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VA – Mentes abiertas (1992)

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Mentes Abiertas - La Verdadera Invasion - FrontHello juniors! How are you been this month’s without Wirtis, ah? I hop waiting I arrive, brothers. Here, in brotherhood things are getting worse, neoliberalism is destroying everything populism did. And people, with their dreams make it shit, is down, so down brothers. So, juniors, this time is so similar at those days, the beginning of nineties I mind that I decided share this piece of trash with you, my brothers.

Maybe, if you are as old as I, you will remember this album: Mentes Abiertas or Open Minds, in the king`s language. If you don`t know this, let me give you and advice: download it, it`s a masterpiece. Yes, brothers, Mentes Abiertas was an underground compilation that show the ambient from Buenos Aire`s suburban.

Great stuff is here in this record. The most successful was 2 Minutos but here are a punch of great bands from Argentinean nineties, a classical one, for you, brothers. Only because today It is like yesterday. Thanks to your vote, sucker.   Here you have.

Izzy Stradlin & The Ju Ju Hounds (1992)

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IzzyHello my friends, today i come back with something that you have to know but, i`m pretty sure you don`t have heard: Izzy Straddling & The Ju Ju Hounds. This is the first record that this man publish after leave the most commercial and famous band in lately eighties: Gun`s And Roses.

Now a day I don`t listen Guns ´n` Roses. But there was a time when I love that guy, and I love their music. I have to recognize that they make`s me know rock and roll, they were the very first band I began to listen over and over again. So, I can`t be so dick sucker and say Guns´n`Roses mean nothing for me. But, later I discover other bands. I was a teenage in grunge`s age so it wasn`t difficult because that was a time when a lot of bands appear in scene. I don`t know if, after that, we have had another golden age like that. But that is a shit and I don`t care. The thing is I always like Izzy Stradlin from Gun`s & Roses. I like Slash to, but Izzy always have my respect because he leave the band in the glory moment, literally  showing his finger to all rock scene and giving his back to succeed. And I love that kind of attitude. When he left Guns and Roses he call a punch of friends from Louisiana and made this record today in sharing with you, brother.

Well, it`s not a master piece but it is a very good album of rock and roll on their original vein so it`s a good album for give a chance a take a listen. So here I let you this one. I hope you get hurry because the host only has it the link for a few days. Here you have: Izzy Stradlin and The Ju Ju Hounds.

L.A. Guns – Cuts (1992)

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Hello you fucking looser, today i bring you a Little bit of glam rock. Do you know about this esthetic movement, man? No? I supposed that, so I’m going  to explain.

L.A. guns - 1992 - Cuts

Glam rock is a rock and roll movement born it in lately seventies, with groups like Hanoi Rocks, The Dictators, The New Yoks Dolls and the fucking and ugly pioneers of all this movement, at list, in the very beginning: Kiss (excuse me boy but I real don´t like this group). From this band – except from Hanoi Rocks; the glam movement took the way of dress. I mean very colorful clothes, a lot of makeup and a machismo. So, as you can see, glam rock is a strange mix.

At beginning glam music was softer than pioneers groups. But, in nineties, when grunge arrive and produced a change of paradigms groups had to invent their self or die. A lot of group dies. I raise my glass and drink to that.

But others, like this band to day I offer you, could survive in musical business. Some of them, with honestly and work, others selling their ass.  The L.A. Guns are in first one, of course. And, now, I’m going to tell you why I think that way: Because,   L.A. Guns have played a real hard rock, with heavy attitude and raw feeling. Because L.A. Guns have evolved, over the years, their sound. If you listen last stage (without Tracii Guns), you`ll find a very good band, with their own sound beyond musicians. And, in last step, I want to say that L.A. Guns have maintain is personality beyond Guns and Roses – of course that, their parental with famous band have give them access  to bussnies but, like I said, they have earned with work and heavy hard rock. Ah, another thing I love from this boys is that their music is very street.

So, until now, you should have learned that glam rock is a rock and roll movement that`s characterize for ridiculous clothes and heavy guitars. You should have to know, too, that L.A. Guns are one of the best and genuine band in this movement, a band that have recorded a real, real good disc that you have to listen, at list, once.

Here I let you the last from their golden age, with their classical formation. For me is great, not for all the bullshit I just told you, no brother. Is great for me because makes me remember when I meet her, the first time a saw her blue eyes.

So, here I let you this gem of rock and roll, a great and very short Ep with two cover and two original songs. Enjoy and get it: L.A. Guns – Cuts.

Los Triciclosclos – Merde… ninguno de nosotros tiene los ojos claros. (1992)

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Los Triciclosclos

Los Triciclosclos

Triciclos, clos,clos! cómicos paranóicos y los esbirros que nos quieren atrapar. Sí, eso y más son Los Triciclosclos, una delirante y genial aventura surrealista que, curiosamente; te despierta en cada verso. Ok, que me voy de madres ante tamaña banda. Voy a ser más claro. Hoy les traigo a una banda argentina. Una banda que nació a los abores del noventa, allá cuando la pesadilla al fin parecía terminar. Los Triciclosclos un grupo de artistas más que una banda de R`n`R. Se conocieron cuando militaban en FRECOPO – frente cómico popular – liderado por  Norman Briski. Bien, fue en ese año, el 90; cuando los Triciclosclos grabaron su primer demo: Dame leche y Cómicos paranóicos. Después, en el 91, graban Cucarachas, Tundachacha y New York City. Con ese demo se les abren las puertas de una productora y acceden a la grabación y edición del disco que hoy les traigo: Merde! Desde ahí hasta el 95 más o menos la banda tuvo su periodo de auge. De hecho hacían el programa de radio: El show de Los Triciclosclos, en la cheta Rock & Pop. Obvio que, por las características y, seguro porque si bien en la Rock & Pop la van de cools, no van ha arriesgar dinero en artistas; los pusieron en la franja de 3 a 6 de la mañana. Hicieron el programa más escuchado de la franja y uno de los que, a la postre; más influyó en las generaciones de cómicos siguiente. Además, y si así no fuera no lo traería; grabaron uno de los discos más importantes y legendarios del rock argentino. Este.

Los Triciclosclos

Los Triciclosclos

Después, a pesar de haber sido un fenómeno – muy curioso por cierto: eran la contracultura, una banda de marginados inclasificables (¿músicos? ¿cómicos? ¿terroristas?) popular desaparecieron de la escena. Sin embargo no como banda, por lo menos no, hasta este año. Se separaron en enero. Bueno, genial y único disco de una genial y única banda. Para que se engolosinen el espítiru y acepten a Wirtis: Los Triciclosclos!!!!


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