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Carlos Gardel con acompañamiento de Guitarras – Antología wirtiana (Raw)

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front-1-copyI like a lot Tango. There are many things to get me closet to it. When I was a was much more younger than yesterday, once, I heard La cumparsita by Julio Sosa. That was the first contact with tango. The sad lyrics makes me cry and makes me feel argentinean too. One day my grandfather introduce me with Carlos Gardel and nothing were the same since that. I began to search Gardel`s life and work. I found an artist formed at the beginning of xx century in the street. Gardel, far away from the typically tale, was a street boy formed at the shadows of underground people, where mud is dirty and sad. He walk the same world that killers gang from the street and the first argentinean psyco: El petiso orejudo. Was another time, another world. However, listen Gardel or the music of other latitudes you, literally speak with the past, with another world. That fact, boy, makes you free because you can see that world were and will be, we are only a moment, a few second in the time.

Gardel is and will always be the voice of tango, not only for his dark and tragically history, also for his extraordinary way of sing. I have heard and I hear a lot of tango man, from all the times. But not even one is like Gardel. Poetry and streets, that’s the Gardel I show you in this comp I made for you, brothers. Embrace it: Gardel con acompañamiento de Guitars.

Carlos Gardel – Antología Wirtiana

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frontHello my brothers, today i bring you something from my people, from my culture: Carlos Gardel. Yes, he is the biggest icon about to be argentinean, especially porteño means. So it interesting to bring him, here. However I’m not sharing this with you because he is argentinean or reflex me culture, no. I`m sharing this record with all of you for two reason: one because this is a comp a made with my Gardel`s favorite’s and second, because tonight, in my column  in Aculturados I was speaking about how tango made natural the prejudice with women, how tango made common prejudice with women.

However tango isn`t the only genre that make prejudice. No my friends, we can find ideas like that in all kind of music. But especially in music thought for be defunded in radio. Commercial music, brothers, that fucking shit radios plays every time.

Well, I let you this one. A Wirti`s selected for you beautiful girl: Carlos Gardel.

34 Puñaladas – De la bolsa al ruedo (2012)

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600x60034 Puñaladas (Stabbing) is an Argentinean band. They  play milongas, tangos and more stuff. Always framing in sad ambient. They are a four guitarist and frontman. At the very beginning couldn`t understand this band so easily. Sound me very strange guitars with voice. So 34 Puñaladas sleep for a while in my computer. But one day, one night went to see this boys. Cause they were playing here, in dirty Mendoza; so went Emma and I. The place was a very important cultural center from here in dusty Mendoza. So the place is great a piece master of architecture. And there are making a lot of cultural show at cheapest price of two tickets by preserves.   Ok, doesn`t matter all this shit, the thing is that we went and they showed an excellent play. With poetry and raw, very raw like I love music. So, when we went out we bought some disc and the dvd. This last stuff consists in a dvd and cd recorded live.  And this beautiful cd is what I bring to you, brothers. A great album that shows  the strong of 34 Puñaladas in scene. Also this is a cover`s album. They walk through their music`s preference doing excellent version. The best for me (maybe cause the original mean so much for me) is “Red rooster, black rooster”, originally by La Pequeña Orquesta Reincidentes. Well my fuckers, I going to leave now. I have fried my brain for a few hours writing this. So here you have, enjoy: 34 Puñaladas!!!

Malevaje – Envido

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 Hello my wirtianos brothers here i came for bring you a little of tango, a piece of my heart. Here, in Argentina tango is a way of feel, a view of life. It`s, for us, a genre that represent our roots. At the very begin of twenty century, in suburbs people began to play, mixing spanish guitars with percussions and, in the thirties, with bandoneon; reciting verses in time to music. Also took milongas from the deep of our culture. When things have been changing because city was growing up, this music born, like everything, in a moment that city, suddenly, began to be full. A lot of people came to Argentina, thinking here they could find an opportunity. But here they only found at the inequality, hunger and poorness. Here were elite in government. That’s way, when workers – almost all of them immigrants –    began to fight their rights, government kick their asses. They began to write poetry, sad poetry.

For a long time tango was the predominant genre of music. With Gardel reached an international respect. With the arrive of rock and roll, tango pass to be a under movement. Only listen for elite. Suddenly, the main style became in paria. And the new one, a rebel one, passes, by castling; at main place. I thing our point of view it`s depending on what we see about world around us. People who only see what main power wants he see, is lost, brother, I tell you. Because they can`t have an open judge about nothing. They can`t understand things out of their paradigms. All this bullshit to explain that tango became an underground movement. Only drunks, addicts and losers play it. So be tanguero here, now a days, is nonsense ¡Is punk! Yes fucker. Yes. That`s why groups like La Guardia Hereje, 34 Puñaladas and El Cuarteto Guardia Vieja are more punk than others bands.   Why? You ask, brother, because play tango in these days is to be doomed to underground. Forever.

