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Kinder Videla Mengele – Wistu (2012)

Posted in 2012, Argentina, Kinder Videla Mengele, Mendoza, Punk, Rock with tags , , , , , , , on 21 abril 2013 by wirtis

Tapa_del_discoHello my friends here I come again with more rock and roll. This time I come with Kinder Videla Menguele. This is a band in punk mood, like I know suckers; you love it. So I decided bring something for your taste a pleasure. Let talk about this band: Kinder Videla Menguele born here in my land: Mendoza City (¡Yes we are the fucking master of rock and roll!) we are punk`s territory. Maybe you can watch this if you doubt. Well like I was speaking off, Kinder Videle Menguele is one older – if not the most – from mendocinian punk scene. They have built their name in underground. ¡They are even older than Wirtis (fuck, they have been death by now)! But we don`t care all that things because here it is their legacy: their music. And is a good band of punk in old school way. We don`t going to find experimentation or another pussy thing like that brothers, here is only punk rock, played quickly and hard, like it has to be.

  I can`t let you this record whiteout give the appropriated thanks to you sexy and hot girl who forbidden me take you dirty pictures. I know you know I can`t forgive you since that afternoon when you let me kiss your tasty body and see, once more but much more beautiful than the first one (¡you used a black tail less that drive me crazy, a hell gift in you!) and touch you. Maybe I didn`t tell you nothing since that time but I remember every time when loneliness give me a hard time (and that is very common). The form of your bosom, the smell of your body, the fresh in your breath take me far from here. And you told me that want to spend another time with me, and that idea is in my head since that, but still can`t but I want it too, much more than you can imaginate. So I let you a kiss for everywhere because I want to have the obligation to do it the next time I spend with you. I hope it happens soon because if not I going crazy.

Here I let you this beautiful disc, brothers, a really hard one. I was looking it in the web for long time but can`t find it. So here you have, totally free for you: Kinder Videla Menguele.  



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