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Adrenaline Mod – Coverta (2013)

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Hello my friend tonight i bring you a super band, another one (because this trick isn`t new, we have a lot of examples). This time is Adrenaline Mod. A super group by formed members of Symphony x (Rusell Allen), Dream Theatre (Mike Portnoy), Sonic Stomp (Mike Orlfolderando) and Disturbed (John Moyer). Wau!! It`s a fucking hell of a band ¿Right? I think so. But, honestly and for saying the true I had – maybe a lot – of expectations from this boys, especially   for Portnoy participation.

Don`t let me be miss understand friends, I`m not saying this isn`t a very good rock and roll album: It`s great, but, in order of my taste the record don`t break the common sound of another bands in the same line. The disc I bring you today is a cover album and is good, real good if you are looking for speed and quality but, and that`s my complaint; they sound like another band from the mainstream. Maybe, if they continue playing; in the future will publish something unique and accord their reputations. I don`t know but I hope so.

Well friends this post is for my friend Agustín Juarez the dark voice behind “AVERNOS EN LA RADIO”, you can listen him here:

Right my friends here I let you this piece of rock and roll: Adrenaline Mod. Enjoy and listen at high volume.


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