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Los Shapis – Los auténticos (1981)

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lp-los-autenticos-los-shapisHello my love it friends, how are you in this day? I hope, good. Today I bring you a really gem that the very nice boy Wilmer share in his own personal facebook for all the people, I mind Los Shapis, one of the greatest group in chichi peruana. So, in this day he is sharing Chacalón and Los Destellos, so, don`t miss this guy, he is a real great boy.

However, I decided share this one with you my friends, another day, another time, I will share others. Here you are going to find a great example of what “chicha peruana” is. Here you are going to find, to, beautiful rhythms and acid guitars. All of that it`s mixed with the voice of the lead singer, Chapulín.

A great one, brothers, so don`t miss this because I won’t re upload album, I don`t have time for that, sorry.  Sometimes, some dick suckers, appears telling me: ¡Reup this or that album, you fucking Miguel! And I ask them: ¡Go to hell, I already done that! It`s another turn.  And is like that brothers. Maybe if I get some many for do this I would re upload some records. But it`s not like that: I do this when I can and like I can. So instead to be a suckers be thankful for what you get.

Ok, I said it. Now I have to go. Today it is my birthday and I want spend time with my people. See you in a months, friends.  Here I let you this gem, enjoy it: Los Shapis.

Bareto (Feauturing Wilindor Cacique)- Cumbia

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Good morning my brothers. Here i come again. Once, like always does. Because i`m always coming back. This time I bring you something from my bareto - cumbiaculture, something “Latino”. I mind this excellent album from Bareto, Cumbia. It`s a great piece of hell that count with Wilindoro Cacique in main voice. Maybe you don`t know who is this guy, so I told you: Wilindoro Cacique was the front man of mythical Juaneco y Su Combo. One of base of Psychedelic Cumbia (AKA: Chicha Peruana).

This record I`m sharing with you is beautiful. And i`m sharing you because I have my strong put it in a hole of fighting and thinking in this fucking ugly world. And it`s not so terrible but it`s hard to feel disapproved by people out there. Sometime I ask to myself: “Fuck, Miguel, could you be in the wrong side of the road”. And put myself to thing, to research, to reactivate all my opinions. In order do this, I explore other point of view. This way to thing, in the way I see, has gave me the possibility to go for in my thoughts.

bareto1I see the people out there, my people out there. They don`t care but research, they don`t care about look from other`s eyes different of their own point of view. I thing is sad, so sad. No because they don`t agree with me, that’s shit. The sad part of this is they can`t move their thoughts.

The problem, the main problem – in my point of view – it`s we have our mind capture by European colonialism (even this fucking PC put “E” when I push “e”, this is how they are deciding our life) and we don`t valuated our own culture. It`s sad brothers, so sad. So that`s way I bring you this record today. A beautifully piece of cumbia Latina it`s what this is. Yea, fuckers. Here I let you: Bareto.


VA – Their Hispanic Magestic Request

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Hello my brothers, here i come again. Yes, Wirtis is back. Like a nightmare fucking yours dreams ¿Right? Well today I come with a classical for those that love cavemen melodies. Yes brothers you`re agree when I show you this album: Their Hispanic Majesties Request. A great Ep with four of the greatest Latin-Americans garage bands now a days: Los Peyotes, Luis and The Wildfires, Davila 666 & Los Vigilantes ¡clap your hands, amigos! So you miss garage rhythms???  Here you have: intoxicate your soul. But take easy, cause there, where we have meted a couple of years ago; I’ll let you a beautiful album call “Dirty punkers from sixties” Featuring twenty gems from Latin-American sixties. Well, if you want you can pass by for blogspot.

Here is another point. Here we are for speak about this album: Their Hispanic Majestic Request.  Like I was telling you here you are going to find four versions.  The Ep open with one of the best version in disc: Let`s spend the night together by Los Peyotes. They make a dirty and insolent version. For me the best track here. However,  the other tracks are very god to. Te second is She is a rainbow for Davila 666. A pretty one too.  In the b side you`ll find Get out from my cloud inspired, directly, from the excellent version from Sonia that (What a casualty!!!) I put for you in Dirty Punkers from Sixties in blogspot. Well, a great version. If haven`t listen any of this two version I recommend you listen first the Sonia`s one and, later this. The last track in the Ep is a very good version of Paint in black, called: One tone more dark. A very effective one cause is playing by Los Vigilantes (You know that wonderful band ¿No?)

