he is always there. The fact is that friend is not only that, no brothers, he is – in our friend gang – our Heisemberg. Wait a second, don`t misunderstand me, please, in only saying and is what I want to tell that he is the one who knows about the “thing” we like to joint. So, when we are giving love to our seeds but something in the environment plays against us; we took our fuckung cellphones and just give a call to our friend, the always good guy Roberto and said: ¡Help, please!

And he comes, every time. Maybe not in time, but he comes. Always, our friend, come. So when that beautiful moment happens, we open our doors and our hearth to Roberto and putted our seeds and their health in his hands. And, let me tell you boy, he always knows what to do. So, today, while I’m waiting for him I decided post this record that I know he liked a lot. Here I let you this classical from England rock and roll. Download it here: Deep Purple – Made in Japan.

Sumo – Raw & Live (2014)

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Front-1 copyHello my beloved friends. Here i come again. And I come with the very first anthology specially made for this blog. Because always I have done for another one, the famous and well know

However this time I decided publish something here. Not for give notoriously to this blog, no friends. The reason is that I need to speak and Sumo shows it like a way to make contact. So I took my old Sumo compilation – the one I made with the song rawest from the band – do it a front cover and bring here. Only for speak friends.

Because, from time to time, I think about you. I know life goes on, we both are in different places, in different moments. I accept reality. You know that.

But I can get out of my mind the “How it would have been” between you and me. Last day I saw you out there. You were laughing so happy that I feel eager to run to hug you. And realized I don`t dare to do it. Still dream with your voice but I know we are losing our “world” (for say it somehow) because we don’t share nothing. It`s sad.

Every time I see you I feel nervously because still i`m looking for your eyes, I still searching you. How I wish could hug you in my arms, how I wish could be me with you.

But it can`t be.

We are so far, so separated that we don`t know each other.

So, fuck off.

Life sucks everyday but not for that I will kill myself. Life took you far away from me and that’s it`s inevitable. Like the fact that someday, some morning or night perhaps we will find and we won`t recognize our self. So old or so different that our days seen a fiction.

Here let you this beautiful anthology. I know you like this band. And I know you never stop by that`s why I spoke freely. Here you have: SUMORaw & Live.


Reincidentes – Nuestros años felices (1996)

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Reincidentes ()

Dice Wirtis que está triste. Melancólico

con el alma cautiva.

Que añora un mirar,

que fue por penar que dejó esas manos.

Dice Wirtis que los brazos siguen así,

combados y tensos porque la abrazó.

Dice también que la piensa

la sueña

y la siente celeste para irse más allá,

tras el rastro a caminar.

Dice Wirtis que se confunde porque añora un pedazo de cielo.

Que cómo se le ocurrió elevar los ojos del piso

lejos del barro donde deben estar.

Dice Wirtis que se siente vencido,

que las manos le duelen de apretar los puños,

de sostener la calma

y sangrar preguntando:

¿Qué hago yo con toda esta tristeza?

Dice Wirtis que la elocuencia es poca

que el arte no alcanza

cuando el alma añora y no hay mañana.

Dice Wirtis que deja el segundo de los Reincidentes.

Que hoy prefiere escucharlos solo, en su habitación.

Los Violadores – En vivo y ruidoso (1990)

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Tapa8Hello you suckers, here i am, once more. Like always in extremely intoxicated mood comes Wirtis with more rock and roll. Today something from my country: Los Violadores. They were one hell of a band that, in this days, are a fucking looser that live from their past. And that`s great brothers: here we fucking love looser, we are the fucking same thing. So brother here o bring you a great moment from the band, when the success smile them and future was a promise land. The album is “Live and loud full or Vivo y ruidoso” Here we are going to find the band, the classical formation in their best form, playing hard and heavily in a live recording. Like you know this is the best way of make a great success it, so Los Violadores make it real good. After this album the band make another disc, the last with their classical formation and, for me; their best record: “Another party of exaggeration”. So this two albums are excellent for me strongly recommend the first one too. So before I go I just want to say that this record open de ninety decade in Argentina, is one of the record and band that open de decade for new blood. After them Illia Kuriaky, Los Babasónicos. Los Visitantes, Fun People and a punch of band be able to came. But, first than all that bands, where Los Violadores, Sumo and V8. So here I let you this absolutely classic album from argentinian rock and roll and punk rock, here it brother at hight volume like I have told you thousands of time. Los Violadores – En vivo y Ruidoso.

