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The Siniestros – Campos de Satán (2009)

Posted in Argentina, sicodelia, The Siniestros on 30 diciembre 2009 by wirtis
The Siniestro directly fron argentinian`s grave!

The Siniestro directly fron argentinian`s grave!

Hello my dearest friends! This is the last day of the year, so Michael Wirtis is very sad because he was thinking and realize that his life is a shit. So, maybe you`re say: come on! Don`t be such a pussy Michael! Ok, ok, You´re right. I`m a litle, just a litle; soft. But i`m trying to change, i want to be a better person man, i want belong to R`n`R you know. So my first stept is bring to you  The Siniestro a real dirty and fuckin raw R`n`R Band man. If you don`t believe me you`re a crazy, man. But, but, i can understand you. I didn`t believe at very begin. Let me relate a funy tale about the way i meet The Siniestros:   Juan Blanco, my real good friend send me this album, he told me: Michael this band is amazing! Just listen them and tell me, said Juan. And i did like he told me. And i heard The Siniestro and Wau!!! (Wau y Los Arfff!!!) this band real kick ass man. One of the best disc born in this deadly 2009. Well, Thanks a lot Juan for this great band and i let for you The Siniestros!


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