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The Broken Toys – Sobre tu cadáver (2013)

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TapaHello my beautiful friends, here i am again, once more. With rock and roll, like I always do. Because I love this place – I mind: this blog and the other one – here I can speak like I want it to do it, here is my place.

Today I bring you a great band, one of the best that is playing now in this ugly Argentina where the fascist are in the government but where we are resisting their abuses. The band is The Broken Toys. Maybe you have hear about them, but if don`t, I tell you a few thing: they are from Santa Fe, the play a great mix between fifty R`n´R, rockabilly, beat and swing. Yes, they are a kick in the ass, but a good one because The Broken Toys don`t sound like they were from EEUU, no my friend, the best thing in this band is that they sound very argentinean because their lyrics are very argentinean. And, I can`t let you go without tell you that their vocalist is a great musician, he sound like a frontman from LA Renga but better for me. So this is a record you can`t miss it.

Let me tell you two thing: first one, this kind of music is not commercial so, if you don`t dowload this record right now you will miss it forever because the link will expire in a couple of days. The second one is that this music, this excellent band, have to be supported by people because if not, they will disappear like a lot of real great band that get lost because radio don`t play their music. But the solution is transmitted by internet. So here I let you this great record, enjoy it. The Broken Toys.


The Cramps – Flamejob (1994)

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Good night brothers. Today i bring you something classic, something you have to know if you are a really rock and roll fan. Yes, you sucker, today I bring you The Cramps ¿Have you listen this band, boy?

ImagenOk, I’ll tell you a little about The Cramps. The history began in 1972, in Sacramento (California) when Poison Ivy (Kristy Wallace) meets Lux Interior (Erick Purkhiser). They were two kids fascinated by obscure 50 noise rock and roll and free mind theory’s. So they found their selves in University, in “Art and shamanism” business.

Early they were playing and sharing music. Poison Ivy began to play guitar and Lux Interior to sing. From the beginning they were different to any other band, because they sound dirty and raw, always imitating old band sounds. In fact, brother, you can even imagine garage revival or psycobilly without The Cramps. So important is their function in rock and roll history. Of course, in underground history, but that`s why The Cramps are here and never is going be here shit like Tan Biónica ¿Right?

Well, is not my intention to make a long declaration of knowledge here, no brother. My intention is explain   to you what is what I’m sharing and what is it part in music. This record, Flamejob is the first (and I’m not pretty sure but I thing is the only too) album made for a multinational company: Warner. Yes, so high they arrive but, like always, their sound was so nasty, so god dam dirty that company fired them. So they send Warner to hell and made their own studio. There, they recorded a few disc more.

In 2009 Lux Interior passes away at the age of 62. The rest is history. So here I let you this one, a very, very good album, full of raw and dirty music. Enjoy Flamejob by The Cramps. And enjoy Andre Willians too.


VA – Mondo Zombi Boogaloo (2013)

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Hello my brothers, here i come again. Maybe is because I’m running away from real responsibilities, maybe because I don`t want to face the truth, I don`t know but I spending all my free time posting here ¿Have you notice, dear? I have it, so I put myself thinking very hard in it.

coverLong days pass doing this. Also I was ill brothers. Yes, illness took myself and launched me in hell. First with a pain full stomachache and after, when I was beginning to eat normally, a very strong flu took me. ¡A shit, Miguel, what fucking looser! I thought myself. And is not too much to say it, brothers, because I spend in diet a real yummy food and that was hard, very hard for me because I’m a glutton boy. I know, that`s way I get ill in first time but, what can I do? I can`t quick eating. However I can control myself and could spend whiteouts eat.

In order to get confused my mind I went to my pc looking something get me out of here, something give me a different point of view. And that`s when I found this record I offer toy you today.

One of the many good things in this album is that there were recorded by Los Straitjackets, The Fleshtones and Southern Culture on The Skids. Each band have pick up one song refer at Halloween topic. The special songs for me are all but is great the version of Monster Mash in Spanish played by tree bands. However this album is a trip for many genres because you have rock and roll, garage, western, Mexican, fuzz, rockabilly and plenty more rhythms.

There are in album too, a very good version of Ghostbuster (yes sucker, the main theme of movie), an excellent cover of The Deadly One (A great surf piece master here in this blog too, take a look around) a cover from main theme in Frankenstein and many, many more shit brothers. A great album is this one and an excellent piece of rock and roll. Ideal for get the fuck out all the illness that took my self yea, with that and cocaine all pain is going to disappear, I know. So here you have: VA – Mondo Zombie Boogaloo 

Los Muertos Vivientes – En nombre del surf y de la lucha del espíritu santo… amén!! (2008)

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Hello my brothers from the garage, today I come with a great and fantastic band that like me very, pero very much. Yes, yes. I tell you how I find this beautiful band. But, firs – because everything has a beginning – I’m going to introduce you Los Muertos Vivientes, a fantastic band from…. Brazil!!! Yes, either can believe it when I find out their country. Because they sound, bah, no exactly “sound” cause music depend on the band, and every band are unique ¿don`t you think, bro? But when I discover Los Muertos Vivientes I thought: “Oh!! Another Mexican`s band.  A surf`s one. ¡¡Excellent Miguel!! Another for the collection”  And every little detail show me that they were from Mexico. For example,  the entire art work shows pics from Mexican`s people, Mexican fighters, the Mexican flag and, like that details weren’t much; they sing their songs in Spanish. Oh, what a fuck.. you give me a headache man, a big one; tell you.  Cause, for a long time, when spend my time listen and dancing and fucking Emma`s pussy with Los Muertos Vivientes; I thought wau!!! What a lot of dirty, raw and savage rock Mexican people have, man, sure there are finest musician like all Mexican`s bands I have heard in my life. Like Los Ovnis, for example, or Los Belmonts or – how can I forget??!! – Los Locos del Ritmo or, and coming more close in time; Las Supersónicas or Los Explosivos – I really don`t know if they are from Mexico, but, doesn`t matter ¿no? Like I was telling, I had been sure about the origin country of Los Muertos Vivientes. But, one day – that day was this afternoon, for tell you the truths, when I was thinking what new, raw and savage new material can I offered to my wonderful friend from the web, I thought: “of course Wirtisa, Los Muertos Vivientes are the best choice, they have everything you need and more man” So, I decide to put it here. Like always do, I began to investigate  about them. First take a look in the Mexican`s R`n`R blog`s but nothing found there. And nothing found either when I was looking in Spanish pages. I get real mad when things doesn`t work out like I want, real, real mad. So, before crash mi computer and broke some glasses in my house – thank god!! – I found a Brazilian page when they speak about Los Muertos Vivientes. Was there were I found out That this savage guy are from Brazil.

Wau!! Said, because I can`t believe it, they look like anything except Brazilian band. Maybe I’m a complicated kid, I know, cause we can`t judge a book just by its pictures. You are right. And apologies myself because give me shame be so stupid. I see now how stupid have been speaking about music and countries and stuff without  have been made a seriously search.

Well, don’t want boring you with my superficially talk. I just want to let you this great, savage, raw and incredible – this remains me that I going to up load Os Incriveis to, so: be prepare friend!!! – Brazilian band and tell you: don`t judge people, don`t judge Wirtis, just accept his many, many imperfections, cause he is a human being, like you, like my, like everybody. Well. I suppose you are thinking: what a stupid boy this Wirtis. And you are right. But my English’s teacher tell me every day: you have to practice Miguel, cause you speak like shit. He is right. Does not matter. Here I let you this precious band: Os Muertos Vivientes: be carefully, they will eat your brain, yes!!!

Bye, bye, my friends.


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