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Los Flippers – Sicodelicias (1967)

Posted in 1967, Colombia, Los Flippers, Rock, sicodelia on 21 octubre 2009 by wirtis
A real sicodelian trip

A real sicodelian trip

Great disc of The Flippers. This guys are from  Colombia, they started with the band middle sixties and they were in R`n`R deal until middle seventies. Well, for my this record is one of the best. Maybe you want to now why, no? Well, my friend, i tell you here you`re going to hear a nicest garage with a good dosis of raw, but, also, you`re find very beautiful lentos, just for make love to your old lady! Los Flippers!!

Arturo Astudillo: Guitarra y voz
Carlos Martinez : Bajo
Ferdy Fernandez: Guitarra y voz

Guillermo Acevedo : Bateria


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