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Bey Paule Band – Not going away (2015)

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Not Goin' Away '15Good night my friends. Here i come again. This time I share a great band I discovered a few weeks ago, sailing in the dirty Internet. Bey Paule Band is the name. I didn´t know this guys. This is their second album. A great jukebox of fifties and sixties sounds. But with high definition.

The most great thing that happens with this records it`s that my son enjoy very much shake his body at the way of the music. My son have one year old so I put this record over and over again because he became happy and put through.

So here I bring for you, my brothers. This beautiful piece of rock and roll. Don`t lose it, links goes down quickly in zippyshare. Here you have Bey Paule Band.

Gert Wilden & Orchestra

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R-1769997-1255694920Hello my friends, tonight I propose you a little of hot music, some “burlesque” sounds. What do you thing, brother? I know you like it. So this time I bring you an orchestra very good that I find in the deep web, searching pornography for cam down my loneliness.

Gert Wilden & Orchestra is a band very powerful and sexy too, perfect for a drink a good fuck. I meet this band in a lysergic party I went last weekend. We have come with Emma. We were  little boring with our sexual life until, one day, she told me: Miguel I want to taste another men. Ok, beautiful, I told her, you are the boss. So as we say, we do. So we came to that party. It was a “Hot wife” party, real cool place. There were a lot of great girls. But only have eyes for my girl.

In that place were playing Gert Wilder. Great sound, great climax they created with their music. So, at the end of the night, when Emma and I were smoking a joint in the backyard, we bought Gert Wilder`s album. So here it is for you, my friends, because I want you have an excellent sexual life, like mine. Here you have: Link.

James Brown – I got you (1966)

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220px-I_Got_You_(I_Feel_Good)_(album)Hello my brothers today i bring you a classical of R&B and soul music. Yes, because I bring you “I got you” by James Brown. Don`t need any kind of presentation this one because everybody knows this guy and his music. So I’m going to use this space for speak about the reason that`s makes me publish this beautiful shit today.

Everything is my friend`s Facundo fault because he told me: ¡Hey Miguel put in your blog a little of James Brown, come on, don`t be such a break balls with your garage music! And, thinking about his words, he has a little of reason. So I decided to make him happy and put this shit right here right now. So here you have brother: James Brown for you. Enjoy it.

Ah! If you have a doubt: this record, from 1966, meant the international recognition of James Brown. In fact, I got you (the song) is a fucking classical from modern music.

Javier Soriano – 10 Manos (2014)

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10 manos (1)

Hoy les traigo un disco de hard rock, por llamarlo de algún modo porque los músicos – y los artistas en general – se niegan a etiquetar su arte. Excepto, claro, que tengan un referente obvio. Y el disco que les traigo lo tiene, es el rock and roll. En su vertiente más moderna, de guitarras constantes y presentes. Dueñas del escenario. Y es que Javier Soriano es un guitarrista.

Pero, como sucede con todo artista, el producto es personal. Más allá del género o influencia que tenga. 10 manos, se desenvuelve en los modos del hard rock pero con características propias.

Aclarado eso, les cuento que Javier Soriano es un chabón de acá muy cerca de mi casa, con el que cursé la primaria y compartí muchas meriendas. De más adolescentes nos emborrachamos varias veces y compartimos asados. Hace diez años, más o menos, que no lo veo. Se fue a vivir a España. Con todo, sigue siendo un amigo presente para los vagos acá en Mendoza.

Entiendo que se haya quedado allá porque vive de la música. Lo felicito por eso y lo festejo. Es lo más justo porque es un excelente guitarrista.

10 Manos es su primer disco solista – creo yo – y es un artefacto de rock and roll con guiños funks, souls y bluseros. Como emblema patrio Soriano versiona “Seguir viviendo sin tu amor” de Spinetta. Personalmente recomiendo los temas propios de este trovador de guitarra eléctrica y corazón gitano. Acá se los dejo, bájenlo, disfrútenlo y claro, difúndanlo.

Javier Soriano – 10 Manos.


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