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Mendo Mundo – Ep (2013)

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Hello my brothers, here i come again. I come with more music, with more rock and raw noises. Today I bring you Tapasomething different (like always), a real good band from my home: Mendoza. In fact the group called Mendo Mundo. Yes suckers because this boys live here, down in the streets of Mendoza, full of dirt, loneliness and without hope and they see that my brothers so they sing about that. What the fucking else you can do??? Nothing more or nothing better, that for sore.  

I tell you: I know little more than nothing about hip hop movement in Mendoza. But, a few days I was looking for hip hop musicians because I`m want invite some of them for an event (in La Feria del Libro from Mendoza 2013, man!!) and have to looking for some of them. That`s why I found this boys: Mendo Mundo. And they pass me their Ep (this one you can download from here, bro) and I found a real good band, with talent and swing.

I tell you do verse it`s a real art, not anyone can do it with rhythm like this boy do it. It`s a very recommendable band Mendo Mundo brother. Take a real listen because they speak about my home, Mendoza. Here I let you brother, if you want to know how underground scene here is in Mendoza, if you want to meet the look of street you have to listen Mendo Mundo.    


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