34 Puñaladas – De la bolsa al ruedo (2012)

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600x60034 Puñaladas (Stabbing) is an Argentinean band. They  play milongas, tangos and more stuff. Always framing in sad ambient. They are a four guitarist and frontman. At the very beginning couldn`t understand this band so easily. Sound me very strange guitars with voice. So 34 Puñaladas sleep for a while in my computer. But one day, one night went to see this boys. Cause they were playing here, in dirty Mendoza; so went Emma and I. The place was a very important cultural center from here in dusty Mendoza. So the place is great a piece master of architecture. And there are making a lot of cultural show at cheapest price of two tickets by preserves.   Ok, doesn`t matter all this shit, the thing is that we went and they showed an excellent play. With poetry and raw, very raw like I love music. So, when we went out we bought some disc and the dvd. This last stuff consists in a dvd and cd recorded live.  And this beautiful cd is what I bring to you, brothers. A great album that shows  the strong of 34 Puñaladas in scene. Also this is a cover`s album. They walk through their music`s preference doing excellent version. The best for me (maybe cause the original mean so much for me) is “Red rooster, black rooster”, originally by La Pequeña Orquesta Reincidentes. Well my fuckers, I going to leave now. I have fried my brain for a few hours writing this. So here you have, enjoy: 34 Puñaladas!!!

VA – Tributo Argentino a Black Sabbath: Sabbath Crosses – (2004)

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FrontalHello you fuckers, today i bring you something new in this blog. Yes brothers, because I don`t knows if you have notice that never, and when I said never I mind never; I was put it before a compilation like I`m doing today. But everything has his beginning in life. Today is compilation time. Yes you fuckers, here I bring you a very good album. There are thousands Black Sabbath`s tributes, you know. One of the best, if isn`t the best is Nativity in Black, the first volume. Because is truly. Before that appears a lot of tribute in deferent levels. Well this tribute has, in my opinion, a real good level; not like Nativity in Black sure. This last was recorded with better resources. Than Sabbath Crosses was recorded here with lees resources. And, besides Nativity in black is the most genuine, for me. I’ll explain my point of view and for that i`m going to speak about disc. It`s begin with a powerful version of War Pigs made it by Nativo.  In second place arrive Heaven and Hell, a real good version played by Barilari (lead singer of Rata Blanca) one of prefers for me because is singed in Spanish. I like the generally sound in this version. The bad, maybe for me, is that don`t really enjoy Barilari voice. It`s too much heavy, in classical mood I mind; for me. And I don`t like it, in generally, that kind of voice. Of course, don`t miss understanding me: Barilari is one of the best voice in Argentinean heavy.  Well I went very far with my subject. Listen this one is great. In third place come a excellent song and great version for me: TV crimes by Plan 4. This band, if you don`t know is a great trash metal band, in line of Pantera. Ok, let be honest: their directly influence is Pantera. But, accord my mind; is good have such a clear influence and sound such genuine. Plan 4 get it. Ye suckers, if you want rage this is one of highest. Continuously came Anno Mundi an original track from Tomy Martin time, here played by Mágika is excellent. In fact was, beside No stranger to love by Glen Hughes and Rata Blanca; the singles for publish. After that it came, precisely, No stranger to love. Perfect, like has to be.  In continuous it came Zero the Zero one of finest black Sabbath`s songs for me. Powerful like has to be.  Rock and roll and rage continues with Horcas and Andrés “the always searching place” Giménez making Children of the grave. The end is closing and arrive O`connor with their version of Supernaut. This time live. Just like Faith No More they recorded twice Supernaut versions. One for their own record and other is here.   Beto Vazquez Infinity is the next. Good version, more psychedelic and dope ¡fuck I love that! And, at list, the last song (¡Clap your hands!): Paranoid by Los Natas ¡Highest! It`s the only way I can describe. So brothers apart then things I told you, this is one of the only tribute that reviewing all Black Sabbath`s times. Ye sucker, tell it: it`s a gem of rock and roll. Dig it: VA – Sabbath Crosses.

Screaming Jay Hawkind with The Fuzztones – Live

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Hello friends, today i bring you a great and excellent disc that i stole from the web: Screaming Jay Hawkins and The Fuzztones ¡Live! Yes, a fucking jewel I bring for you, friend. I found this beautiful record in this blog:  I saw it, I down loaded, I hear it (while my mind was blowing up with such a show of raw and fury) and said: ¡I have to share this! ¡It`s too dean good! And here I am, once more, sharing with you music and a way to see life. Like you, I see from the view of rock and roll and underground side of life. Yes brothers.

