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VA – Punks (Antología Wirtiana)

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front-2Hello my friends, today i bring you another anthology, another Wirti`s especial. This time it`s in a punk mood. Raw sounds are my favorites. So that is why. And I share this with a lot of people. Once I thought people like me were few. But internet show me were more than ever thought. So, I care for each one like we, friends, a garage punk lover`s. That`s why I bring this record today.

Here you are going to find a team of garage punkers mixed with street punkies. Good lyrics and heavy sounds. That`s the concept I offered you, brotha. So, here you have. Enjoy it.

Los Violadores – En vivo y ruidoso (1990)

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Tapa8Hello you suckers, here i am, once more. Like always in extremely intoxicated mood comes Wirtis with more rock and roll. Today something from my country: Los Violadores. They were one hell of a band that, in this days, are a fucking looser that live from their past. And that`s great brothers: here we fucking love looser, we are the fucking same thing. So brother here o bring you a great moment from the band, when the success smile them and future was a promise land. The album is “Live and loud full or Vivo y ruidoso” Here we are going to find the band, the classical formation in their best form, playing hard and heavily in a live recording. Like you know this is the best way of make a great success it, so Los Violadores make it real good. After this album the band make another disc, the last with their classical formation and, for me; their best record: “Another party of exaggeration”. So this two albums are excellent for me strongly recommend the first one too. So before I go I just want to say that this record open de ninety decade in Argentina, is one of the record and band that open de decade for new blood. After them Illia Kuriaky, Los Babasónicos. Los Visitantes, Fun People and a punch of band be able to came. But, first than all that bands, where Los Violadores, Sumo and V8. So here I let you this absolutely classic album from argentinian rock and roll and punk rock, here it brother at hight volume like I have told you thousands of time. Los Violadores – En vivo y Ruidoso.


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