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Orbis Tertius – Pulsador (2012)

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cover Good afternoons my friends here I come again with more rock and roll and savage things. Today I bring you a great band: Orbis Tertius. Once I share this band with you, so isn`t a new thing in the blog but is the latest album, named “Pulsador”, from this incredible band from here, my city: Mendoza. Well I have already introduce you this band so I`m going to speak about the album.  Here you are going to find good rock and roll in alternative mood. The album opens with “day of sun”, a great song with sweet ambient and beautiful melody. Following come “freak” a beautiful song that represent me, so I like it a lot that song. Later come a nice song, in lovely plan “Ode to your face”. Great songs for you sing in the ear of your old lady. “Cristo es un loop” is a new version of an old song that does appear in the first album. Great too. Especially the chorus part. Gone that arrive the main song of the album (I thing that because is named like the disc) “Pulsador”, a great song with a great guitar and excellent details. “Today is today” continue with sweet ambient and relax melodies. Then come the best song (for me) in album: “light boy”. The lyrics is excellent, the message is about fight and dream. A high point in “Pulsador”.  After arrive “A key”, beautiful song about hopes. Then another master piece: “The brothel street”, excellent song with great noises and better melody with a very good bass line. This song is sexy and hot, great for play in love nights. Then sound “Part of me” another beautiful song about love and to share life together. After that arrive “The penalty will go”. A great song with distortion and savage guitar. At the end arrive “Live”, a nicest ballad for close this excellent album. Very recommended this one friends. Not only because is real underground rock and roll but also because here you are going to find three excellent musicians, especially the voice work is perfect. I thing this guys be living another life if not born here. Well, here I let you this gem. Downloaded brothers and appreciate good music: Orbis Tertius – Pulsador.

Orbis Tertius – Reset (2001)

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Hello my wirtianos brothers! Here I come again. Yes, once more time. Cause, for me, make this blogs without any reward, with no support it`s difficult, tell you brother. Life stinks, every day you will find motherfuckers bulling you for nothing. Out there, in the streets, when you are a worker (no a miracle worker, of course) you`ll have to support your boss, breaking your balls because he fell like shit (he don`t love, don`t fuck and don`t live) and want to spit his shit in you. Oh, what great fell of hate wake up in you ¿don`t you thing, boy? Life has another way to bulling us: giving you a heavy noisy wife, that yell every day and night. Yes, there are a thousand of ways to ruin your life.
For example, imagine that you have a great band, a rock and roll band. And you sound like hell, I mind, you play like god. And have a real talent with music. Make your own music, create your own image and record your own long play. And all the things you have made with the band are real good, real valuable. But (cause, you already have to know: always are one but) you and your mates were born in a small and antisocial village like Mendoza, my town; and nobody care about you, your band and your music. And, because if you have been given birth right here in Mendoza you must to learned; the only chance you have for be happy living of what you like to do for live, is trying again, and again, and again. Because is not going to be any door open for you.
So, today I bring you a band that suffered the ugly lucky to born here, in Mendoza city. Yes, because today I present you my paisanos: Orbis Tertius. A wonderful band that plays a heavy post grunge, alternative rock and roll and trip hop sound. Yes!! I`m love spread bands from my country. In a few days since now i`ll bring you Ultramandaco and Houdini and Los Amigos de Kirchner. Today are speaking about Orbis Tertius. One of the finest band that rise here in Mendoza. Maybe, if they were live in another state, they could be famous. But, what can I say, life is this: a bottle of shit where you have a position and, if you are down, things get difficulty.  Ok, here I let you this beautiful Ep, embrace it cause is a son of the desert. Take it: Orbis Tertius. I let you too one video from Orbis Tertiu`s lead singer that is the soundtrack from the motion picture Road July. An excellent pictures filmed, acted and wrote here, in fucking Mendoza. Yes sir!!!!! Once, Mendoza was the argentinan Hollywood. Maybe you don`t believe me, but you just have to search and information is there. Right, I have to go now. Maybe I’ll back with a magnificent various from Salta country. Here you have the music, the words and the videos. Bye.



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