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The Rolling Stones – Five by Five (1964)

Posted in 1964, Blues, R&B, Rock, The Rolling Stones, UK on 26 mayo 2010 by wirtis
The Rolling Stones in 1964.

The Rolling Stones in 1964.

Bueno días my friends! Here i come with  classical Ep: 5 by 5. This album was released in 1964. Here is the great – at list for me – version of Confessing the blues. Magnífica. Great. There only versions in this one, but, i thinks this is the best age of The Rollings Stones. Because in this time they love R&B anc classical blues. And they have, in their line up,  Brian Jones. He is the responsable for the first rolling stone`s sound. And its sad his death, because The Rolling, never have again, another multiplayer like Jones. And, for me, he was – and still, because, for me; The Rolling only are in the sixties – the image of the band. Jones was R`n`R!!! Yes sir.  Well, i have to leave you boys, but the time will fix this, because, when all where dead, when all of us be only a forgotten pic, the young and rebels will listen The sixties Rollings and they are going to think just like us.

Well, mis panitas, enjoy: The Rolling Stones!!!!


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