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34 Puñaladas – De la bolsa al ruedo (2012)

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600x60034 Puñaladas (Stabbing) is an Argentinean band. They  play milongas, tangos and more stuff. Always framing in sad ambient. They are a four guitarist and frontman. At the very beginning couldn`t understand this band so easily. Sound me very strange guitars with voice. So 34 Puñaladas sleep for a while in my computer. But one day, one night went to see this boys. Cause they were playing here, in dirty Mendoza; so went Emma and I. The place was a very important cultural center from here in dusty Mendoza. So the place is great a piece master of architecture. And there are making a lot of cultural show at cheapest price of two tickets by preserves.   Ok, doesn`t matter all this shit, the thing is that we went and they showed an excellent play. With poetry and raw, very raw like I love music. So, when we went out we bought some disc and the dvd. This last stuff consists in a dvd and cd recorded live.  And this beautiful cd is what I bring to you, brothers. A great album that shows  the strong of 34 Puñaladas in scene. Also this is a cover`s album. They walk through their music`s preference doing excellent version. The best for me (maybe cause the original mean so much for me) is “Red rooster, black rooster”, originally by La Pequeña Orquesta Reincidentes. Well my fuckers, I going to leave now. I have fried my brain for a few hours writing this. So here you have, enjoy: 34 Puñaladas!!!


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