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Beso Negro (1989)

Posted in 1989, Alternativo, Argentina, Beso Negro, Pop, Post Punk, Punk, Rock with tags , , , , , on 14 mayo 2017 by wirtis

beso backHello my brothers, here I come again, once more like always did. Yes, friends. This time I come with a disc from Beso Negro, the very first band of Andrés Giménez. They don`t have succeed at great scale but had a very good career. They were, however, a speed star.

I don`t have many facts about Beso Negro but I know one or two sing. The first, is a confirmable true, you can check it in the rar: this album was produced for Piltrafa. In fact, they sing a duo in Sistemas, a great punk rock; so, they had their chance. And their guitarist, Andrés Giménez, took advantage to.

The second one is that I read in Humor Registrado, when Los Violadores were separating, an interview to their bassist, el Polaco. There I said that he was playing in a new project that would called ANIMAL. ¡Oh shit, boy! ¿Would be the same band if ANIMAL had el Polaco instead Corbata? I think they were be a commercial band.

But it`s my opinion because I like a lot el Corbata and don`t Giménez. However, nothing of that really care, you know boy. The real thing is this is a piece of collection, a piece of the argentinian rock and roll history. So it`s worst. Here I let you this one, enjoy it: Beso Negro.



The Cruel Sea – Three legged dog (1994)

Posted in 1994, Australia, Beasts of Bourbon, Pop, Power pop, Rock, The Cruel Sea with tags , , , , , , on 13 septiembre 2015 by wirtis

Cruel-Sea-Three-Legged-Dog-1Hello my friends. Long time since i was here. But Wirtis is always coming back, never doubt I will back, one night, one morning – after been sniffing with my band mates – with more and more rock and roll.

Today I bring you an old fox of this blog: Tex Perkins. Maybe you remember him for his work in that great, dirty and fucking raw band of rock and roll that are The Beast of Bourbon. But today I bring you an alternative project of this guy – actually it wasn`t his project because The Cruel Sea was an instrumental band to had published two albums before Perkins join them – in another genre.

Before I explain what genre make The Cruel Sea, let me tell you one thing: I respect very much that artist that have attitude and reinvent his self when make a new project. Guy like Mike Patton, L.A. Spinetta or Juan Pablo Fernández has all my love. And, in the same line this guy I bring you today: Tex Perkins.

Well, with The Cruel Sea, Perkins plays a power pop that break every good looking band that pretend to make rock. Yea. Let me explain better: The Cruel Sea make a pop wit power, raw and attitude. Maybe is for the deep and dunked voice of Perkins, maybe is for the distortion that the band put in little but exactly quotes, I don`t know but they sound like heaven.

This record is the third one in band`s carrier. This one with “The honeymoon is over” are the perfect pair of this band. It`s very recommended. Hear this beautiful pearl before the link fall down. Here you have brothers: The Cruel Sea.

Orkesta Popular San Bomba – Sal de tu cuerpo (2013)

Posted in 2013, Argentina, Cumbia, Folk, Orkesta Popular San Bomba, Pop on 19 junio 2014 by wirtis

sanbomba_zpsd6396936Hello my wirtianos brothers. Today i bring you La Orkesta Popular San Bomba. It`s a great argentinean band that play cumbia. Yea, fucking cumbia is one of our best genres of music. Of course, and like every other genre, is good when it`s make it with love and drugs. Good drugs, obviously.

Well La Orkesta San Bomba is a very good group that sound latinamerican, you cant`n at first sight, judge where are they from. Of course you realize they are from our land, from our continent. However it`s difficult put them in one country because they looks like everywhere and that’s was one of the thing I like it from this guys.

But wasn`t that, no way boy, that the most important thing I like from this children. The thing most exciting, for me, was they great sound of the Orkesta.

So I decided bring to you, share it with you brother. So here it is in your friendly blog: La Orkesta Popular San Bomba.

