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Carlos Gardel con acompañamiento de Guitarras – Antología wirtiana (Raw)

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front-1-copyI like a lot Tango. There are many things to get me closet to it. When I was a was much more younger than yesterday, once, I heard La cumparsita by Julio Sosa. That was the first contact with tango. The sad lyrics makes me cry and makes me feel argentinean too. One day my grandfather introduce me with Carlos Gardel and nothing were the same since that. I began to search Gardel`s life and work. I found an artist formed at the beginning of xx century in the street. Gardel, far away from the typically tale, was a street boy formed at the shadows of underground people, where mud is dirty and sad. He walk the same world that killers gang from the street and the first argentinean psyco: El petiso orejudo. Was another time, another world. However, listen Gardel or the music of other latitudes you, literally speak with the past, with another world. That fact, boy, makes you free because you can see that world were and will be, we are only a moment, a few second in the time.

Gardel is and will always be the voice of tango, not only for his dark and tragically history, also for his extraordinary way of sing. I have heard and I hear a lot of tango man, from all the times. But not even one is like Gardel. Poetry and streets, that’s the Gardel I show you in this comp I made for you, brothers. Embrace it: Gardel con acompañamiento de Guitars.

Carlos Gardel – Antología Wirtiana

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frontHello my brothers, today i bring you something from my people, from my culture: Carlos Gardel. Yes, he is the biggest icon about to be argentinean, especially porteño means. So it interesting to bring him, here. However I’m not sharing this with you because he is argentinean or reflex me culture, no. I`m sharing this record with all of you for two reason: one because this is a comp a made with my Gardel`s favorite’s and second, because tonight, in my column  in Aculturados I was speaking about how tango made natural the prejudice with women, how tango made common prejudice with women.

However tango isn`t the only genre that make prejudice. No my friends, we can find ideas like that in all kind of music. But especially in music thought for be defunded in radio. Commercial music, brothers, that fucking shit radios plays every time.

Well, I let you this one. A Wirti`s selected for you beautiful girl: Carlos Gardel.


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