So, you can see what are the future is you want to have a tango band here in Argentina. But play tango in another country, out of Argentina, is, directly, a suicide. Because, who the fuck is going to ear you? Anyway there are some artist that send to hell every commercial possibility and make what they want to make, forgetting everything that isn`t make art.  And that`s the case of this band: Malevaje. Yes sir. They are from Spain. What the fuck? I here you scream, and you are right: is very strange a band out of Argentina making tango but this is the case. Because Malevaje play tango with the strong of a rock and roll band, the vocalist sing like he was a dirty rocker from a punk band. And, if you thing well, they are a punk band. Because they play what they want to play: Gardel`s covers. With a lot of feeling and raw attitude. So take your time and listen this great band because they worth it. Here you have, brother, an excellent band. Listen and find a real punk band. Here you have Malevaje!!!

Here some videos:

La Guardia Hereje – En vivo

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Ni siquiera podía sospecharlo. Era domingo. Jorge había pasado el día ahí, en casa. Con los viejos. A la tardecita, cuando el sol campeaba, cargó la pava y se sentó a esperar el agua calentar. Sacó la guitarra y la templó un rato. Húmeda y continua la luz fue menguando mientras tocaba. No era fácil componer, por eso se rompía la cabeza todos los días pensando cosas nuevas para la banda. Mucha voluntad. Y trabajo. Siempre le había gustado escribir. Tenía un estilo melancólico y burlón. Desde pibe había delirado con Julián Centeya, Onetti, Arlt y la guardia vieja del tango. También blues, rock y ácido. Un menjunje embadurnado en viajes de mochila y dedo. Eso era Jorge. Y  sus letras. Escribía en lunfardo versos nuevos y cotidianos. Que hablaban de la modernidad, de la soledad y la globalización.

El agua, a fuego lento, aun no hervía. El mate era un rito que Jorge ejercía con parsimonia y placer. Sin apuros. Dejó la guitarra sobre la mesa y volvió con un papel y una birome. No se sentía especialmente inspirado pero si algo había aprendido en el arte es que no existe el soplo divino de las musas. Todas mentiras: para escribir había que poner huevo. Y nada más. Si la inspiración venía tenía que encontrarte laburando. Claro que, si hay algún mango por lo que uno hace, la voluntad viene mejor.  Bien lo sabía desde que la banda había logrado repercusión. Y prestigio porque venían trabajando desde la sombra, lejos del circuito convencional.

El agua empezó a  bullir inquieta en la pava. Estaba lista para el mate. Jorge se levantó, llenó el termo y volvió a la mesa. No sin antes ponerle un toque de agua fría al mate para que no se quemara la yerba al servirlo. Se sentó. Cebó el primero y tomó la guitarra. Largó un Mí y recordó cuando empezó: tenía un cuaderno lleno de notas y poesía – para lo único que había servido laburar en el taxi – y se le ocurrió volcarlas en la música. Nueve años atrás. Se había comprado una guitarra y, con los pesos que le sobraron; se había pagado unas clases. Aprendió los ritmos que más le gustaban –  tango, vals y candombe – y se largó a componer. Pronto había inventado un logo, un concepto y un nombre: La Guardia Hereje. Pero claro, la banda era él – un no muy iluminado guitarrero – y con eso no daba. Entonces, consciente de lo efímero, publicó un anuncio: La Guardia Hereje busca músicos.

No pasó mucho y aparecieron. Un percusionista y dos violeros. La Guardia Hereje tornó realidad. Tango orillero de guitarras y sangre les salió. Así vistas las cosas, casi era inverosímil pensar que acababan de tocar en el Podestá. Sin embargo llevaban años recorriendo el circuito de la Plata. Circuito que, por cierto, habían ayudado a difundir con la creación del Tango criollo club: un ciclo que reunía a las bandas jóvenes del tango. Están pasando cosas. Hoy. Otra vez. Hay quienes en medio de ese caos, con un sonido acústico, moderno y joven…resucitados por una crisis que nos reinventó a todos, empiezan a asomar la cabeza, sonriendo. Se oyen vientos de cambio. Están solos, pero con un poco de silencio, podemos empezar a escucharlos; dijo Jorge cuando le preguntaron por qué el ciclo.

