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Bareto (Feauturing Wilindor Cacique)- Cumbia

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Good morning my brothers. Here i come again. Once, like always does. Because i`m always coming back. This time I bring you something from my bareto - cumbiaculture, something “Latino”. I mind this excellent album from Bareto, Cumbia. It`s a great piece of hell that count with Wilindoro Cacique in main voice. Maybe you don`t know who is this guy, so I told you: Wilindoro Cacique was the front man of mythical Juaneco y Su Combo. One of base of Psychedelic Cumbia (AKA: Chicha Peruana).

This record I`m sharing with you is beautiful. And i`m sharing you because I have my strong put it in a hole of fighting and thinking in this fucking ugly world. And it`s not so terrible but it`s hard to feel disapproved by people out there. Sometime I ask to myself: “Fuck, Miguel, could you be in the wrong side of the road”. And put myself to thing, to research, to reactivate all my opinions. In order do this, I explore other point of view. This way to thing, in the way I see, has gave me the possibility to go for in my thoughts.

bareto1I see the people out there, my people out there. They don`t care but research, they don`t care about look from other`s eyes different of their own point of view. I thing is sad, so sad. No because they don`t agree with me, that’s shit. The sad part of this is they can`t move their thoughts.

The problem, the main problem – in my point of view – it`s we have our mind capture by European colonialism (even this fucking PC put “E” when I push “e”, this is how they are deciding our life) and we don`t valuated our own culture. It`s sad brothers, so sad. So that`s way I bring you this record today. A beautifully piece of cumbia Latina it`s what this is. Yea, fuckers. Here I let you: Bareto.


The Cramps – Flamejob (1994)

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Good night brothers. Today i bring you something classic, something you have to know if you are a really rock and roll fan. Yes, you sucker, today I bring you The Cramps ¿Have you listen this band, boy?

ImagenOk, I’ll tell you a little about The Cramps. The history began in 1972, in Sacramento (California) when Poison Ivy (Kristy Wallace) meets Lux Interior (Erick Purkhiser). They were two kids fascinated by obscure 50 noise rock and roll and free mind theory’s. So they found their selves in University, in “Art and shamanism” business.

Early they were playing and sharing music. Poison Ivy began to play guitar and Lux Interior to sing. From the beginning they were different to any other band, because they sound dirty and raw, always imitating old band sounds. In fact, brother, you can even imagine garage revival or psycobilly without The Cramps. So important is their function in rock and roll history. Of course, in underground history, but that`s why The Cramps are here and never is going be here shit like Tan Biónica ¿Right?

Well, is not my intention to make a long declaration of knowledge here, no brother. My intention is explain   to you what is what I’m sharing and what is it part in music. This record, Flamejob is the first (and I’m not pretty sure but I thing is the only too) album made for a multinational company: Warner. Yes, so high they arrive but, like always, their sound was so nasty, so god dam dirty that company fired them. So they send Warner to hell and made their own studio. There, they recorded a few disc more.

In 2009 Lux Interior passes away at the age of 62. The rest is history. So here I let you this one, a very, very good album, full of raw and dirty music. Enjoy Flamejob by The Cramps. And enjoy Andre Willians too.


VA – Mondo Zombi Boogaloo (2013)

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Hello my brothers, here i come again. Maybe is because I’m running away from real responsibilities, maybe because I don`t want to face the truth, I don`t know but I spending all my free time posting here ¿Have you notice, dear? I have it, so I put myself thinking very hard in it.

coverLong days pass doing this. Also I was ill brothers. Yes, illness took myself and launched me in hell. First with a pain full stomachache and after, when I was beginning to eat normally, a very strong flu took me. ¡A shit, Miguel, what fucking looser! I thought myself. And is not too much to say it, brothers, because I spend in diet a real yummy food and that was hard, very hard for me because I’m a glutton boy. I know, that`s way I get ill in first time but, what can I do? I can`t quick eating. However I can control myself and could spend whiteouts eat.

In order to get confused my mind I went to my pc looking something get me out of here, something give me a different point of view. And that`s when I found this record I offer toy you today.

One of the many good things in this album is that there were recorded by Los Straitjackets, The Fleshtones and Southern Culture on The Skids. Each band have pick up one song refer at Halloween topic. The special songs for me are all but is great the version of Monster Mash in Spanish played by tree bands. However this album is a trip for many genres because you have rock and roll, garage, western, Mexican, fuzz, rockabilly and plenty more rhythms.

