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Buenos Muchachos – Dendritas contra el Bicho Feo (2001)

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Good morning wirtianos brothers. Here i come again. This time for show you a band from Uruguay, my neighbors. I found this band looking for “rock platense”. You know something about that? I`ll explains you: “Platense rock” is a musical movement borne here in this side of the road with La Pequeña Orquesta Reincidentes and is particular way of make music. Around they began to appear a lot of band that make rock and roll mix with heterogeneous influences like balkan music, tango and a lot of stuff that is impossible for me recognize. The thing is that today I bring you one of this band: Buenos Muchachos. They sound is very particular because the tone of the voice: is loud and heavy. When you listen for first time maybe you`ll thing: Ouh this guy can`t sing anything. And maybe is real. But, if you can recognize good stuff, excellent riffs and power full line basses you`ll begin to listen this boys and, suddenly you`ll say: Hey vice is great for this band cause give it a dark sense and strongly deep that make Buenos Muchachos a heavy band with the rock and roll and rage that every good band needs. And, when that happens, you`ll love this guys. I tell you friend.

The band began in lately nineties in uruguayan underground. After a few years they jump the puddle and whent to Buenos Aires. There they meet Ángela Tullida and make some record together in a raw mood. Since they borne they have recognize that they have influence from Pixies, Pequeña Orquesta Reincidentes y Pistola y Los Mugrientos. I thing is significant that you can`t recognize immediately that influence because Buenos Muchachos have make their own sound. I can describe their music like a grunge spirit (the rage, the actitude remains that) mix with latinoamerican things like infinite sadness and pain. So, brothers, like you see I bring you another excellent band for this middle week. Yes friends, I thing in this way you`ll be able to spend this days until weekend with more difficulty (¿?) Ok, I have to leave you now. I`ll go to crash my head with drugs and cry my grey reality without talent. Yes is like that. Here you have this great band. Ah! I was forgetting to tell you: the frontman, Pedro Dalton is a writer and painter: excellent and talented guy: how I envy. For you: Buenos Muchachos (¡¡¡Good Fellows!!!)


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