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VA – Mentes abiertas (1992)

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Mentes Abiertas - La Verdadera Invasion - FrontHello juniors! How are you been this month’s without Wirtis, ah? I hop waiting I arrive, brothers. Here, in brotherhood things are getting worse, neoliberalism is destroying everything populism did. And people, with their dreams make it shit, is down, so down brothers. So, juniors, this time is so similar at those days, the beginning of nineties I mind that I decided share this piece of trash with you, my brothers.

Maybe, if you are as old as I, you will remember this album: Mentes Abiertas or Open Minds, in the king`s language. If you don`t know this, let me give you and advice: download it, it`s a masterpiece. Yes, brothers, Mentes Abiertas was an underground compilation that show the ambient from Buenos Aire`s suburban.

Great stuff is here in this record. The most successful was 2 Minutos but here are a punch of great bands from Argentinean nineties, a classical one, for you, brothers. Only because today It is like yesterday. Thanks to your vote, sucker.   Here you have.

VA – Punks (Antología Wirtiana)

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front-2Hello my friends, today i bring you another anthology, another Wirti`s especial. This time it`s in a punk mood. Raw sounds are my favorites. So that is why. And I share this with a lot of people. Once I thought people like me were few. But internet show me were more than ever thought. So, I care for each one like we, friends, a garage punk lover`s. That`s why I bring this record today.

Here you are going to find a team of garage punkers mixed with street punkies. Good lyrics and heavy sounds. That`s the concept I offered you, brotha. So, here you have. Enjoy it.

Beso Negro (1989)

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beso backHello my brothers, here I come again, once more like always did. Yes, friends. This time I come with a disc from Beso Negro, the very first band of Andrés Giménez. They don`t have succeed at great scale but had a very good career. They were, however, a speed star.

I don`t have many facts about Beso Negro but I know one or two sing. The first, is a confirmable true, you can check it in the rar: this album was produced for Piltrafa. In fact, they sing a duo in Sistemas, a great punk rock; so, they had their chance. And their guitarist, Andrés Giménez, took advantage to.

The second one is that I read in Humor Registrado, when Los Violadores were separating, an interview to their bassist, el Polaco. There I said that he was playing in a new project that would called ANIMAL. ¡Oh shit, boy! ¿Would be the same band if ANIMAL had el Polaco instead Corbata? I think they were be a commercial band.

But it`s my opinion because I like a lot el Corbata and don`t Giménez. However, nothing of that really care, you know boy. The real thing is this is a piece of collection, a piece of the argentinian rock and roll history. So it`s worst. Here I let you this one, enjoy it: Beso Negro.



Radio Birdman – Essential (1974 – 1978)

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frontHello you fucking losers, today i bring you one of the best band from Australia, Radio Birdman. Did you know about this guys?

Let me tell you their history: they appear in 1974 after The Rats broke up. Radio Birdman haven`t much popularity in their time. They couldn`t give much shows because they have very bad fame between people. Everybody says their shows were very raw and violent. And that people were telling the truth. So, in 1978 they broke up.

Few years later, in 1980, Australian music get famous around the world, especially with AC/DC, so the critics went to see Australian`s rock and roll history and found this band Radio Birdman and they found to that they were the pioneers of punk rock and raw rock and roll in Australia. Since that time Radio Birdman is considerate one of most important band from Australian music.

They only record one album. All the rest is compilations. Yes, like the Sex Pistols. But Radio Birdman weren`t an invent from a soul seller, they were real and punks, real punks. So here I let you this gem, enjoy it friends. Radio Birdman.




Les Olivenstein

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Les OlivensteinsHello you fucking losers, today i bring you this beautiful french band Les Olivenstein. They are one of most representative of punk movement in France. They don`t record too much, only this album and a few singles so you can`t let it go this one chance to have Olivenstein`s material.

