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VA – Mentes abiertas (1992)

Posted in 1992, Argentina, Grunge, Hardcore, Mentes Abiertas, Punk, Raw, Rock, Varios Artistas with tags , , , , , , on 7 julio 2017 by wirtis

Mentes Abiertas - La Verdadera Invasion - FrontHello juniors! How are you been this month’s without Wirtis, ah? I hop waiting I arrive, brothers. Here, in brotherhood things are getting worse, neoliberalism is destroying everything populism did. And people, with their dreams make it shit, is down, so down brothers. So, juniors, this time is so similar at those days, the beginning of nineties I mind that I decided share this piece of trash with you, my brothers.

Maybe, if you are as old as I, you will remember this album: Mentes Abiertas or Open Minds, in the king`s language. If you don`t know this, let me give you and advice: download it, it`s a masterpiece. Yes, brothers, Mentes Abiertas was an underground compilation that show the ambient from Buenos Aire`s suburban.

Great stuff is here in this record. The most successful was 2 Minutos but here are a punch of great bands from Argentinean nineties, a classical one, for you, brothers. Only because today It is like yesterday. Thanks to your vote, sucker.   Here you have.

Demonios de Tasmania – Suicida (1994)

Posted in 1994, Argentina, Demonios de Tasmania, Grunge, Raw, Rock, Rock & Roll with tags , , , , , on 29 enero 2016 by wirtis

suicidaHello you losers, since we have get back to nineties, her in Argentina; i`m spending my time listening some of all the great music those days give us. I have to tell you: that was the only good things that days gave us.

So here I bring you this gem from those days. It`s a very difficult album to find, however, it`s easy get it here in the internet, not in cassette. But that’s a fact you don`t care, the only thing you care about it`s that today you are going to find one of the most important band from the nineties: Demonios de Tasmania.

I ‘don’t want to speak to much. I`m not in the mood. Here you have. Enjoy it, sucker.

Faith No More – The real thing (1989)

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Faith-No-More-The-Real-ThingGood nights my friends. Time along without stop by has passed. And I have been around, doing life stuff. Because, this is my world, my only world (I already told that) but outside off the wall, where the real things happens I have to answer about myself. I have to live and let me live.

However, it`s come a time when I feel very empty, like a bag of trash without cause.   There are such a hard time friends, because I feel sad, lonely and angry. This is the worst part. I hate everybody; I fight out there in the street for stupidities. If you see me you said what a moron is Wirtis. And you`ll say the truth.

So, there was a time when came to this places (I mind blogger and wordpress) represented free. Still I think is in that way, but out there also happen things. And almost good things happen. Because if I get out of my mind and take a look around I can see I have a lot of stuff here in this time I’m riding. So even when is hard – ¡oh so fucking hard to handled! – I keep trying on, fighting on.

Fuck, I just throw you up a vomit of morality! But it`s only thing I can said about it.

therealthingAnd the one of way to fight in on it`s like this: sharing music with the boys in the crew. So here I am, once more. With more than a classic this time: The real thing by Faith No More. A master piece of music history. Yes fucking losers, once more Wirtis is here. Speaking, yelling and sharing music:

Faith No More – The real thing.


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