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Lhasa de Sela – La llorona (1997)

Posted in 1997, España, Folk, Francia, Lhasa de Sela, Musica gitana on 27 marzo 2011 by wirtis
La Llorona: Imperdible.

La Llorona: Imperdible.

Good night, friends. Today is falling the first cold here in my town. And, cause this; I woke up a little rare. With some strange and unfamiliar fell of joy, some indefinable sensation of happiness. So, I decided come here and share with you this moment. Well, for this occasion I chose Lhasa de Sela. Maybe, and if you, eventually, pass for here, shout know that not only sixtie`s garage I like, no. I like some different stuff. So, I said to myself: I have to share something  different, something especial for my friends, cause I want open their doors of perception – yes, like Jim said, you know, before pass away – and, with that purpose take one of the Wirti`s classical.  So here it is La llorona. One of the best and most beautiful albums I ever heard. It`s thru, I`m like Homer celebrating food when I speak about music. But honesty too, so I bring to you one very sophisticated record. Let me explain a little: Lhasa is an american –  mexican singer. She born in 1972, her father was a writer and Spanish teacher. One frijolero in USA.  Her mother was a photographer. If you are thinking, wow so she  grew up in an artist and very stimulating environment; you are right bro, cause it was like that. Imagine: at the age of thirteen she was singing in cafes, in San Francisco.  In ninety ninety-seven she moved to Montreal. Canada and, there she meet  Yves Desrosiers, a sensible and great guitar player. They recorded La llorona that same year. Lhasa was a rare case of excellence and popular phenomenon. Cause she made a beautiful music and classical at the time. Her entire work are only three  albumns: La llorona, The living road and Lhasa. She die in January the first of 2010. At the age of 37.

Lhasa (RIP)

Lhasa (RIP)

Only with three records she have an especially place in the music. The first, La llorona, is a delicious album singed in Spanish. Here she took a lot of folk music from Spanish and Latin-America. And not only that, she also used some verses of Lope de Vega for La Celestina. This is a wonderfull record man, I tell you, even knowing you like raw and dirty garage, I recommended to you this album. Cause it`s sad, dark but sweet a deep to. Here you are going to find an excellent guitarist and one of the best voices that ever have listen. Open your mind, free yourself and listen.

Before i go, i let you what critics said about this record:

En 1997, aparece la Llorona, primer álbum escrito, compuesto e interpretado por una desconocida joven llamada Lhasa. Algunos quizás consideraron este álbum una curiosidad, un exótico accidente. Escapando a cualquier definición el álbum evoca una América Latina, a la vez real e imaginaria, fruto de la memoria de una infancia itinerante, en el vaivén de los caminos de México y Estados Unidos. La música nos aparece como única y familiar, mezcla de rancheras y melopeas zíngaras, country y canciones populares, junto a textos profundamente íntimos, interpretados en español por una voz cálida y potente… …las canciones, teñidas por un romanticismo a la Emily Brontë, están llenas de humor, de inteligencia y de ironía, son directas, desconcertantes y apasionadas.

For understood and free minds only: Lhasa de Sela – La llorona.


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