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Sonido Gallo Negro – Cumbia Salvaje (2011)

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Hello my fucking friends, today i come with something great, in the old style like you prefer, yes, cause, today; I bring some chicha. YYYYYYYYESSSSSSS!!!! Brother ¡¡Cumbia sicodélica!! ¡¡psychedelic cumbia!! Why am I such excitement, maybe you are asking, and tell you why: because I found, few day ago this extraordinary band: Sonido Gallo Negro.
They are from Méjico, great country, cradle of big bands, in any genre. Sonido Gallo Negro, for example is a mix between cumbia psychedelic,boogalloo, cumbia amazónica and chichi. They have a real psychedelic sound achieved through an organ that clear, present and constant melodies mark like clockwork, hypnotic, sickly and neurotic. Ouh, what a magnificent trip is to listen this band, man, I tell you, and you are not going to feel disappointed with this stuff.
This days I’m been feeling very angry about my life. Let me pull out with you partners, cause, if I don`t spit what I have deep inside my hearth I’m going to die, cause I’m poising my self. The things is this, I don`t know if I have tell you before, but Wirtis is in a band, The Wincas, well, we are not exactly a band because we are, before everything “friends”. We know each other since long years ago. For example, I meet the drummer, El Flaquen since we where child (1985 more or less). The guitar hero, the lead singer, the “chief” from band, my great friend Porteño; was meet for me when we were playing with el Flaquen here in my house. Was long time ago. Well. We used to play together with two friends more: Jorge, the chocolate guy and Adrián mama`s boy Guzmán. The first one is a great guy who went to Spain for work. Six years ago. We still miss him, cause he used to play the guitar with such feeling, such a hard that make myself feel alive: They was extremely good musician but, (and I’m using this connector “but” because his big heart make quick his place in the band) he was too much good guy, so, one day, when Adrián mama`s boy appeared he, used to made everything accord to his vagaries, said “I’m the guitarist, the lead one, so Jorge, teach me” And my friend taught him. Mama`s boy is a little donkey for learn stuff, for make things and, of course, for think. So he learns some tricks in the guitar but nothing important. Anyway, the thing is that Mama`s boys began, with time, to steal Jorge`s solos, Jorge`s riffs and everything. For example, when we were playing, and lead part came, Adrián mama`s boys was ahead to Jorge and made the guitar`s solo. Ugly, empty and loveless, of course. But he wants to be the guitar hero from the band, so he envied Jorge. In time, Jorge began to feel tired of Adrian mama`s boy cheats, and, eventually he left the band. Jorge prioritized “Friendship” over music. Even when Jorge Love with all his hearth music. But, he left the band and, imagine what Adrian mama`s boy done.. Made a song about our friend Jorge talking of him, like he was a sucker. So we were with mama`s boys in lead guitar. He all the time started to bulling me – cause, I tell you the true: I’m a very bad bass player – because my way to play. He always was annoying with everything: you play awful, or he used to let out that nasty laugh and said me ¡¡no, no, that’s wrong, you are playing bad!! I use to feel awfull. Well, time pass by and, when Adrian mama`s boys was let it by his girlfriend made everything for destroy the band. And he made it. The motherfucker separated the band. That was in 2005. Time pass by and we arrive to 2011 (¡¡six years have been pass!!) and we decided return on with the band. You know, when R`n`R is in your veins, you can`t just ignore it. So we return, again.

This time, where four, Flaquen, Porteño, Adrian mama`s boy and me. But, in the first practice we Adrian mama`s boy came without his guitar, he only bring his guitar belt and laughing like a moron, he said “¡¡¡oh… i bring only this cause, for sure, this is going a be a fake!!!” But, things, where different, because we three where, already playing when he arrive and the only thing that we don`t have was, ironically, one guitar belt!!! Yes, you motherfucker Adrian, you bring a solution, at list. Of course, that wasn`t your intention, we know, sucker. Well, after that, Adrian mama`s boys began to leave the practice. We three are good boys, i tell you, and especially Flaquen and el Porteño, so they heard that Adrian mama`s boys was sad, depressant, so, el Porteño invited him to play. And he came thinking that we were running looking for him cause we couldn`t play alone. So he appeared saying things like “ey, Wirtis, practice with el Porteño this part… Came on” and bullshits like that. I say this because that “part” that Adrian mama`s boys want me practice was from an old song that we three were boring to play. So, Adrian mama`s boys tried to impose his shits, but, obviously, we three are so happy playing together that we didn`t give importance. So, Adrian mama`s boys runaway (like always) but, two weeks later appeared again saying “I want to play in the band cause I’m trying to let cocaine and I have a new song and i want to make it, cause if don`t I’ll going a be very angry!!!!” So, he came with his fucking song, a piece of shit, fucking stolen from every fucking commercial band that sound here, in Argentina. We couldn`t hide our boredom. He fled. Now a days, he appear again – cause we are going to record some songs – and, of course, we have to redo all songs because he need space for make “magic” with his guitar. Well friend, Adrian mama`s boys is a fucking pain in the ass, always capricious, selfish and useless. I can tell you how we have to provide instrument too, but I’m so tired of this guy, so boring of his stupidity that I can only spit all this because, if i don`t i`ll be going nut.
Well friends, this incredible band that is Sonido Gallo Negro deserves a better comment than mine, but ¿What can i do? I`m fucking angry and i need to speak. Well, i see you soon brothers.


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