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Corcobado & Manta Ray – Diminuto cielo (1997)

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descargaHello my brothers. It`s long time since last post. Yes brothers, life is going faster now a days, so my time it`s share with a lot of thing I call life. And it`s away from social medias. Thanks’ for that. But still i`m here, listen some music, fighting some disagrees. So I back, once more, like I always do. This time I bring you this great disc that reunite Javier Corcobado and Manta Ray. If you don`t meet the first one, I introduce you: he is a Spanish musician, very important in underground scene. He was part of legendarys Mar Otra Vez and Demonios Tus Ojos. And he has build a career away from mainstream. However, in main countrys like Spain, live in and for the art is a reality. Here, in our Latin-America if kind of difficult live of it.

descarga (1)But doesn’t matter. We still here, living our life. Something I have learn this last year, under the liberal government, people is a result, in a very high level, of the system. The system it`s so big and so ghost that it is continuously repeating the same way in people. Doen`t matter who is it in any time, because the system is bigger than ordinary people. So, here I let you this great disc of Corcobado and Manta Ray. Enjoy. Some time, some day I will back.

Las Diferencias – No termina más (2012)

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frontHello you fucking loosers, today i bring you this beautifull gem from my country Argentina, i mind Las Diferencias a great vintage rock and roll band. If you are in the mood of Invisible, Cream or La Banda del Paraiso, you will love this one.

Las Diferencias is a band from Buenos Aires, I know they are making a new album this days, this is their first one. It`s a great rock and roll vintage album.

Approached to seventy rock and roll revival friends and meet a great argentinean band.

In other order of thing I tell you, once more, that I won’t reupload albums: it`s very hard and nobody give me money for do this brothers, so, now is when. Here I let you this beautiful disc, enjoy! Las Diferencias.

Los Shapis – Los auténticos (1981)

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lp-los-autenticos-los-shapisHello my love it friends, how are you in this day? I hope, good. Today I bring you a really gem that the very nice boy Wilmer share in his own personal facebook for all the people, I mind Los Shapis, one of the greatest group in chichi peruana. So, in this day he is sharing Chacalón and Los Destellos, so, don`t miss this guy, he is a real great boy.

However, I decided share this one with you my friends, another day, another time, I will share others. Here you are going to find a great example of what “chicha peruana” is. Here you are going to find, to, beautiful rhythms and acid guitars. All of that it`s mixed with the voice of the lead singer, Chapulín.

A great one, brothers, so don`t miss this because I won’t re upload album, I don`t have time for that, sorry.  Sometimes, some dick suckers, appears telling me: ¡Reup this or that album, you fucking Miguel! And I ask them: ¡Go to hell, I already done that! It`s another turn.  And is like that brothers. Maybe if I get some many for do this I would re upload some records. But it`s not like that: I do this when I can and like I can. So instead to be a suckers be thankful for what you get.

Ok, I said it. Now I have to go. Today it is my birthday and I want spend time with my people. See you in a months, friends.  Here I let you this gem, enjoy it: Los Shapis.

Bareto (Feauturing Wilindor Cacique)- Cumbia

Posted in 2008, Bareto, Cumbia, Perú, Psicodelia, Rock with tags , , , , on 28 noviembre 2015 by wirtis

Good morning my brothers. Here i come again. Once, like always does. Because i`m always coming back. This time I bring you something from my bareto - cumbiaculture, something “Latino”. I mind this excellent album from Bareto, Cumbia. It`s a great piece of hell that count with Wilindoro Cacique in main voice. Maybe you don`t know who is this guy, so I told you: Wilindoro Cacique was the front man of mythical Juaneco y Su Combo. One of base of Psychedelic Cumbia (AKA: Chicha Peruana).

This record I`m sharing with you is beautiful. And i`m sharing you because I have my strong put it in a hole of fighting and thinking in this fucking ugly world. And it`s not so terrible but it`s hard to feel disapproved by people out there. Sometime I ask to myself: “Fuck, Miguel, could you be in the wrong side of the road”. And put myself to thing, to research, to reactivate all my opinions. In order do this, I explore other point of view. This way to thing, in the way I see, has gave me the possibility to go for in my thoughts.

bareto1I see the people out there, my people out there. They don`t care but research, they don`t care about look from other`s eyes different of their own point of view. I thing is sad, so sad. No because they don`t agree with me, that’s shit. The sad part of this is they can`t move their thoughts.

The problem, the main problem – in my point of view – it`s we have our mind capture by European colonialism (even this fucking PC put “E” when I push “e”, this is how they are deciding our life) and we don`t valuated our own culture. It`s sad brothers, so sad. So that`s way I bring you this record today. A beautifully piece of cumbia Latina it`s what this is. Yea, fuckers. Here I let you: Bareto.


Ciencia Blues & La Fecundación del Sistema Solar – Demos (2015)

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FrontHello my friends, here i come once more. This time with one of powerfull band in this country: Ciencia Blues. We have, already, shared the first record of these guys. And, thanks to that they contacted me and told me: Hey Miguel would you like to share our new material in Garagelatino. What?! Of course I said, thanks for confident guys.

Some days pass away while they send me they album. Last wek I find in my mail box their link and the permission to share. So i`m doing what I like: sharing with all of you a great band from my country that makes a hard rock in seventies mood. They sound, a little more psychedelic in this demo than in other.

They still sound raw. Yes brother, Ciencia Blues kick ass with heavy riff and crude rhythms. So here you have, enjoy this material because is original and have something that you only will find in underground band: balls.

Ciencia Blues & La Fecundación del Sistema Solar.


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