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Electric Shit – Dowtown Blues (Ep)

Posted in Blues, Boogie, Electric Shit, Hard Rock, Rock with tags , , , , on 29 diciembre 2013 by wirtis

ImageHello my brothers, here i come again. ¡Twice in a day, wau Miguel, what in hells happen to you! I don`t know but I need to writte. I need it a lot, so here I`m again. With more music. This time with Electric Shit, a real shit band with a very raw and wild blues sound. The stuff I bring you today only is a single but is a piece of really rock brother. So you must to listen if you want to know about new forms in blues. Because blues is not only old stuff (I agree old stuff is really good, but, come on, you must to evolution brother) there are a lot of very good material in new blood. So take a time and listen this with your old woman brother. You are going to enjoy, I mind it. Well, I have to go now. A long night in loneliness is waiting for me. Here you have: Electric Shit – Downtown Blues. Enjoy, you sucker.


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