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VA – African Scream Contest Raw And Psychedelic Afro Sounds From Benin And Togo 70’s

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Good nights my friends. Here i come with this beautiful gem: VA – African Scream Contest Raw And Psychedelic Afro Sounds From Benin And Togo 70’s. Ah, what a placer I felt when I discover this disk. Cause is very rare to find music from countries so far like Togo and Benin. I tell you, and I’m going be totally honestly with you: I even have listen about this countries before. So it was a nice surprise find this record, cause make me know about new geography, new people, new culture and new music; of course. And is real good music. Let me speak about this record: Is a compilation from groove, beat and raw music from the seventies. Here you are going to find a pair of excellent song who with powerful rhythms and raw voices. But the most interesting sing in this album, at least for me, is language. Why? I hear you ask bró, and answer you: cause most of the tracks are singings in native language. The rest are in English or French. But, personally, I prefer in native language one`s. They take me to Benin and Tongo. And fly with them, smoking a joint, sniffing a line with my very specially friends from Togo. Maybe some of these musicians are already death. That`s true. But doesn`t care to me this fact, cause music is recorded, and is forever man.

So, we can always share a moment with this guys, the same feeling I have with raw and dirty garage, that music we love so much; cause we only have to turn on our disc player, turn off the lights – or, if you are afraid of the dark close your eyes -, put light on our happy joints and listen. And, in that moment, magic is going to happen – if you still have your ability to fly (come fly with us bró!) – cause you`re going to travel in time, and visit that losers boys forgotten for the time. When I was writing those words you just have to read, I thought: “Wirtis, you really live in another world, man. You aren`t in 21th century, like everybody; why? – I asked my self – cause you never see new cinema, you never hear the news, you never read the daily and, obviously, never, and I men never hear new music. You live in another world, Miguel – continue saying my consciousness – and nothing good wait people from a person like you. Because you always criticizing everything. That’s not true, I said to myself. Don`t be such a pussy ass, Miguel, argue my consciences; you are in war with world, but, don`t misunderstand me Miguel: I’m not against you, no, I like the way you are, at list, we are one person, and we are not crazy Miguel, don’t` be afraid of my, cause I’m you. You`re right, consciences, you`re right. And though, then, that`s true, I live in another world. And in my world music is garage, and dirty and raw music from anywhere around the world. In Wirti`s world everybody can live in order to follow his/her heart. Looking for happiness. That is way, in Wirty`s place we offered a lot of music, a lot of different cultures, cause want to make a rebellion – but without guns or violence, that stink – in your head, and in your souls, and start a fight against fucking system, and everybody who still our time with slaves works” Here you have the facts friends, here you have true about Wirti`s mission.

So, you choose, you can be free. Only have to want to. Ok, I’m going now. Cause I have to read and learn about origami. Yes, I’m always learning something new, and, when I have learned how to make a crane I will teach you. Kisses for everybody and, especially, for you, outside women who give me the blue. Here you have bró: VA – African Scream Contest Raw And Psychedelic Afro Sounds From Benin And Togo 70’s


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