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Sumo – Raw & Live (2014)

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Front-1 copyHello my beloved friends. Here i come again. And I come with the very first anthology specially made for this blog. Because always I have done for another one, the famous and well know

However this time I decided publish something here. Not for give notoriously to this blog, no friends. The reason is that I need to speak and Sumo shows it like a way to make contact. So I took my old Sumo compilation – the one I made with the song rawest from the band – do it a front cover and bring here. Only for speak friends.

Because, from time to time, I think about you. I know life goes on, we both are in different places, in different moments. I accept reality. You know that.

But I can get out of my mind the “How it would have been” between you and me. Last day I saw you out there. You were laughing so happy that I feel eager to run to hug you. And realized I don`t dare to do it. Still dream with your voice but I know we are losing our “world” (for say it somehow) because we don’t share nothing. It`s sad.

Every time I see you I feel nervously because still i`m looking for your eyes, I still searching you. How I wish could hug you in my arms, how I wish could be me with you.

But it can`t be.

We are so far, so separated that we don`t know each other.

So, fuck off.

Life sucks everyday but not for that I will kill myself. Life took you far away from me and that’s it`s inevitable. Like the fact that someday, some morning or night perhaps we will find and we won`t recognize our self. So old or so different that our days seen a fiction.

Here let you this beautiful anthology. I know you like this band. And I know you never stop by that`s why I spoke freely. Here you have: SUMORaw & Live.


Sumo – En vivo en La Falda (1987)

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lucaHello you suckers, here i come again, once more with dirty punk and nasty garage. Today I bring you a classical (al list in my country the crazy Argentina) from my country and from my life too: Sumo. I don`t know if you have meet this band brother, if you are a curious boy maybe you have it but if you aren`t like that sure you don`t know about Sumo. So I going to speak – a few because if you write the band`s name in google you are going to find so many thing that you are going to give all your Sunday afternoon for read it – about this great and excellent band. They born in early eighties, when an Italian guy named Luca Prodan came to Argentina running away from heroin. He had passed his adolescent in England, under the influence of punk and rock steady music. Luca Prodan was a fanatic of Joy Division. In fact the last album of Sumo called “Joy Division”. Anyway, the thing is that when Prodan arrive to Argentina found a pop music and classical rock and roll in mainstream. So he decided form a punk and reggae band. With that idea meet Bocha Sokol (drums), Diego Arnedo (bass) and Germán Daffuncio (guitar) and started to play covers. But they didn`t have instruments, so Prodan spend his few many and bought stuff for the band. After that they traveled to fucking Buenos Aires and recruited Superman Troglio (drums) and Ricardo Mollo (guitars) and the classical formation of Sumo Borne.

Quikly they have the attention of musical companies because their proposed was different the others bands in scene. And, even now that have been pass more than twenty years since Luca Prodan passed away Sumo is a strange and unique gem in argentinian rock and roll history and they have a great place in this country because they make something new when music seems to be stopped in time. And why is different this band? Because they appear playing a particular and personal mix between punk (very raw and dirty) and reggae and revolutionary Argentinean music scene.

So friends I let you this beautiful record for you: Sumo – Live in la Falda. Enjoy friends like I’m going to do eating an asado with my friend. See you loosers!!!


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