Today I bring this for one lovely friend I have, one of my prefer because she have mood and beautiful, two thing very hard to find in a person, specially – and let me put a little misogyny – in a women. So in make she deserve everything and, I have for my own, she have it. Even me, any time she want. So friends, here I let this beautiful band of punk rock from France.

Here you have, child, enjoy this gem in a different language than English or Spanish. Les Olivenstein.

Demonios de Tasmania – Suicida (1994)

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suicidaHello you losers, since we have get back to nineties, her in Argentina; i`m spending my time listening some of all the great music those days give us. I have to tell you: that was the only good things that days gave us.

So here I bring you this gem from those days. It`s a very difficult album to find, however, it`s easy get it here in the internet, not in cassette. But that’s a fact you don`t care, the only thing you care about it`s that today you are going to find one of the most important band from the nineties: Demonios de Tasmania.

I ‘don’t want to speak to much. I`m not in the mood. Here you have. Enjoy it, sucker.

VA – Manso y tranquilo (Tributo a Los Gatos Salvajes & a Los Gatos)

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Hello you losers, today i bring you an excellent album in the mood, i know, all of you, bitches like it. Yes brothers, today I`m sharing “Manso y tranquilo” an great disc tribute to Los Gatos Salvajes & Los Gatos.

tributolosgatosI really like, in general, tribute albums but this one like me a lot because have a common climax give it by the genre: all bands play garage music. So that fact give an homogeneous ambient.

In the same line of thoughts the bands invited are great. Here you are going to find Los Peyotes making an excellent and very similar cover of “Me tienes que besar”. You are going to find another great band and, the only don`t play garage music: Hablan por la Espalda making Rock de la mujer perdida, one of the greatest ems of Los Gatos. This one was hit in their time with Pappo in main guitar. Great bro. Here you are going to find, to, The Flaming Sideburns. For those don`t know whose this guys are, I tell you: they are a band from Finalndia with the particularity that their vocalist is argentinean. He mix Spanish with English. Here they make La balsa, one of the most troubled song of Los Gatos. They circumvent that fact with glorious, their version is beautiful. Here you are going to find, between another pieces of art and garage`s rage, an excellent version of Escúchame, alúmbrame. Prodigious song  covered in the same mood with The Tandooris, a super band from garage scene. Finally, only because this are the ones i`m remembering this time, you will find No fui hecho para esta tierra by the most savage band from our land: Motosierra.

So here I let you this one brothers. I hope you enjoy it. Here you have: Manso & Tranquilo.


Terry Reid – Bang, Bang, you are Terry Reid (1968)

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Terry Reid - 68 - FrontHello my friends, today i bring you a real rock and roll loser, Terry Reid. Maybe you have already hear about him, maybe not. I don`t knows and I don`t care because I come here only for speak wherever I want. So today I bring you this guy who is contemporary to Jimmy Page and Ritchie Blackmoore.

And what about that, Miguel? Maybe you ask. And I answer you: Because Terry Reid was the musician to say “no” to Jimmy Page when he invited him to play in his new band: Led Zeppelin. The facts where that he was in a very good moment because have an important show with The Rolling Stones and Cream. So, why in the hell he will renounce to that for begin with a band, ah? So he declined.

That band become in Led Zeppelin.

Before that, Ritchie Blackmoore invited Reid to play in his band, Deep Purple. Terry Reid refused again. So he stay out of this two incredible band, but, however, he has builder a career. Good for him. Here I let you his first record, a real good piece of rock and roll. Terry Reid.

VA – Le punk français

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FrontHello you fucking losers. Here i am again. Once more. Maybe you thing I was live this place. And you might have right because has spent a lot of time since made my last post. But no. I just making my life in another place: real world. But, like is here where I can be me. And like a nice girl ask me too; I bring you this beautiful piece of French punk garage from the sixties. Yes, specially made for you losers. So, I don`t want to speak a lot because I have to go, I have to run away from here so I just let this beautiful gem for you. So you just can enjoy rock & roll French`s and know about a kind of music you don`t have any notice.