Well my brothers I let you a great disc from the weekend. Here and there, so you can`t complain about Wirti`s work. Enjoy. Here you have Their Hispanic Majestic Request!!

Ah!! Before i go:  take a look here,  The Knacks have made their own page here.

And, of course, some videos for you:

Los Peyotes – En Vivo En ATMC Fest 3

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Hello my friends, glad to see you again, more when I’m back with new, precious and desired stuff like this. Because, my friend Pablo, who selflessly, send me this record; told me: Miguel, I haven`t seen this album in any other blog, bró, so here you have. Share with all the boys. Of course, before I gave him our love and said how much we love him (cause, I’m sure that you, like me, are very happy to have a collaborator like Pablo, he gave us Los Peyotes, Los Telépatas and who knows what a lot of material he will give us in the future) and send him a big hug in our name.  Well. So, today I present to you Los Peyotes and their extremely raw, savage and will first live recording. I think so, but I`m not sure. Anyway, don`t matter.

This album was recording last year, in the third ATMC fest. The sound is pretty good, and the song`s selection is great. They make at this point what we consider it`s classical. Songs like No friend of mine (for Wirtis, one of the best version ever), Serial Killer, Bdaa!!, Vampire and The scar. But they don`t stop here, no my friends, don`t forget that we are talking about one of the betters – if they aren`t the best – band of garage in this day: Los Peyotes. So, like I was speaking, they make a lot of great covers to, I think that garage´s radicals gone make this day when they ear Demolition by Los Peyotes. But, for me, are better Make up your mind and Mocker (both with Jorge Mocker!! Yes sir!!) . Well, as you can see, today you`re going to pass a beautiful day with Wirti`s music ¿Right?

Like you have known – more if you always stop by and check Wirti`s entrances-   I use my blog for speak about me, my problems and my life. Obviously, this is cheaper than a psychologist, so, today I’m going to speak about my young days, yes. Wirtis doesn`t like to speak about that, cause I was a very ugly child – things aren`t change many since that’s days, but, today, I`ve been decent with my ugliness – I have very bad breath, a dog one; and – like sure you have note – I’m a small brown boy. If I have to tell the truths, I don`t think that a person with that’s qualities is ugly. But, obviously, in this society we judge people in order to some stereotypes that the big master in the north show us. I known, you are thinking:  “if you believe that, ¿why you write in the master`s language, Miguel?” And I answer you: “Because I want my message arrive them” Well, I gone far, far away from my point. The   thing is that I’m an ugly boy, and, when I was a little child, everybody laughs of my, they used to say me: “Miguel ¿why you are such a horrific boy?” Even my mother said that. So, in order to run away from teasing I began to hide myself   in my bedroom. I didn`t want out, or see another people. But, one day, when I was – like always in those days –   locked in my room listening dirty, raw and savage pop; the bell rang. Like no one was at home, I down stairs and open the gate. And, maybe you`re not going to believe what happens to me, but it`s true: in front of my door was a beautiful sexy little girl, who said “¿Are you Wirtis, Miguel Wirtis?” Yes, I said, feeling a bit of shame and fear, ¿Why you ask? Because I was send to looking for you, Miguel, maybe you won`t believe this, but I’m an angel – sure, I thought while I was looking her sweets blue eyes – and you have been chosen for be the garage`s diffuser. So, you have to open one blog, no – said immediately; two blogs and, in there, you have to write and show the world what Latin-American garage`s music is. Write about that and people will love you Miguel, said, after that she disappear, like an angel or a demon, I really don`t know. So, since that day, I began to use my time for write, think and listened garage music.  And life change. Now a day I can identify a good band among a bad one. And Los Peyotes are in the first group, and much more far than that. Well brothers, I have to go, because my angel is calling me to dinner and I’m starving. Here you have: Los Peyotes and, don`t worry, is later than you think.

Demolition, featurin Nekro from Boom Boom   Kid:

No friend of mine:

And this song, aren`t in the record, but is a great cover and a better video:

Bye, my galvanes.


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