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Radio Birdman – Essential (1974 – 1978)

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frontHello you fucking losers, today i bring you one of the best band from Australia, Radio Birdman. Did you know about this guys?

Let me tell you their history: they appear in 1974 after The Rats broke up. Radio Birdman haven`t much popularity in their time. They couldn`t give much shows because they have very bad fame between people. Everybody says their shows were very raw and violent. And that people were telling the truth. So, in 1978 they broke up.

Few years later, in 1980, Australian music get famous around the world, especially with AC/DC, so the critics went to see Australian`s rock and roll history and found this band Radio Birdman and they found to that they were the pioneers of punk rock and raw rock and roll in Australia. Since that time Radio Birdman is considerate one of most important band from Australian music.

They only record one album. All the rest is compilations. Yes, like the Sex Pistols. But Radio Birdman weren`t an invent from a soul seller, they were real and punks, real punks. So here I let you this gem, enjoy it friends. Radio Birdman.




The Cruel Sea – Three legged dog (1994)

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Cruel-Sea-Three-Legged-Dog-1Hello my friends. Long time since i was here. But Wirtis is always coming back, never doubt I will back, one night, one morning – after been sniffing with my band mates – with more and more rock and roll.

Today I bring you an old fox of this blog: Tex Perkins. Maybe you remember him for his work in that great, dirty and fucking raw band of rock and roll that are The Beast of Bourbon. But today I bring you an alternative project of this guy – actually it wasn`t his project because The Cruel Sea was an instrumental band to had published two albums before Perkins join them – in another genre.

Before I explain what genre make The Cruel Sea, let me tell you one thing: I respect very much that artist that have attitude and reinvent his self when make a new project. Guy like Mike Patton, L.A. Spinetta or Juan Pablo Fernández has all my love. And, in the same line this guy I bring you today: Tex Perkins.

Well, with The Cruel Sea, Perkins plays a power pop that break every good looking band that pretend to make rock. Yea. Let me explain better: The Cruel Sea make a pop wit power, raw and attitude. Maybe is for the deep and dunked voice of Perkins, maybe is for the distortion that the band put in little but exactly quotes, I don`t know but they sound like heaven.

This record is the third one in band`s carrier. This one with “The honeymoon is over” are the perfect pair of this band. It`s very recommended. Hear this beautiful pearl before the link fall down. Here you have brothers: The Cruel Sea.

The Beast of Bourbon – Sour mash (1988)

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The Beasts of Bourbon was a band born in the early eighties. Appear in Australian suburbs, from the dark of night and rest of dope. The band become quickly in a main number in Australian underground music scene. Almost their always has been a marginal project for the members: All of them have other bands.

Beasts of Bourbon were formed, in this record, by Tex Perkins (lead vocals and one those has been in all formations), Spencer Jones (guitar and formed member of all formation of the band), Kim Salmon (guitar), Boris Sujdovic (bass) and James Baker.

The music is dark, sad and whisky tasted. Yes brothers this band made truly outside rock and roll. Like all music you can find here, cause you know friend: Wirtis only share marginal ones. Not commercial music that it`s full of shit and commons places. Of course, you can tell me that said a thing like that is wrong in itself because call art this or that is a subjective act. The way I see an art object it`s only mine. Other people can see different from me (I know you thing that something like that is impossible, but could be happens)  and think Wirtis is a poor loser boy. And maybe they are right. More if I say that I have been feeling like that since some time ago. Yes brothers, Wirtis is sad because he feel that is a failure, a fucking looser for say it like it is.

My life is going under since I fail some project that I want to specify. So, like always when I feel everything is a shit (especially me), I began to search in my music library some music that get me away from reality. And this time a found (recover saying better) The Beats of Bourbon. I was forget how good was this band. I have forget how raw, dirty and deep is Perkin`s poetry. And I was forget (¡oh forgive me Tex!) how good musicians were they.  Because every one of Beast of Bourbon`s disc is a master piece of rock and roll. They are a mix between Nick Cave and AC/DC. Yes brother. If you are looking for good and deep rock and roll this is your band: The Beast of Bourbon. This is their second album. From 1988: “Sour mash”


Beasts of Bourbon – The Low Road (1991)

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Beasts of Bourbon

Beasts of Bourbon

Las bestias del Bourbon. Y hacen honor a esta bebida. Aclaro para los que, como yo, no saben qué es el bourbon. Es el whisky americano. Ahora bien, lo único que emparenta a estos muchachos con lo americano es el gusto por el whisky. Las bestias son oriundos de Australia. Cuna de bandas como los ineludibles AC/DC, The Birthday Party, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds y otras bellezas. Ahora bien, la música que he escuchado de los australianos tiene como denominador común cieta aspereza y melancolía. Hasta en AC/DC lo he creido encontrar. Los Beasts tienen cierta reminicencia R`n`R y salvaje que los emparenta con los mejores Rollings – los de Jones, para Wirtis – pero también con una oscuridad y melancolía que los hermana con Nick Cave. De hecho , a mí el timbre de voz, me suena muy parecido al de Cave. Pero no quiero determinar visiones en Uds , mis amigos. No. Porque Los Beasts of Bourbon son una banda única. Dueños de una lírica sucia, callejera y cotidiana. La banda nunca alcanzó gran popularidad. Eran intermitentes. Sólo se han mantenido desde siempre Tex Perkins y Spencer P. Jones.  Lo que pasa es que la banda, según cuentan, es una excusa para juntarse, nada más.

I can`t say no

I can`t say no

Bien, el disco de hoy es el tercero de la banda. Yo descubrí a esta banda mucho después de esos años. Los encontre en la web, ya entrado el milenio. Y me impresionaron, desde que los escuche me llevé una gran satisfacción. Así éste es uno de los albums que vuelven a sonar en la casa garagera. Que también gusta del R`n`R más crudo y alternativo que escuché. Porque ahora, recordando que enesa época, el 91, Wirtis era un adolescente fascinado por los últimos G`n`R y los legendarios Nirvana. Y no es que vaya a renegar de esa música, por supuesto que no. Wirtis recuerda de dónde viene, quién es. Pero ver que esto se estaba haciendo en le mismo momento me resulta totalmente lógico y entendible. Sí. Porque tiene un aire y personalidad bien a lo Cave, pero también sobrevuela un cierto aire alternativo, noventoso en el album. The Low Road, la ruta baja. Y es un verdadero descenso del alma. Por supuesto que estas son las ampliamente reprochables opiniones de Wirtis. Que a falta de precisión, de conocimiento conceptual no puede explicar. Pero no importa, porque así no influyo el albedrío de mis compañeros.  Bueno, un disco excelente:

Beasts of Bourbon – The Low Road


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