Maxi Amué – La frecuencia del olvido (2014)

Posted in 2014, Argentina, Electrónica, Indie, Maxi Amué, Mendoza, Pop, Rock with tags , , , , , , on 15 febrero 2014 by wirtis

Buenas noches amigos rockeros. Hoy les traigo a un paisano mío, a un pibe que ya antes presenté con su grupo pero hoy vuelve en su faceta solista. Me refiero a Maxi Amué, vocalista de Orbis Tertuis.


Conocí a Amué una tardecita en el Le Parc. Me pareció un tipo muy afable y conversador. Le conté que administraba un blog y que había publicado su primer disco con Orbis Tertius. El loco se copó, me agregó de amigo en Face y me compartió “Pulsador” – último trabajo a la fecha de la banda – para publicar. (Muy buen disco, por cierto. Está acá si lo querés escuchar.)

De ahí en adelante ha sido poca la conversación. La verdad es que no somos amigos ni lo conozco más allá de lo dicho. Sin embargo, por esa especie de vidriera insolente que es el face, me entero de sus estados y decires. Es así que de un tiempo a esta parte he ido percibiendo en Amué un desasosiego in progress que, creo, es el leit motiv de este disco.

Y es que ya no hay día de sol acá, en La frecuencia del olvido, amigos. Más bien percibo a un poeta solitario, en confrontación con el mundo en general y con el de la música en particular. Espeta, Amué,  contra los rock and roll stars, contra los formalismos y prototipos sociales y los miedos y vanidades personales.

Un disco intimista, confesional es este que hoy les comparto. Un disco visceral que desprende de su ser.

Respecto al modo musical predomina un ambiente electrónico de loops y tecnología que ya venía experimentando desde Pulsador. Aspecto, para un servidor, muy pero muy bueno porque hacen del disco una poderosa y visceral obra. Con mucho ritmo y vitalidad.

Gran disco. Más porque no lo vas a conseguir tan fácil: es del under mendocino, es de la periferia desértica, sale así, por la red, lejos de sellos y sin propaganda, pero libre y gratuito. Por eso merece ser difundido, por eso merece ser escuchado.

Acá esta: Maxie Amué – La frecuencia del olvido.

VA – Mondo Zombi Boogaloo (2013)

Posted in 2013, Beat, Blues, Boogie, EEUU, Garage, Instrumental, Los Straitjackets, Melódicos, Mexico, Pop, Psicobilly, Punk, R&B, Raw, Rock, Rockabilly, Rural, Southern Culture on The Skids, Surf, The Fleshtones, Varios Artistas with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , on 8 enero 2014 by wirtis

Hello my brothers, here i come again. Maybe is because I’m running away from real responsibilities, maybe because I don`t want to face the truth, I don`t know but I spending all my free time posting here ¿Have you notice, dear? I have it, so I put myself thinking very hard in it.

coverLong days pass doing this. Also I was ill brothers. Yes, illness took myself and launched me in hell. First with a pain full stomachache and after, when I was beginning to eat normally, a very strong flu took me. ¡A shit, Miguel, what fucking looser! I thought myself. And is not too much to say it, brothers, because I spend in diet a real yummy food and that was hard, very hard for me because I’m a glutton boy. I know, that`s way I get ill in first time but, what can I do? I can`t quick eating. However I can control myself and could spend whiteouts eat.

In order to get confused my mind I went to my pc looking something get me out of here, something give me a different point of view. And that`s when I found this record I offer toy you today.

One of the many good things in this album is that there were recorded by Los Straitjackets, The Fleshtones and Southern Culture on The Skids. Each band have pick up one song refer at Halloween topic. The special songs for me are all but is great the version of Monster Mash in Spanish played by tree bands. However this album is a trip for many genres because you have rock and roll, garage, western, Mexican, fuzz, rockabilly and plenty more rhythms.