There are in album too, a very good version of Ghostbuster (yes sucker, the main theme of movie), an excellent cover of The Deadly One (A great surf piece master here in this blog too, take a look around) a cover from main theme in Frankenstein and many, many more shit brothers. A great album is this one and an excellent piece of rock and roll. Ideal for get the fuck out all the illness that took my self yea, with that and cocaine all pain is going to disappear, I know. So here you have: VA – Mondo Zombie Boogaloo 

The Omens – Fuzz fades and escapes

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ImageHere you have more rock and roll, much more for you. This time The Omens, one hell of a band. i don`t know about they but sound real good, so give a chance and full your head of rock and roll. See you loosers. Here you have: The Omens.

Os Haxixins – Under the stones (2010)

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Debaixo Das PedrasHello my wirtianos brothers. Here I come again for bring you the last album from the years, and of course, it have to be something wonderful, excellent and precious like a fucking nuggets and that`s exactly what I bring you: Os Haxixins! Yes you fucking looser clap your hands and kiss my dirty a smelly ass.

I`m sure that you all ready know this excellent and wonderful band: Os Haxixins, the most representative band of garage scene in Brazil. They are really greats because have a crazy sound (with fuzz and rage) mixed with psychedelic taste of farfisa, the result? You ask: one of the better garage revival band in this days.

Anyway, I think the best garage revival bands are here in our continent. For example, here in Argentina we have Los Peyotes and Electrisixties (both in their own way of play garage and sixties sound), Los Explosivos in México, Confuzztible in Perú and many more, of obviously: We have the gut and the pain for make the best garage rock in this days. So here I bring you this great band formed in lately nineties (I supposed) in Brazil. At the shadow of “Favellas” and hot carioca`s girl dancing naked for the boys. Os Haxixins born in to this and in to an acid trip, one of the best, one of that trips that makes you pray for more. For me this band, and tell you this with intention to put a light on back ground words; is the one that better represent and recreate sixties psychedelic scene. The band recreates esthetic, music and spirit: the result is an excellent trip for the Latin-Americans sixties. Let me be clear: Os Haxixins sound exactly like sixties band, even in their own songs sound like that. And, for me, that’s their best characteristic. So my friends, listen this band, in a very high volume and in a good marijuana or acid (better, always) trip.

Here you have fuckers: Os Haxixins “Under the stones” and tonight, when your glass will up remember Wirtis and send him a good wish. Happy New Year suckers, see you round!

Carca – A un millón de años blues (1996)

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aunmillondeanosblues.1Hello you fuck losers! Here I come before Christmas with a little of rock and roll. Yes! I want to be in your dinner tonight. So I decided bring you some rock. This time I chose a great and dark album: A un millón de años blues from Carca. I don`t knows if you have listened this tall man, but, if you don`t I think this is a perfect album to start. Let me tell you about this boy. He appears in early nineties like frontman of Tía Newton a rock and roll band in the same line of the movement know it like “Nuevo rock argentino”. In this wave appear groups like Los Brujos, Peligrosos Gorriones, Los Visitantes, Martes Menta, Tintoreros and Babasónicos. Tía Newton haven´t such a succes like others band, so they break up their group. And Carca, the main mind in band decided continue alone, like soloist. He didn`t bad at all: publish three records (as I know) in a real good line and with different esthetic proposes. Here I bring you the second one, published in 1996. Here the musician makes a dark album, loaded with deep lyrics and heavy guitars.  For me is an excellent album that represent a moment of break in my country. Also this album can be compared with legendary “Biblia” from Vox Dei but in the opposite side because is a hell travel in the deepest of torture soul.

So, like you see brothers I bring you something dark at the end of the year. This has been a fucking bad year for me and my people. I`m glad to see it go and never come back. That`s why I bring you sad music, with plaintive lyrics and raw. Maybe, if my will let me i`ll bring you something more for the New Year night. But I don`t know. Today I let you this. I hope you enjoy and listen this beautiful gem from Argentina, country of inequalities and break it dreams. Enjoy brother, life is too short and you`ll be here forever. Listen and enjoy: CarcaA un millón de años blues.

By suckers, i see you in the other blog, in the other side one of these days.

Ciencia Blues y La Fecundación del Sistema Solar

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TapaHello you losers. Today I bring you more music. This time I come with a little of blues but not in common way brothers, no. Today I bring you a real good band called Ciencia Blues y La Fecundación del Sistema Solar. I meet this band thanks to this page. Take a look around and find some great band from argentinian`s underground. Well, like I was talking I dow load Ciencia Blues because their name got my attention a thought “Why not?” And, at the same time, joining words with action, I do it. A thanks god I did it because I find an excellent band that makes a real raw blues, with attitude and balls. For me, this band, is in the same line that R.L. Burnside and his drunk blues.

