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Samonikli (1963-69)

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Buenas noches hermanos. Hoy les traigo a Samonikli, banda yugoslava que bajé tiempo atrás de un excelente blog dedicado a rescatar el garaje yugoslavo. Porque aunque no lo creamos, allá también la rockeaban. Seguro ellos deben pensar lo mismo de nosotros. Hoy no voy a reseñar el disco. No. Voy a hablar de un friend who have a big trouble, cause he is in love with his sister in law, big trouble brothers. Real big. My friend have been married for eighteen years, He have a beautiful wife. He always thought that his sister in law was a good person, a little boring: too much study, too much things to get. On the other hand, his wife is good-looking girl, who always take care of him, always helpful. So he hasn`t real problems with her. But, my friend began to work with his sister in law and he has meet her better and he found out a little sexy girl – that’s his literal words – and, slowly, very slowly, began to look her in another way. Find out too, that she isn`t like he though, no, cause is a great worker, always thinking in others, making stuff for help everybody. So, she don`t care about “things” like my friend supposed. In this point his troubles starts, cause he can`t say anything about his feeling. Also his family in law is excellent, very good people who always are ready to give a hand or a hug. He told me: “Miguel, I can`t destroy all the things I have just for this, I can`t be so selfish” You`re right, bró, I said. Also his sister in law is married too, with a great guy who loves her gently. Maybe things can be more easy if his wife were a bitch who give a fuck for him, or if her husband was a bad guy who is unfaithfull to her. But no, things aren`t like movies cause everybody is good people. So, he can`t leave everything a follow his love. So, the only I cut do for my friend was invited him a beer and did so. We drink until we get drunks, very drunks. And he cries in my shoulder, and told me: “Why life is such a pain in the ass, Miguel” Don`t know bró, really don`t know. I took him to his home a left very sad. Later, when I was coming home, I thought: like my friend, my too are fall in love with my sister in law. But, my either can`t do anything, cause my family in law is great too. So, I cry, damming to heaven for show me what I can`t never will have. After, when my eyes were sores in tears, I decided continue with my life. Don`t want to be stop in pain, so, in order to feel myself better I choose this nice Ep from a great band: Samoikli. Yes friends, cause life is a continued pain, but we can choose how awful is that pain. Here it is, from the deepest sadness of Wirtis.

And here you can listen and see:


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