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Iorio & Flavio – Peso argento (1997)

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Hello my lovely friends. Today I bring you a great record by two excellent musicians: “Peso argento” by Iorio & Flavio. Great record published in late nineties, in 1997 for be correct. This is a different album from what we were used to in that time with this guys. Iorio already had been made foldersome stuff like this but not so radical like in this album.

Well like I said it was ninety seven Flavio just broke up with Los Fabulosos Cadillacs and Iorio were living his moment of major glory with Alamfuerte. He was finding the way: make some heavy rocks and some cool song but, of course Iorio is nationalist guy who don`t accept nothing different, so he never going to make a ballad in traditional way. So he began to make folk in Hermética and saw the treat pay his counts. So when break up with Hermética and form Almafuerte he began to record folk songs. In tango and zamba way. And he did it very well. Specyally in this album where Flavio`s talent give strong and deep to music.

Here we are going to find two excellent covers Mal Bicho (by Flavio) and Gil Trabajador (by Iorio). And we are going to find too a collection of very good song that never seems (at list for me) to pass. Very good album for begin the week with strong and powerful brothers. Listen to Wirtis and download this album because it`s one of the best from Iorio. You already know he have change along the years until converse in a real sucker old man. I don`t like him or his attitude like you sees my dear friend, but that doesn`t matter in fact I real like this album. So here I bring you and for share with a young girl that enjoys this kind of music (I never could imaginate that you are rock and roll lover with your angel face) and want to hear this album. Here you have brothers. Enjoy it. Embrace it. And prey for Wirti`s soul. See you bro. Here you have: Iorio & Flavio.


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