But isn`t that everything that Ciencia Blues gives to us, no brothers: they remains, with their psychedelic and acid ambient, sixties and seventies band`s. Yes, there are very good band because they have personality but clear influences too. I think, when you can combine both and make something particular, something your; you are in good way.  The album I bring you has only six songs all of them really good, with heavy and powerfully riff and progressive lines. So my brothers I let you this band. And I let you too the facebook link, so you can go there and give a hug to the Ciencia Blues y La Fecundación del Sistema Solar crew. I see you soon you bastards because you know: this is my only place in the world, where I can be me and scream my fears without anybody said something. Well friends I have to go now, yes I have to leave you.

Nick Waterhouse – Time`s all gone (2012)

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Hello you nasty people, how are you been this last days since Wirtis let you the last disc, ah? I hope well, with many successes and a lot of sun shining above your heads. Yes, you fucking losers!! Wirtis only want the best for his friends. That’s why I come back, once more, with more rock and roll and crazies stuffs. For example, today, I come with this nice, crazy and psico musician: Nick Waterhouse. When you listen this boy, when you observe this art and, even, when you watch is videos (there few) you`ll see one front man, singing in a crew like big band of soul and rhythm and blues. Saw, what the fucking problem, Wirtis? Sure are you asking. And tell you: This boy is a young boy, born in the nineties, a sun of Cobain and Andrew Wodd. But this bastard, this crazy boy called Nick Waterhouse refuse all that and live is live and his music like a real band in the mid sixties. And is pretty good their sound and their music. This is Very good album. I don`t remember where I found it but doesn`t matter: here it is for you brothers. Ready to be download and play it at highest sound. Yes friends. This is the proposal for weekend. A great and fun disc of soul and rhythm and blues. Here you have, take it, embrace it: Nick Waterhouse.



Bicicletas – Cubiertas (2011)

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Hello my brothers. How do you sit on your table these days? I hope in a right way. I come again to bring you one great band that discovered when I download the last album from L.A. Guns ¿Do you know this old men? It`s a very good band from Los Angeles (obviously) who play hard rock. They do it in a classical way. They drop to fame because original former members of Gun`s and Roses used to play in the band. Well, in this boys publish last album they play one cover of Bicicleta. Yes! Cheers for them. So, when I heard that version I feel the need to investigate about them. I couldn’t find anything in web. So I ran to supermarket and buy the only album that market has. It’s not have the song that I was looking for, but have a punch of excellent cover so I decided to share with all of you, friends, because mine only wish is to show you good bands and Bicicleta is one of that, so here it is.
In this album you are going to find a punch of excellent versions of classical songs. Of course, if you are like me, you are going to love the version of the house of rising sun, in tecno pop version. But, if you are a mind open music listener you are going to enjoy a lot another version in the album. For example the great and punk version of two margaritas, from Os Paralamas or the very good interpretation of María from Café Tacuba. They made too Pájaro de fuego from Los Tres (¿Do you hear this excellent chilenian band, brother?) and the big Mr from Los Auténticos Decadentes but more punk and raw. They made too Don Pascual from El Kinto (Yes sir, this guys enjoy good music) and El esqueleto from Víctimas del Dr Carebro. And, the worst choice or maybe for show me that one song can be fantastic in some artists and awful in another, a version of Estadio Azteca from the pussy Andrés Calamaro.
Well my brothers here I let you this great band with this excellent disc. Enjoy and play it loud!! Here Bicicletas!!!

Ah!! And before i run to play Batman Arkhan City, i tell you: i find in web a great proyect. Is from people of Argentina, they have and independent publisher and they are looking for writters that want to show their work. So, if you are a writter maybe you`ll be interested. So here i let you their blog. Visit it:





Sonido Gallo Negro – Cumbia Salvaje (2011)