There are in album too, a very good version of Ghostbuster (yes sucker, the main theme of movie), an excellent cover of The Deadly One (A great surf piece master here in this blog too, take a look around) a cover from main theme in Frankenstein and many, many more shit brothers. A great album is this one and an excellent piece of rock and roll. Ideal for get the fuck out all the illness that took my self yea, with that and cocaine all pain is going to disappear, I know. So here you have: VA – Mondo Zombie Boogaloo 

Macumbia (2013)

Posted in 2013, Brasil, Dub, Funk, Hip Hop, Indie, Macumbia, Pop, Rap, Rock, sicodelia, Surf with tags , , , , on 29 diciembre 2013 by wirtis

Buenas tardes mis amigos. Se acerca el fin de año, está ahí al umbral de la puerta y nosotros nos preparamos para recibirlo con todo. Ya les he contado pero para esta fecha me encanta retomar el tema: mi familia.

capa_macumbia_1x1Aunque hoy vengo así melancólico y cabizbajo. Bueno, lo que me trae mal es que, si bien los Wirtis somos una familia numerosa, nos vamos diezmando porque las bajas han golpeado los últimos tiempos. Con todo, somos felices y somos varios. Y nos juntamos cada fin de año a celebrar otra noche que cae, lleva el pasado y trae otras oportunidades, nuevos soles y nuevos amores – acá tal vez debería hacer un alto, ya no necesito más, tengo demasiado – y es así aunque día a día nos vaya quitando algo esto de vivir.

Nosotros entendimos desde atrás, cuando el cacique regenteaba con pulso férreo el clan, que siempre vas a perder, que la vida es un proceso de demolición u horadación, para ser más preciso, donde vas perdiendo cosas, vas dejando amores,  dolores y sin sabores para solo almacenar en la memoria y evocar en los años de vejez. Claro que esto es posible si tenés la dicha de llegar a conocer ese respetable y colorido estado.

Bien, decía que la vida es un proceso de horadación en el que el ser va perdiendo, de a poco y siempre sin notarlo, habilidades, posibilidades y tiempo. Un día te das cuenta que has pasado gran parte del existir, penando amores no correspondidos o amando cosas  entonces te deprimís y pasás el tiempo que te queda llorando por ese tiempo que perdiste. Entonces pensás que ya nunca vas a poder hacer todas esas cosas hermosas que te hubiese gustado hacer. Como escribir, tocar o componer sinfonías de cuna; lo que sea. En la cotidianeidad encuentro muchos con este mal de dejar todo para después. Mal. Muy mal.

Pero bueno, en nuestra familia sabemos que las cosas son así, por eso aprovechamos cada momento para reunirnos y disfrutar sin pelear, más bien bebiendo algo de rock y escuchando algún malbec. Y es ese el evento que se acerca y es eso lo que les quiero celebrar. Más allá de las ausencias, más allá del tiempo feroz que se escapa y se burla de mí. Y para ello  nada mejor que una banda de cumbia, Macumbia. Gran experimento que aúna un vocalista portugués y uno castellano, una gran banda que mixtura desde el funk, la cumbia, el dub y más sin prejuicios y con soltura. Acá se las dejo para que la disfruten mucho, mucho, amigos. Y para que se dejen amar en estas fiestas de sol, aunque sin sol porque vos no estás. ¡Abrazos!

Electrisixties – Beatween melodies (2012)

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  Hello my brothers. Here i come again, this time for bring you a great album that have been shared until all we can have it. So, maybe are you Front - BEATWEEN MELODIESthinking; if things are in that way why the fuck are you sharing this disc again, Wirtis? And tell you brother: because maybe you still aren`t enjoys this beautiful gem. Or because I think music have to be always flowing in the web. Yes suckers, I’m always speaking same subject.

I hate to said it once more but I’m tired to see how music disappear day by day only for people`s selfish. Why, you fucking piece of shit, you don`t reupload and share music once you downloaded?? Ah? You are son of non human woman, I really meant it.