Let you this compilation friends, let you in this punkie mood, enjoy, live your live like it was the only one you will ever have because is like that. See you. Here is this gem: Va – Le Punk Français.

Pistola & Los Mugrientos – In black we trust (2011)

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TapaPistola & Los Mugrientos fue una banda de la escena underground mendocina. No es esta una historia que destaque, no es esta una banda que descolle. Y por eso merece un lugar en este blog que rescata las historias mínimas, esas que emocionaron a pocos, solo a los actores y alguno que los quiso; no más.

La historia empieza a fines del siglo pasado, cuando un grupo de amigos decide formar una banda de rock. La cosa pinta más o menos fácil, a todos les gusta el rock. Escuchan las mismas bandas y consensuan en que es una forma de diversión excelente. Pronto notan que de los cinco, cinco tocan la guitarra. Plantean un quinteto de cuerdas. No parece muy rockero pero bueno, es lo que hay. No logran encontrar un sonido en tal formación. No entienden cómo construir sendas armonías sin el laborioso bajo o la rítmica batería. Así no se puede, dos tienen que cambiar la guitarra por la batería y el bajo, se dicen más pronto que tarde. Y dos, los más presurosos tal vez, adquieren una batería y un bajo. Al mes ya estaban covereando a Divididos, Los Piojos y La Renga. Tal vez lo crean infructuoso, pero tocar covers es la mejor manera de echar lazos para una sociedad musical. Es decir, tocar versiones permite conocer los modos en que otro toca y, de ese modo, construir el equilibrio armónico y químico tan fundamental para tocar.

Volviendo a lo que nos interesa, aclaro que antes de ser una banda de rock, siempre fue un grupo de amigos, de ahí que pronto surgió el problema medular que, no solo no lograrían resolver exitosamente, sino que los llevaría a la separación como banda: sobraban guitarristas pero no daba para echar a ninguno. Así de simple, así de complejo. ¿Y cómo es que sobraban guitarras si eran cinco nada más? Es decir, Wirtis, pueden dos tocar guitarra y uno cantar o tocar, más mejor, tres guitarras. Si lo importante es tener una base de bajo y batería que allane y aúne  las melodías de guitarra… Y es verdad, coincido con ustedes. Pero estos chicos no supieron (o no quisieron, yo no sé) lidiar con esto. O sí, pero no de un modo que los incluyera a todos y evitara las suspicacias. Fue así que empezaron a alternarse para tocar. De acuerdo a qué tema interpretaban, se alternaban la guitarra. Pero bueno, de seguro el que se quedaba sin guitarra cantaba; dirán ustedes. Y no, en esta banda no. El que pasaba la guitarra se quedaba afuera de la canción. Sin más.

ContratapaAsí las cosas no tardó en aparecer el mentado problema que acarrea la competitiva actividad, y lo digo de este modo porque fue lo que pasó: los guitarristas empezaron a competir entre sí. Luego no tardó en abandonar uno de ellos. Trajo paz, de algún modo, el cambio porque se pudo avanzar, al tener elementos fijos en la banda, hacia un nivel más: el de la composición. Sin embargo, no daba para dejar a uno de los vagos afuera, y así lo confirmó otro de los guitarristas, que, más temprano que tarde, abandonó la banda y les dijo a los tres restantes que eran unos putos, que se habían olvidado de la amistad.

Pistola & Los Mugrientos se convirtió, entonces, en un power trío. No duró mucho la aventura, apenas un par de años (tal vez tuvo razón el que abandonó). Con todo, fue esta formación la que grabó este demito de rock visceral y crudo que les comparto.

En cuanto al disco,  es muy recomendable si sos amigo de los sonidos trogloditas y descarnados del rock and roll vintage. Acá se los dejo, vean ustedes y opinen, qué condena merece esta banda, ya sea por haber abandonado, ya sea por haber grabado. Pistola & Los Mugrientos. Get it!

Y un video de este álbum difundido como The Wincas:


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