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Blackmore’s Night – Shadow Of The Moon (1997)

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Hello my friends. Here i come again. Once more for bring you some justice…. ¡Ja,ja! Got you mother fucker. It`s just a trick, Wirtis doesn`t become in a police man. Doesn`t matter how he`s look like ¿Right? The only thing that really matters is what we do, because aren`t words who defined us, are our acts who speaks about us.

????????????????????Well, before I’m going down to hell I want to share with all of you a little bit of music. This time I bring something appropriated – if you let me say – because the ambient remind medieval times, when magicians and witches where in every place. Thanks god he (yes, I mind HE) comes with truths and light and save all of us. So with christianity ended darkness. Or come darkness, I don`t know. And I don`t care because I come here only to speak about music and art. That`s what really matters in life, brother. And girls too are important, of course. In this days in very in love with a beautiful little girl who name like the sky and looks like hell but I’m too fucking old, I’m too fucking committed in a relationship and she have no idea about me and my way of feel. Or maybe she has it, because I have tell her a lot stupidities trying to looks like a clever and sexy guy. The reality is that I’m a fucking looser who doesn`t set in my ways.  So I spend my days thinking about an impossible love, about an impossible future with a woman who is clever, beautiful and young (¡Oh! So much young than me, bró). All that stuff, maybe you are thinking right now aren`t important when love is around ¿Right? But things, in real life brother, aren`t so easy, because Wirtis is now in another moment of his life, Wirtis is thinking in form a family, in let out drugs (specially cocaine that is ruining me) and become in a grow up and seriously person. And this little girl is beginning university, she is meeting a lot of interesting and fun people; summarizing, she is in a different moment than me brothers. So, in the hypothetical case that she looks at me (¡Oh glory day!), she only going to find an old man who is too much in his ways. That`s fact brothers, there you have my truth. So I’m too much in sadness. I`m living in a hell of continuously yearn. Ok, let`s continuous with what we come to do here: share music.

However the facts are that Blackmore`s Night sound like a medieval witch with a care full guitarist. And the reality is similar to that because here play Ritchie Blackmore (¿You didn`t realized until now, looser?) and we all know the guy is a fucking hysterical maniac who thing live in older times, when catholicism domains (sound like today this idea…) and people died in the street whiteout careless or love (still sound like today, fuck).

Ok, I’m not going to continue with comparisons, I only want to say this record is a beautiful piece of melodically music, with great melodies and better voices. The girl (because is a chic who sing here) use her voice to give that epic sound to Blackmoore`s Night. Well you sucker, another one for your collection. Another one for free, like always likes to do. Far away from mainstream, close to everyone who loves art. Here you have brother: Blackmoore`s Nights.


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