Here you are going to find four tracks. Only four, Wirtis? Maybe you are asking. And I answer you: yes, but ¡what tracks, brother! Beginning with the savage Alligator wine, continuing with the great, unique piece of raw fury that it is I put a spell on you (in, for me, best version, full of fuzz and strong), later It`s that time again and, in the end, when you feel your head is going to blow a gem: Constipation blues… Yes, you sucker!!! You are going to have a lot of rock and roll with this great music. So, here you have, I hope you can enjoy this because is a great record: Screaming Jay Hawkind with The Fuzztones.



Amigos de Kirchner – Ao vivo “Violento pero divertido” (2011)

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Hello my brother ¿What in hell are doing Wirtis here, so soon? Maybe you are asking in front of your computer. And I tell you: nothing. But I want to pass by and let this beautiful album that I was listening a few days ago. I upload this one because, far away from what I was supposed to find in this band; I discovered a very good band of rock and roll, punk, new wave and many other thing. Friend`s of Kirchnner are a very good band. And they are very under too. Not many people know about them here in Argentina and, I supposed, lees out there in another country. Doesn`t matter, anyway, cause they are a good musicians and, that quality, is the only thing that real matter when we speak about music.
Well, I don`t know many of Amigos de Kirchner, even about Kirchner. I can tell you that they are from main city, they coming, since a few years ago, making their music far away from mainstream. This band is proposing an intelligent and fresh mix of new wave, punk, post punk, techno and pop.
Well friends, I don`t have many words in this night. Internal affairs are over me, they want me death. Because i`m an ultradetective here, in the old Detroit. Well I let you this very good band: Amigos de Kirchner and this excellent alive album. Enjoy suckers. In a few days I`ll be back with Alejandro Medina, Bicicletas or another surprise, so be ready to rock. And wait Wirti`s news, cause they worth it.

Malevaje – Envido

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 Hello my wirtianos brothers here i came for bring you a little of tango, a piece of my heart. Here, in Argentina tango is a way of feel, a view of life. It`s, for us, a genre that represent our roots. At the very begin of twenty century, in suburbs people began to play, mixing spanish guitars with percussions and, in the thirties, with bandoneon; reciting verses in time to music. Also took milongas from the deep of our culture. When things have been changing because city was growing up, this music born, like everything, in a moment that city, suddenly, began to be full. A lot of people came to Argentina, thinking here they could find an opportunity. But here they only found at the inequality, hunger and poorness. Here were elite in government. That’s way, when workers – almost all of them immigrants –    began to fight their rights, government kick their asses. They began to write poetry, sad poetry.

For a long time tango was the predominant genre of music. With Gardel reached an international respect. With the arrive of rock and roll, tango pass to be a under movement. Only listen for elite. Suddenly, the main style became in paria. And the new one, a rebel one, passes, by castling; at main place. I thing our point of view it`s depending on what we see about world around us. People who only see what main power wants he see, is lost, brother, I tell you. Because they can`t have an open judge about nothing. They can`t understand things out of their paradigms. All this bullshit to explain that tango became an underground movement. Only drunks, addicts and losers play it. So be tanguero here, now a days, is nonsense ¡Is punk! Yes fucker. Yes. That`s why groups like La Guardia Hereje, 34 Puñaladas and El Cuarteto Guardia Vieja are more punk than others bands.   Why? You ask, brother, because play tango in these days is to be doomed to underground. Forever.

So, you can see what are the future is you want to have a tango band here in Argentina. But play tango in another country, out of Argentina, is, directly, a suicide. Because, who the fuck is going to ear you? Anyway there are some artist that send to hell every commercial possibility and make what they want to make, forgetting everything that isn`t make art.  And that`s the case of this band: Malevaje. Yes sir. They are from Spain. What the fuck? I here you scream, and you are right: is very strange a band out of Argentina making tango but this is the case. Because Malevaje play tango with the strong of a rock and roll band, the vocalist sing like he was a dirty rocker from a punk band. And, if you thing well, they are a punk band. Because they play what they want to play: Gardel`s covers. With a lot of feeling and raw attitude. So take your time and listen this great band because they worth it. Here you have, brother, an excellent band. Listen and find a real punk band. Here you have Malevaje!!!

Here some videos:


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