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Corcobado & Manta Ray – Diminuto cielo (1997)

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descargaHello my brothers. It`s long time since last post. Yes brothers, life is going faster now a days, so my time it`s share with a lot of thing I call life. And it`s away from social medias. Thanks’ for that. But still i`m here, listen some music, fighting some disagrees. So I back, once more, like I always do. This time I bring you this great disc that reunite Javier Corcobado and Manta Ray. If you don`t meet the first one, I introduce you: he is a Spanish musician, very important in underground scene. He was part of legendarys Mar Otra Vez and Demonios Tus Ojos. And he has build a career away from mainstream. However, in main countrys like Spain, live in and for the art is a reality. Here, in our Latin-America if kind of difficult live of it.

descarga (1)But doesn’t matter. We still here, living our life. Something I have learn this last year, under the liberal government, people is a result, in a very high level, of the system. The system it`s so big and so ghost that it is continuously repeating the same way in people. Doen`t matter who is it in any time, because the system is bigger than ordinary people. So, here I let you this great disc of Corcobado and Manta Ray. Enjoy. Some time, some day I will back.

Blackmore’s Night – Shadow Of The Moon (1997)

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Hello my friends. Here i come again. Once more for bring you some justice…. ¡Ja,ja! Got you mother fucker. It`s just a trick, Wirtis doesn`t become in a police man. Doesn`t matter how he`s look like ¿Right? The only thing that really matters is what we do, because aren`t words who defined us, are our acts who speaks about us.

????????????????????Well, before I’m going down to hell I want to share with all of you a little bit of music. This time I bring something appropriated – if you let me say – because the ambient remind medieval times, when magicians and witches where in every place. Thanks god he (yes, I mind HE) comes with truths and light and save all of us. So with christianity ended darkness. Or come darkness, I don`t know. And I don`t care because I come here only to speak about music and art. That`s what really matters in life, brother. And girls too are important, of course. In this days in very in love with a beautiful little girl who name like the sky and looks like hell but I’m too fucking old, I’m too fucking committed in a relationship and she have no idea about me and my way of feel. Or maybe she has it, because I have tell her a lot stupidities trying to looks like a clever and sexy guy. The reality is that I’m a fucking looser who doesn`t set in my ways.  So I spend my days thinking about an impossible love, about an impossible future with a woman who is clever, beautiful and young (¡Oh! So much young than me, bró). All that stuff, maybe you are thinking right now aren`t important when love is around ¿Right? But things, in real life brother, aren`t so easy, because Wirtis is now in another moment of his life, Wirtis is thinking in form a family, in let out drugs (specially cocaine that is ruining me) and become in a grow up and seriously person. And this little girl is beginning university, she is meeting a lot of interesting and fun people; summarizing, she is in a different moment than me brothers. So, in the hypothetical case that she looks at me (¡Oh glory day!), she only going to find an old man who is too much in his ways. That`s fact brothers, there you have my truth. So I’m too much in sadness. I`m living in a hell of continuously yearn. Ok, let`s continuous with what we come to do here: share music.

However the facts are that Blackmore`s Night sound like a medieval witch with a care full guitarist. And the reality is similar to that because here play Ritchie Blackmore (¿You didn`t realized until now, looser?) and we all know the guy is a fucking hysterical maniac who thing live in older times, when catholicism domains (sound like today this idea…) and people died in the street whiteout careless or love (still sound like today, fuck).

Ok, I’m not going to continue with comparisons, I only want to say this record is a beautiful piece of melodically music, with great melodies and better voices. The girl (because is a chic who sing here) use her voice to give that epic sound to Blackmoore`s Night. Well you sucker, another one for your collection. Another one for free, like always likes to do. Far away from mainstream, close to everyone who loves art. Here you have brother: Blackmoore`s Nights.

Iorio & Flavio – Peso argento (1997)

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Hello my lovely friends. Today I bring you a great record by two excellent musicians: “Peso argento” by Iorio & Flavio. Great record published in late nineties, in 1997 for be correct. This is a different album from what we were used to in that time with this guys. Iorio already had been made foldersome stuff like this but not so radical like in this album.

Well like I said it was ninety seven Flavio just broke up with Los Fabulosos Cadillacs and Iorio were living his moment of major glory with Alamfuerte. He was finding the way: make some heavy rocks and some cool song but, of course Iorio is nationalist guy who don`t accept nothing different, so he never going to make a ballad in traditional way. So he began to make folk in Hermética and saw the treat pay his counts. So when break up with Hermética and form Almafuerte he began to record folk songs. In tango and zamba way. And he did it very well. Specyally in this album where Flavio`s talent give strong and deep to music.

Here we are going to find two excellent covers Mal Bicho (by Flavio) and Gil Trabajador (by Iorio). And we are going to find too a collection of very good song that never seems (at list for me) to pass. Very good album for begin the week with strong and powerful brothers. Listen to Wirtis and download this album because it`s one of the best from Iorio. You already know he have change along the years until converse in a real sucker old man. I don`t like him or his attitude like you sees my dear friend, but that doesn`t matter in fact I real like this album. So here I bring you and for share with a young girl that enjoys this kind of music (I never could imaginate that you are rock and roll lover with your angel face) and want to hear this album. Here you have brothers. Enjoy it. Embrace it. And prey for Wirti`s soul. See you bro. Here you have: Iorio & Flavio.

