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Wanda Jackson – Queen of rockabilly

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wanda-jackson-queen-1Hello you sucker, today i come in double entrance. Yes you sucker!!! Because I want it and because I’m in holydays, so I have a lot of time death in my house. I`m alone, no one come to see me or invited me a joint. Doesn`t matter because I`m used to sprend my time alone, thinking in futuristic histories to tell you. So, if I thing in certainly point of view is a good thing: I don`t lost my time doing bad things like smoke or drink vodka.

Well my friends today I bring you the queen of rockabilly: Wanda Jackson. I`m sure you must know this girl (today a grandmother, but still rocking). She never gets a great fame but, with time their name climbed to the top of history because she was rediscovered and put it in the place that she deserves. She recorded a new album in past decade and shows the little girls how to sound raw and heavy. In fact Amy Winehouse (rest in peace, girl) took their advice and example and recorded a very good version of “You know i`m not good”. But isn`t that material what I bring you today.  No brothers, today I bring you the old recorded of this great musician. So here I let you this great record. Enjoy and comment brothers cause this work only have value if you speak with Wirtis. Here you have: Wanda Jackson!!




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