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Barrance Whitfield & The Savages – Savage kings

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Hello my wirtianos brothers, here i come again. Once more, like always bring the best rock and roll and dirty sounds in the web.

SavageKings_coverToday I bring Barrance Withfield and the Savage. These boys began in late seventies like a funk and rock and roll band.

The history told that Barrance, one day after school when he was looking some dop and some girl to walk with him; came to a music store. Inside there was a very old man, a very ugly too. Once inside, Barrance  said: “hey man, where is the bar, show me to the bar” And the old man answer “you are far away from home boy, I’ll open an account here”  Barrance said “Allright, but give me your best whisky, bartender” The boy answer ”This is not a bar, you dick head, let me show you” And the bartender put some music, an old obscure band of R&B. Barrance get his mind out when ear such a dirty sound. “So savage, so heavy, truly heave” Said the Barrance.

After that he bougt a lot of disc in that market and run to show his band mates. The boys heard what Barrance brought and feel like him.  Soon they find their own sound and began to play louder and raw. Here you have my brother, a very good one: Barrance Witfield and The Savages.


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