I think that we have to share again music once why have it. If all of us do that only one time with the music (and the art in generally), music will always be for be download it. And all of us could have it everything. But no, some motherfuckers only download music and are always demanding: Hey Wirtis, I have looking this album for years… you would be so humanity if re upload it for me… and later, when you check statistics find no one have download it. There others that hate everything that show them how pathetic their life is. That kind of people pass only for give you none senses words. They are poor losers.  And there are others, the worst son of a bitch in world, that who passes by and took everything like a fucking cancer but aren`t able to say something about your work.

So is for all these reasons that I continue sharing music and is for the same reasons that I don`t reupload music once I share it. That’s your work because you have the disc thanks to me, so the best way that you can repay kindness is sharing again that disc. If all of us do it that just one, all discs would for everybody.

So today I’m sharing an excellent album that was share it a lot of time. But now I bring you once more, with another link, in other place because that the way to resist fascist web`s political. And that`s the way to show our finger to selfish people.

Here you have brothers: Electrisixties – Between melodys.

Extrachinato y Tú – Poesía básica (1997)

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Extrechinato y Tu - Poesía Básica (front)Hello you fucking loosers. Here i come. Once more. I `ll gone full your life with music, art and beautiful of life. Yes friends, this is a place for free art and music`s traffic.

This time I bring you a master piece from Spain. A disc that born when Chinato meet heavy rock and roll band Extremoduro and Platero y Tú. They find common point of view and decided make something together. At the first they began to give shows around Spain. But, early, appear the idea of make an album together.

That one I bring for you today. That one I share with all of you. Album is a very unique album because have a mix between poetry, heavy metal, symphonic and pop. Result is very, very good. I like this album. Not for listening every day, but, time to time, when I want something different, with is own personality I listen this.

The lyrics are real good. It`s have truly poetry and feeling. Music accompanies with excellent hard rock riff and more rock and roll (in Platero y Tú way) makes this disc  deserve be in Garagelatino. So here I let you brothers. Open your ears and pay attention to verses in this one. See you fuckers, in a few days or when my mood wants.

So here i let you: Extrechinato y Tú. And meet revolutionary spanish poetry, dear.



Orbis Tertius – Pulsador (2012)

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cover Good afternoons my friends here I come again with more rock and roll and savage things. Today I bring you a great band: Orbis Tertius. Once I share this band with you, so isn`t a new thing in the blog but is the latest album, named “Pulsador”, from this incredible band from here, my city: Mendoza. Well I have already introduce you this band so I`m going to speak about the album.  Here you are going to find good rock and roll in alternative mood. The album opens with “day of sun”, a great song with sweet ambient and beautiful melody. Following come “freak” a beautiful song that represent me, so I like it a lot that song. Later come a nice song, in lovely plan “Ode to your face”. Great songs for you sing in the ear of your old lady. “Cristo es un loop” is a new version of an old song that does appear in the first album. Great too. Especially the chorus part. Gone that arrive the main song of the album (I thing that because is named like the disc) “Pulsador”, a great song with a great guitar and excellent details. “Today is today” continue with sweet ambient and relax melodies. Then come the best song (for me) in album: “light boy”. The lyrics is excellent, the message is about fight and dream. A high point in “Pulsador”.  After arrive “A key”, beautiful song about hopes. Then another master piece: “The brothel street”, excellent song with great noises and better melody with a very good bass line. This song is sexy and hot, great for play in love nights. Then sound “Part of me” another beautiful song about love and to share life together. After that arrive “The penalty will go”. A great song with distortion and savage guitar. At the end arrive “Live”, a nicest ballad for close this excellent album. Very recommended this one friends. Not only because is real underground rock and roll but also because here you are going to find three excellent musicians, especially the voice work is perfect. I thing this guys be living another life if not born here. Well, here I let you this gem. Downloaded brothers and appreciate good music: Orbis Tertius – Pulsador.


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