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Comfuzztible (2007)

Posted in 2007, Beat, Comfuzztible, Garage, Perú, Punk, R&B, Rock, sicodelia, Surf on 13 febrero 2011 by wirtis

Be carefully with this band: they have a fuzz and, sure, they know how to used!!!! Yes sir!! Hello mis bróders, here come again, yes, because music alway bring pleasure to me, and, you know: I share everything with my brothers; especially stuff like this: Comfuzztible. I know, you probably have heard this band. But, I believe that Garagelatino is a big library, where you can find many bands. Can`t say every band because we can spend our whole life looking, listening and up loading bandas. But never will finish: music is immortal, forever, cause is art. And aret never end. I give a damn if Confuzztible isn`t a news for you, I thing they decerve be here, in this cave of rock. They sound vintage, psichedelic and raw, what more you can ask? Eh? Nothing. Ok, i`m not here for fight, excuse me friends, last days have been difficult. And, like used to: take revenge with my people. Horrible habit, terrible too. Apologies. Well, for the ones who didn`t hearth Comfuzztible, I narrate you: they are one of thefinest garage revival in Perú, and in latin America too. But, and being extremely subjective; I prefer this, their first album, but I only have listen Fuzzpropano also this record. Here, they made two covers: Cementerio, from Los Saicos and Stone, from Los Texao, wau!

Anyway, i`ll share Fuzzpropano with you, mis bróders, some day. Well, was telling you that Comfuzztible was excellent, and is true. Because they have made a deep work of reconstruction in order to make their music. This guys looked, founded a bought music instrument originally from the sixties and the results, Wirtis? You ask, and answer: great!!! I`n not liying, they have one of the best sounds that I have hear. Very recommended this one. I let you her some links, so you can listen and make up your decision:

And, of course, here you have the link for downloading this great album of R`n`R a la Peruvian way! Yes: Comfuzztible, and not tell Wirtis didn`t warnyou!! Bye bróders, we`ll see in next post.


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