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Reincidentes – Nuestros años felices (1996)

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Reincidentes ()

Dice Wirtis que está triste. Melancólico

con el alma cautiva.

Que añora un mirar,

que fue por penar que dejó esas manos.

Dice Wirtis que los brazos siguen así,

combados y tensos porque la abrazó.

Dice también que la piensa

la sueña

y la siente celeste para irse más allá,

tras el rastro a caminar.

Dice Wirtis que se confunde porque añora un pedazo de cielo.

Que cómo se le ocurrió elevar los ojos del piso

lejos del barro donde deben estar.

Dice Wirtis que se siente vencido,

que las manos le duelen de apretar los puños,

de sostener la calma

y sangrar preguntando:

¿Qué hago yo con toda esta tristeza?

Dice Wirtis que la elocuencia es poca

que el arte no alcanza

cuando el alma añora y no hay mañana.

Dice Wirtis que deja el segundo de los Reincidentes.

Que hoy prefiere escucharlos solo, en su habitación.

Carca – A un millón de años blues (1996)

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aunmillondeanosblues.1Hello you fuck losers! Here I come before Christmas with a little of rock and roll. Yes! I want to be in your dinner tonight. So I decided bring you some rock. This time I chose a great and dark album: A un millón de años blues from Carca. I don`t knows if you have listened this tall man, but, if you don`t I think this is a perfect album to start. Let me tell you about this boy. He appears in early nineties like frontman of Tía Newton a rock and roll band in the same line of the movement know it like “Nuevo rock argentino”. In this wave appear groups like Los Brujos, Peligrosos Gorriones, Los Visitantes, Martes Menta, Tintoreros and Babasónicos. Tía Newton haven´t such a succes like others band, so they break up their group. And Carca, the main mind in band decided continue alone, like soloist. He didn`t bad at all: publish three records (as I know) in a real good line and with different esthetic proposes. Here I bring you the second one, published in 1996. Here the musician makes a dark album, loaded with deep lyrics and heavy guitars.  For me is an excellent album that represent a moment of break in my country. Also this album can be compared with legendary “Biblia” from Vox Dei but in the opposite side because is a hell travel in the deepest of torture soul.

So, like you see brothers I bring you something dark at the end of the year. This has been a fucking bad year for me and my people. I`m glad to see it go and never come back. That`s why I bring you sad music, with plaintive lyrics and raw. Maybe, if my will let me i`ll bring you something more for the New Year night. But I don`t know. Today I let you this. I hope you enjoy and listen this beautiful gem from Argentina, country of inequalities and break it dreams. Enjoy brother, life is too short and you`ll be here forever. Listen and enjoy: CarcaA un millón de años blues.

By suckers, i see you in the other blog, in the other side one of these days.

Samael – Passage (1996)

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Hello my wirtianos brothers. Here i come again. This time with Samael. I don`t know if you have listened this guys. They are a real god band of black metal. Maybe you aren`t acquainted with the genre. In any case this is an excellent album to meet black metal. Al list it was for me. I heard Samael long time ago, in 1996. At the time I was rocking with Todos Tus Muertos , Babasónicos And Los Brujos. Absolutelu far from Samael ¿No? Yes, very far. But, and that time I was  starting to smoke pops and, because of this, I was starting to join again with who now a days  is a very close friend. I remember we use to smoke and put music very high. You know my friend: i`m an open mind man. So, one day, when my friend told me: Hey Miguel take a listen to this! And play Samael at the top of volume. Wau said to myself, what a good band. So I borrowed the disc to my friend and wen home.

There I found a real good band. At the beginning it was difficult for me understand the music because I wasn`t use to voice so deep and torn. But, during the disc my ears became accustomed  and said hey bro, this band rock on!!

So for a time I was listen band of black metal and, of course, they face most sad and depressing:  doom.  Now a days I don`t use to listen this kind of music.  However,  there are a punch of band and disc that stills remains in my mp3.  Hypocrysy, Tiamat, Lacrimosa and Samael. Especially for this album: an excellent mix between black metal and tecno. I think Passage is hinge in rock and roll music. So: give it a chance, don`t be a socket head.

Here you have: Samael  “Passage”.

And some videos, of course you voltron.

Check it alive:


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