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Hello my fucking friends, today i come with something great, in the old style like you prefer, yes, cause, today; I bring some chicha. YYYYYYYYESSSSSSS!!!! Brother ¡¡Cumbia sicodélica!! ¡¡psychedelic cumbia!! Why am I such excitement, maybe you are asking, and tell you why: because I found, few day ago this extraordinary band: Sonido Gallo Negro.
They are from Méjico, great country, cradle of big bands, in any genre. Sonido Gallo Negro, for example is a mix between cumbia psychedelic,boogalloo, cumbia amazónica and chichi. They have a real psychedelic sound achieved through an organ that clear, present and constant melodies mark like clockwork, hypnotic, sickly and neurotic. Ouh, what a magnificent trip is to listen this band, man, I tell you, and you are not going to feel disappointed with this stuff.
This days I’m been feeling very angry about my life. Let me pull out with you partners, cause, if I don`t spit what I have deep inside my hearth I’m going to die, cause I’m poising my self. The things is this, I don`t know if I have tell you before, but Wirtis is in a band, The Wincas, well, we are not exactly a band because we are, before everything “friends”. We know each other since long years ago. For example, I meet the drummer, El Flaquen since we where child (1985 more or less). The guitar hero, the lead singer, the “chief” from band, my great friend Porteño; was meet for me when we were playing with el Flaquen here in my house. Was long time ago. Well. We used to play together with two friends more: Jorge, the chocolate guy and Adrián mama`s boy Guzmán. The first one is a great guy who went to Spain for work. Six years ago. We still miss him, cause he used to play the guitar with such feeling, such a hard that make myself feel alive: They was extremely good musician but, (and I’m using this connector “but” because his big heart make quick his place in the band) he was too much good guy, so, one day, when Adrián mama`s boy appeared he, used to made everything accord to his vagaries, said “I’m the guitarist, the lead one, so Jorge, teach me” And my friend taught him. Mama`s boy is a little donkey for learn stuff, for make things and, of course, for think. So he learns some tricks in the guitar but nothing important. Anyway, the thing is that Mama`s boys began, with time, to steal Jorge`s solos, Jorge`s riffs and everything. For example, when we were playing, and lead part came, Adrián mama`s boys was ahead to Jorge and made the guitar`s solo. Ugly, empty and loveless, of course. But he wants to be the guitar hero from the band, so he envied Jorge. In time, Jorge began to feel tired of Adrian mama`s boy cheats, and, eventually he left the band. Jorge prioritized “Friendship” over music. Even when Jorge Love with all his hearth music. But, he left the band and, imagine what Adrian mama`s boy done.. Made a song about our friend Jorge talking of him, like he was a sucker. So we were with mama`s boys in lead guitar. He all the time started to bulling me – cause, I tell you the true: I’m a very bad bass player – because my way to play. He always was annoying with everything: you play awful, or he used to let out that nasty laugh and said me ¡¡no, no, that’s wrong, you are playing bad!! I use to feel awfull. Well, time pass by and, when Adrian mama`s boys was let it by his girlfriend made everything for destroy the band. And he made it. The motherfucker separated the band. That was in 2005. Time pass by and we arrive to 2011 (¡¡six years have been pass!!) and we decided return on with the band. You know, when R`n`R is in your veins, you can`t just ignore it. So we return, again.

This time, where four, Flaquen, Porteño, Adrian mama`s boy and me. But, in the first practice we Adrian mama`s boy came without his guitar, he only bring his guitar belt and laughing like a moron, he said “¡¡¡oh… i bring only this cause, for sure, this is going a be a fake!!!” But, things, where different, because we three where, already playing when he arrive and the only thing that we don`t have was, ironically, one guitar belt!!! Yes, you motherfucker Adrian, you bring a solution, at list. Of course, that wasn`t your intention, we know, sucker. Well, after that, Adrian mama`s boys began to leave the practice. We three are good boys, i tell you, and especially Flaquen and el Porteño, so they heard that Adrian mama`s boys was sad, depressant, so, el Porteño invited him to play. And he came thinking that we were running looking for him cause we couldn`t play alone. So he appeared saying things like “ey, Wirtis, practice with el Porteño this part… Came on” and bullshits like that. I say this because that “part” that Adrian mama`s boys want me practice was from an old song that we three were boring to play. So, Adrian mama`s boys tried to impose his shits, but, obviously, we three are so happy playing together that we didn`t give importance. So, Adrian mama`s boys runaway (like always) but, two weeks later appeared again saying “I want to play in the band cause I’m trying to let cocaine and I have a new song and i want to make it, cause if don`t I’ll going a be very angry!!!!” So, he came with his fucking song, a piece of shit, fucking stolen from every fucking commercial band that sound here, in Argentina. We couldn`t hide our boredom. He fled. Now a days, he appear again – cause we are going to record some songs – and, of course, we have to redo all songs because he need space for make “magic” with his guitar. Well friend, Adrian mama`s boys is a fucking pain in the ass, always capricious, selfish and useless. I can tell you how we have to provide instrument too, but I’m so tired of this guy, so boring of his stupidity that I can only spit all this because, if i don`t i`ll be going nut.
Well friends, this incredible band that is Sonido Gallo Negro deserves a better comment than mine, but ¿What can i do? I`m fucking angry and i need to speak. Well, i see you soon brothers.


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