Extrachinato y Tú – Poesía básica (1997)

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Extrechinato y Tu - Poesía Básica (front)Hello you fucking loosers. Here i come. Once more. I `ll gone full your life with music, art and beautiful of life. Yes friends, this is a place for free art and music`s traffic.

This time I bring you a master piece from Spain. A disc that born when Chinato meet heavy rock and roll band Extremoduro and Platero y Tú. They find common point of view and decided make something together. At the first they began to give shows around Spain. But, early, appear the idea of make an album together.

That one I bring for you today. That one I share with all of you. Album is a very unique album because have a mix between poetry, heavy metal, symphonic and pop. Result is very, very good. I like this album. Not for listening every day, but, time to time, when I want something different, with is own personality I listen this.

The lyrics are real good. It`s have truly poetry and feeling. Music accompanies with excellent hard rock riff and more rock and roll (in Platero y Tú way) makes this disc  deserve be in Garagelatino. So here I let you brothers. Open your ears and pay attention to verses in this one. See you fuckers, in a few days or when my mood wants.

So here i let you: Extrechinato y Tú. And meet revolutionary spanish poetry, dear.



Lhasa de Sela – La llorona (1997)

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La Llorona: Imperdible.

La Llorona: Imperdible.

Good night, friends. Today is falling the first cold here in my town. And, cause this; I woke up a little rare. With some strange and unfamiliar fell of joy, some indefinable sensation of happiness. So, I decided come here and share with you this moment. Well, for this occasion I chose Lhasa de Sela. Maybe, and if you, eventually, pass for here, shout know that not only sixtie`s garage I like, no. I like some different stuff. So, I said to myself: I have to share something  different, something especial for my friends, cause I want open their doors of perception – yes, like Jim said, you know, before pass away – and, with that purpose take one of the Wirti`s classical.  So here it is La llorona. One of the best and most beautiful albums I ever heard. It`s thru, I`m like Homer celebrating food when I speak about music. But honesty too, so I bring to you one very sophisticated record. Let me explain a little: Lhasa is an american –  mexican singer. She born in 1972, her father was a writer and Spanish teacher. One frijolero in USA.  Her mother was a photographer. If you are thinking, wow so she  grew up in an artist and very stimulating environment; you are right bro, cause it was like that. Imagine: at the age of thirteen she was singing in cafes, in San Francisco.  In ninety ninety-seven she moved to Montreal. Canada and, there she meet  Yves Desrosiers, a sensible and great guitar player. They recorded La llorona that same year. Lhasa was a rare case of excellence and popular phenomenon. Cause she made a beautiful music and classical at the time. Her entire work are only three  albumns: La llorona, The living road and Lhasa. She die in January the first of 2010. At the age of 37.

Lhasa (RIP)

Lhasa (RIP)

Only with three records she have an especially place in the music. The first, La llorona, is a delicious album singed in Spanish. Here she took a lot of folk music from Spanish and Latin-America. And not only that, she also used some verses of Lope de Vega for La Celestina. This is a wonderfull record man, I tell you, even knowing you like raw and dirty garage, I recommended to you this album. Cause it`s sad, dark but sweet a deep to. Here you are going to find an excellent guitarist and one of the best voices that ever have listen. Open your mind, free yourself and listen.

Before i go, i let you what critics said about this record:

En 1997, aparece la Llorona, primer álbum escrito, compuesto e interpretado por una desconocida joven llamada Lhasa. Algunos quizás consideraron este álbum una curiosidad, un exótico accidente. Escapando a cualquier definición el álbum evoca una América Latina, a la vez real e imaginaria, fruto de la memoria de una infancia itinerante, en el vaivén de los caminos de México y Estados Unidos. La música nos aparece como única y familiar, mezcla de rancheras y melopeas zíngaras, country y canciones populares, junto a textos profundamente íntimos, interpretados en español por una voz cálida y potente… …las canciones, teñidas por un romanticismo a la Emily Brontë, están llenas de humor, de inteligencia y de ironía, son directas, desconcertantes y apasionadas.

For understood and free minds only: Lhasa de Sela – La llorona.