Mientras cebaba otro mate escuchó entrar a su viejita, venía de hacer algunas compras. Presto se levantó y le cambió las bolsas por el mate. Ella le sonrió, lo miró y le acarició la mejilla. El disco de La Guardia Hereje que estaba por salir tenía una canción que le había dedicado. Se sentaron a la mesa y apuraron unos mates. La vieja se levantó a calentar los restos del mediodía para la cena. Jorge templó la guitarra un rato más y se fue a bañar. El agua tibia, cayendo en su cabeza, se le antojó serenidad y descanso.  Se dejó caer en la bañera y recordó cuando anduvo de buscavidas allá, al otro lado del charco. Se había ido con unas pistas grabadas. Tal vez le hubiese ido bien en Europa pero, la familia, los amigos y el barrio tiraron más. Despacio y casi desapercibido, comenzó a sentir un hormigueo en el brazo izquierdo ¿se le habría adormecido? Muñequeó una y otra vez. Y nada, che. Salió de la bañera, se afeitó y se vistió. Cómodo, de entrecasa para la cena y al sobre. Fue hasta la cocina. La vieja tenía servida la comida. Se sentó y, cuando fue a dar el primer bocado, un dolor fuerte, como un desgarro; le quebró el pecho: Cayó infartado sobre la mesa. El resto es mito, leyenda y arrabal: La Guardia Hereje.

La Guardia Hereje – Tangos y otras yerbas

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Good afternoon my galvanes. Here it is Wirtis, one more time. Yes.  Today I bring you a little of Tango, yes. I have been feeling so down these last days. The end of the year is already here and, like every fucking year, I ask myself: “what have you learn these twelve months, Wirtis? And the answer, always, is the same: nothing” But, doesn`t matter, really, because I thing we are here, in life, for learn nothing at all. Just spend our time drinking with friends and fucking with girls (if you have the lucky to catch one). Of course, not everybody thinks like i`am. One of that war Alorsa, writer, vocalist and front man from this excellent band that I bring you today: La Guardia Hereje. One dark and suburban band from my country: Argentina. And they are mainly from here,  I not saying these because, suddenly get me a nationalist – minded; no friends, don`t misunderstand me, but this band make (or made, I don`t known) tango and candombe. Styles of my country and La Republica Oriental del Uruguay. Yessss suckers, something with balls, with poetry, with blood, red blood falling from our veins.

Latinoamerica, always, have been a big separated continent. Even when we share language and culture. But, since a few years, when people get the power, things started   to change. At list, that’s the way I see. Tell you why:  now we are aware about things that happens in our neighbors first than things that happen there, in the king`s valley (may I have to say the old king EEUU, but I can`t, I can`t because our leaders are being polluted by them with cancer – fuck you Obama puto – and they are gone be death soon). And that fact is very good, because is a sign that, now a days we are together, far away from grudges ¿no?

Unit is good. But, even when we are one continent under the same pain, fighting with freedom and justice (Yes brothers, we are going to use the same speech then they) against them; we have our differences. And that is great. Because we have to keep our idiosyncrasy: that`s what makes us different from each other’s ¿right? Following in this order of speech, is that I say that the different are kept, like a tradition; in cultural expressions like La Guardia Hereje.

This band, really is very good. They made their music in the old style: only with guitars and percussion. Above that Alorsa`s poetry.  For explain this last affirmation, let me tell you that La Guardia Hereje Had between their crew one of the most talents men for poetry writing in music: Alorsa. A great poet only comparable with Juan Pablo Fernandez (Pequeña Orquesta Reincidentes, Acorazado Potemkim). He died a few months ago, at the age of thirty eight. A real lost. But, thanks god, they recorded some stuff: this record, the first one and thirteen songs for devil, the second one. I let you here one poem of Alorsa and some videos:

Tristeza fiera, tristeza de domingo
de salas de hospitales con camas en silencio
De cementerios con el pasto crecido,
con flores olvidadas ya secas en el piso

Y con la noche que llega desde el río
se moja el alma con una lluvia vieja
Tristeza dulce de estadios ya vacíos,
de platos en la bacha, tristeza de domingo.
Tristeza amarga de mates que se lavan,
de minas que no llaman, de tierra en los bolsillos
De manos sucias mangueando una moneda,
de sonrisas gastadas, de patios a la siesta

Y con la noche que llega desde el río
se moja el alma con una lluvia vieja
Tristeza ciega de muñeca sin ojos,
de sueños derrotados, tristeza de domingo.

Ok, brothers I nave to leave now, but I let you this videos, and, of course, the link for download the record, enjoy and happy New Year: La Guardia Hereje.


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