Riff – Que sea rock (1997)

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Que sea Rock

Que sea Rock

No podía faltar, de ninguna manera podía faltar, el Carpo en este canchero blog de R`n`R y demases ¿No? Yo creo que no. Porque el Carpo recorrió todas las épocas, como Spinetta, Nebbia y Paz. No obstante el Carpo se fué así, de pronto. Todavía me acuerdo cuando pasó el accidente. Fue en la mañana. Yo estaba entrando al día. Apenas si calentaba unos mates y un poco de pan. Duro porque en casa se pone duro. Y encima lo vi en Crónica. Para los de acá, saben lo morboso y exagerados que son.  Entonces, de repente apareció el titular, letras amarillas sobre fondo rojo y esa melodía tan característica. Tan apropiada, la verdad; para resaltar lo perverso del cuadro: Murió Pappo. Así, en mayúscula. Un bajón la verdad. Sin embargo, ante lo inevitable; y de acuerdo a mis inclinaciones; me puse a feflexionar. Porque la verdad que es una tragedia que el tipo se había muerto; porque a mí me gustaba y me gusta mucho la música del Carpo. Es que paseó siempre en el R`n`R, el blues y R&B. Y a mí esos son los estilos que mas me elevan. Entonces de verdad me gustaba mucho. Mucho. Terrible, pensé que se muera. Pero después también me dije, la verdad el tipo siempre fue un rocker. Y ahora ya es una leyenda. Muere el hombre y nace el mito ¿right? Y en su ley. En la ley del rocker. Y el motoquero también. Poirque Pappo era un fierrero de corazón. Me acuerdo que fui a ver la presentación de este disco en Aloha. Dió un recital de la reputa madre. Aluciné esa noche con Riff. En su máximo esplendor y con casi toda su formación original: El Carpo a la guitarra y vos, Vitico en el bajo y voz, Peyronel en la bata; y, en la segunda guitarra, el man de Las Blacanblu. Al chabón lo habían puesto atrás. Además cada uno de los músicos tenía un foquito encima menos él. Y bueno, tal vez haya sido pura coincidencia. La cuestión es que la banda venía porque había una convención de motoqueros. De hecho el boliche estaba lleno de manes motoqueros, con sus camperitas de cuero y su aspecto robusto. Aunque bien caretas los de Argentina. Me pareció por el aspecto rudo acicalado. Además, tener ese hobbie acá es muy caro, asique no me digas que son unos callejeros. Porque no.



Entonces les contaba que los vi acá. Terrible recital que después nos regaló streptease que, según mis cófrades estuvo buenísimo. yo me lo perdí como un gran boludo que soy por borrachín. No alcanzan los días para reclamarme.

El disco que les traigo es del 97. Fué lo último que grabó Riff en estudio. Se juntaron para poder hacer el álbum porque lo que antes habían grabado no tenía el sonido que ellos buscaban. Porque la época imponía límites que no podían saldarse con puro corazón. Yo disiento un poco ahí, pero nosotros somos amantes del más puro sonido cavernícola. Entonces, manejamos otros parámetros. Sin embargo para los muchachos la banda no había cerrado el ciclo. Entonces en el 97 se volvieron a juntar y grabaron el, para mí; mejor disco de su historia. Bien potente, lleno de distorsión y mugre. Aunque, sin hacer mella en el potente rock que suena; de sonido nítido. Encima el trabajo de voces es magnífico. Pappo se mueve cómodo entre los registros melódicos más certeros y la gravedad más borracha que lo caracteriza. Por eso, al momento de elegir algo de Pappo para subirles; opté por este disco. Me parece un fiel representante del mejor Pappo. El que jugaba con el blues más clásico, más ortodoxo y el rock más potente, mas sucio y marginal. Característica esta que siempre lo mantuvo al margen del rock oficial.



Porque el tipo, y, hay que ser sinceros; siempre estuvo al margen. Pero muy a su pesar. Porque se sabía protagista. Y quería ese reconocimiento. Lo cual me parece absolutamente justo y real. Porque veía bandas, no siempre tan pedorras; que se habían formado a la sombra de él, bajo la clara influencia carpiana, ganaban más publicidad o, y tan patéticos somos; más reconocimiento popular que él. Entonces supongo le debe haber molestado. A mí también me molesta. Lo que pasa es que a nadie le inquieta demasiado lo que a mí me moleste. Bien. No me voy a poner autorreferencial. Aunque la autorepresentación siempre corroe mis textos. Es la verdad. Hace tiempo lo sé. bueno, les decía que el Carpo buscaba el reconocimiento popular. Pero no lo consiguió. Es más, hasta – y agradezco al salame de Iorio por haberle dado la idea – grabó un disco de versiones de temas dsuyos. Un disco que revisaba principalmente los temas de la primera época de Pappo`s Blues. Para hacer esa maravilla sonora lo hizo invitando a todas las bandas de l mainstream del momento. Así están Los Divididos, Almafuerte, Los Cadillacs, La Renga, ANIMAL, Viejas Locas y otros más. También invitó a otros no tan centrales pero legendarios y amigos: Alejandro Medina, Alambre Gonzales y La Missisippi. Es muy loco escuchar ese disco ahora porque indefectiblemente es un tributo. Un tributo de lo mejor que nunca se podrá hacer porque el hopmenajeado canta y toca con todos los homenajeadores. Bien. Pero no es Pappo & Amigos lo que hoy les traigo. No. Sino un disco imprescindible, también, en la audioteca del buen amante del Rock Argentino. Un Clásico: Riff – Que sea Rock!!!!!


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